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Monday, November 09, 2009


Just an observation:

Matching socks is like a never-ending game of "Memory", wherein one tries to figure out where in that pile the other sock was once sighted. You just KNOW there's a match, and you can't figure out why the pack of new socks you bought is suddenly down to half what it was. And so you lay the "singles" aside thinking perhaps their matches are still in the laundry basket. And then the pile of singles grows, and there is much rejoicing in the land when finally, a match, at long last is found. While going about this menial task, you find yourself pondering fairy tales and dreaming of princes and princesses, until you realize that you're wearing a pair of mismatched socks with holes in them, and the idea of an actual match was just a fairy tale after all.


Michael Hallman said...

you know, I'm strongly considering no longer matching my socks. I have enough colorful socks to make that interesting :)

Adoro said...

Maybe we should lead a movement to accept mismatched socks as the new standard of normal! I mean, after all, who DOESN'T have mismatched socks???

Hidden One said...

This is why I have three colours of socks, mostly only wear the black ones, of which I have three varieties totalling more than two weeks of pairs.

Mary333 said...

Haven't you ever heard of the Sock Monster? He strikes weekly around here. The new ones are his favorites, of course.