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Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Holy Love" is not Holy and is not Love


This morning I woke up to find out that a representative of "Holy Love" had left a treatise in how to defect from the Church in my combox. The basic argument was of course, not logical, but in the subtle slithering tones common to serpents, and with a scent of sulpher, this little combox infestation suggested that perhaps the Bishop was wrong (Like the Pharisees at the time of Christ) and that I should cast my lot with "Holy Love" if I had any concern for my eternal salvation.

And in childish, squirmy lack of logic seeking a loophole, ANY loophole, this sulpher-scented commenter said that praying is a right and we can pray ANYWHERE! (Can't you just hear the petulance, see the bottom lip drooping and the contrived threat of tears just before the all-out-screaming-rolling-on-the-floor-kicking Tantrum starts?)

People, do NOT be taken in by the argument "Holy Love" is trying to put forth. They are trying to encourage that you cast your lot in with the messages and the messenger, as opposed to the Church that was born out of the side of Jesus Christ. They are trying to make you think that if you are obedient to the Bishop, then you are putting your salvation at risk!

WHAT LIES! Do NOT listen to such lies!

Remember that we are charged with avoiding false prophets, we are charged with holding fast to Christ, and that Jesus HIMSELF gave us the Church as our Mother! Let us remember what Jesus said to Peter:

Matthew 16:17-19: And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

That, my friends is authentic DIVINE REVELATION. That comes from Our Lord. But what "Holy Love" wants you to believe is that, contrary to His Word, He has abandoned the Church He established, and the Bishops who speak for Him through Apostolic Succession in their action of the Ordinary Magisterium. "Holy Love" is clearly stating that the Catholic Church is no longer the Bride of Christ. They would probably deny that charge, but in the suggestion we not listen to the Bishop in favor of listening to and putting our Faith in the messages, well, that is prima facie evidence of their position that the Holy Spirit, and therefore Christ, has abandoned His Spouse, the Church.

I'd like to know where, in our entire history of Scripture and Tradition that Jesus stated that He'd be an adulterous spouse and leave the Church to the wolves, start speaking through some obscure lady and invent new doctrines through her? Will someone please find that prophecy for me? Otherwise, I'd say that Matthew 16 and all of Scripture and Tradition hold up to scrutiny...but "Holy Love" does not.

On Private Revelation and how it's Judged:

The litmus test for ANY visionary or message is: obedience. I am FASCINATED that this woman is claiming messages from Padre Pio and St. Catherine of Siena, two very very humble, obedient Saints. If this woman really IS channeling Padre Pio, well, he'd have slapped her silly by now for her disobedience. As I recall, when he was censured, he was immediately obedient. Not only in all of his actions and intent, but in ORDERING others to be obedient as well!

We see just the opposite at "Holy Love", don't we? The most recent "messages" are clearly written in anger, in angst at a falling empire and speaking harshly against the authority of the Bishop, desperately trying to make people believe it is the messenger and messages that are authentic, not the Bishop. BY THESE FRUITS YOU SHOULD RECOGNIZE SATAN!

Recall that humility and obedience calls down Our Lord to us! Recall that Eve fell through disobedience, and Mary untied the knot of disobedience through her own obedience! Recall that at the foot of the Cross, Jesus gave Mary to us as Our Mother, and moments later, after He had died his side was pierced by a spear; blood and water poured out. Mary is the figure of the Church; The Church is the Bride of Christ the Bridegroom. The Church is our Mother! And, my friends, the Bishops are a part of us as the Bride of Christ, the Mystical Body.

Why is "Holy Love" trying to tear the Mystical Body apart? Does Holiness and Charity rend a Body to pieces? How can they speak against abortion while tearing the Mystical Body to pieces in the same way?

Jesus and Mary speak authentically through our Bishops. Not through malicious visionaries speaking pretty words and pushing a few authentic doctrines just to make herself appear to be Catholic.

Remember that even apparitions that have been approved are not necessary for salvation. There will be no new Revelation. The Bible has been established; Tradition is in place. We need nothing more than to hold to original Truth.

I. Criteria of judgement, concerning the probability at least, of the character of the apparitions and supposed revelations.

A) Positive criteria:

a) Moral certainty, or at least great probability, as to the existence of the fact, [revelation] acquired at the end of a serious investigation.

b) Particular circumstances relating to the existence and the nature of the fact:

1. Personal qualities of the subject—in particular mental balance, honesty and rectitude of moral life, habitual sincerity and docility towards ecclesiastical authority, ability to return to the normal manner of a life of faith, etc.

2. With regard to the revelations, their conformity with theological doctrines and their spiritual veracity, their exemption from all error.

B) Negative criteria:

A glaring error as to the facts.

b) Doctrinal errors that one would attribute to God himself, or to the Blessed Virgin Mary, or the Holy Spirit in their manifestations (taking into account, however, the possibility that the subject may add something by their own activity—even if this is done unconsciously—of some purely human elements to an authentic supernatural revelation, these having nevertheless to remain free from any error in the natural order. Cf. St Ignatius, Spiritual Exercises, n. 336).

Read the entire Document. It's very clear that "Holy Love" does not hold up.

In fact, it's ANYTHING but Holy and has NOTHING to do with authentic Love. In is persecuting the Church of Christ and all of we who remain here, staunchly supporting recognized and legitimate authority which has authentically and lawfully spoken...for Christ.

Everyone, remember to pray for Bishop Lennon. If we're getting backlash in our blogs, imagine how he, the author of the Decree, must be suffering attacks from his own rabid sheep.

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Jeanne said...

This is my quote of the day: "If this woman really IS channeling Padre Pio, well, he'd have slapped her silly by now for her disobedience." Funny and TRUE!

saintos said...

@Jeanne - that's great, too funny.

@Adoro - one of the little kids in a church I once pastored (did I really do that? once?) used to quote, "You shall know them by their toots." In our family toot was euphemistic of "fart." I think in the case of Holy Luv it's applicable.

Mary333 said...

I had never heard of Holy Love until recently on various websites and blogs. I am not against apparitions in general but once the Church gives a condemnation of one, I stay away. I believe that Mary is appearing at many places around the world but I also know that a good amount of these claims are probably false. I admit to hoping that the Church eventually approves Medjugorge. I have never been there but know many people who have and have come back changed. St. Faustina is another that I believe and Fatima also. I know that none of these are necessary to the faith, but it kind of perks up my heart to read about these apparitions.

Adoro said...

Jeanne ~ lol, glad you like that one, and yes, it IS true! Padre Pio was a friend of my Great Uncle's and I grew up hearing about him. He always scared me, still does! Rightfully so!

Saintos ~ YUP! It's nothing but a "toot" in the Church's LOOOONG history of Heresy!

Mary ~ We have to discern LONG before the Church does. I've long had reservations about "M" and while I don't want to turn this into a post about THAT problematic place, let me be clear that I DON'T think it will be approved and as such, I keep my hands off of it.

I also know of 2 local locutionists, both of whom I used to follow, one of whom I know personally. In fact, I find her to be a wonderful person, she cracks me up and I recognize her as a good Catholic.

But my friendship with her doesn't make her locutions "authentic". My "hands off" approach doesn't mean I think she's lying.

In fact, I see in her what I DON'T see in places like "M" and "HL". In her, I've seen obedience and submission to authentic authority, and so she remains in good standing in the Church and does NOTHING to encourage anyone to follow her and her messages contrary to the declaration of the Bishop. (Who, in fact has not condemned her but forbid her from marketing her locutions.)

I now see the same disobedience at M that I see at HL although as M has been going on for so long and as it has not been so vitriolic against the legitimate authority of the Church as HL has been, well...I'm keeping my hands off of M, especially with regard to people I know.

But let it be known that I do NOT support the alleged apparitions of Medjugorjie or the visionaries BECAUSE of what I know of their disobedience, of other things that cause me to doubt the veracity of the claims.

I just hope that since you clearly think that it is authentic, search your own conscience and soul to determine what you will do if and when the people with magisterial authority do actually condemn it as they have HL. I think they will uphold the Bishop who condemned it in the first place.

My understanding is that a Vatican authority is investigating it; I admit I haven't followed because I don't really care for my own standpoint as I would never go there.

It become more and more clear to me that I need to research that particular site because it's such a common devotion and so many I know have fallen into it hook and sinker. They tolerate NO criticism of it...which reveals a great deal, doesn't it?

The loudness of the screaming banshees is directly proportional to the validity of the denunciation of the Local Ordinary.

Hidden One said...

"The loudness of the screaming banshees is directly proportional to the validity of the denunciation of the Local Ordinary."

And there's your answer.

Mary333 said...

As much as I like following the apparitions in Medjugorge if the Church rules against it I would immediately stop reading or writing about it, my faith doesn't need apparitions - it simply touches my heart that God in his goodness sends Mother Mary to help convert people over the years. Even if Medjugorge is proved false, the Lord still has allowed many other apparitions such as Fatima and Lourdes and others in times of trial.
I live in New England and there have been a few "visionaries" here, also, but I do not pay attention to these either. A friend and I once went to visit a shrine in Massachusetts; after our visit there, we went up the street to a place where someone had claimed apparitions and both my friend and I couldn't wait to get off the site. We both felt "oppressed" while on the property. Needless to say, we never went to any
sites ever again, just true shrines.
I definitely believe in miracles, though:)
Maybe I do not know enough about Medjugorge to discern this place, I wasn't aware of disobedience on the part of the seers. Most of the information on this place I have received from people who have visited there, books and websites. Thanks for your staightforward comments on this issue, I appreciate your honesty.

Adoro said...

Mary ~ Glad to hear it. My faith doesn't need apparitions, either. As Jesus said to the Apostles in a rebuke of St. Thomas's lack of faith: "Blessed are those who have not seen...and yet believed." Give me spiritual dryness to weird mystical temptations any day. We are not to put our faith in such things.

Your experience at that shrine sounds crazy! But I know people who visited "Holy Love" and had the same experience. They left shuddering yet not really knowing why. It just "felt" evil to them even though to their eyes it looked just fine.

Some have the gift for discernment of spirits and it's very strong! I'm glad God protected you!