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Thursday, October 01, 2009


I'm nearing the end (I hope) of a very self-destructive week so I'm just going to keep going because at this point I have nothing to lose and don't really care:

This week a local newspaper ran an article about the planning sessions being held by the Archdiocese. I am not going to link to the article.

The article itself started off with a bad opening line, went into a basic summary of some issues faced by the local Catholic diocese, and then, if one desired, one could read the multitude of vile hatred spewed by asinine ignoramuses who aren't Catholic, who hate the Church without any factual reason for doing so, and who clearly hate anyone who professes the Catholic Faith.

As usual, several vile, ignorant, and hateful commenters trot out the abuse scandals, accuse the Vatican of withholding "wealth" and all sorts of other baseless charges leveled against the Church.

To my fellow Catholics:

The world hates us. But it hated Christ before us. Why should WE be any different?

But some of those vile, hatred-spewing idiots are unfortunately alleged "ex-Catholics", and instead of being part of the solution, they're advancing warfare against their own Mother.

We shouldn't be so surprised. People are fickle.

My fellow Catholics, if you have left the Church or are trying to leave the Church because of a few bad men, I hope you look deep into your own souls and realize you're just as evil and flawed. Who do you think you ARE, leaving the rest of the Mystical Body of Christ? What a yellow streak you have, you COWARDS! What happened to your Baptismal promises, to your Confirmation?

Or didn't you ever MEAN what you said? To you parents who had your children Baptized...didn't you MEAN it when you made those baptismal promises on behalf of your child? And now you're going to tear your children away from Jesus and take them into what, a garbage dump? Where else is there to go?

Isn't receiving OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity ENOUGH for you?

If you leave the Catholic Church because people are fallable, then you were NEVER Catholic to begin with! We aren't Catholic for our faith in Men, but for our Faith in God. And DAMMIT we are a FAMILY and you are a part of it! You do NOT get to leave your family, no matter how much your family sucks!

Blood binds, and you, Catholics, are bound by Blood, by Water, and by Oil. You don't get to leave. You can run and you think you can hide, but you'll be back because there is an indelible mark upon your soul. And you're only this angry because you feel so betrayed.

Do you think you're the only person in history who has ever been MAN? You haven't been betrayed by GOD, but by MAN, and MAN is fallible!

Get over yourself and focus on Our Lord who DIED for you and gave you the incredible privilege of calling you into the Catholic Church!

Our ancestors DIED for our Faith! When St. Ignatius of Antioch was eaten by lions, Catholics, average men, women, and children, who had been hiding in terror stood up and proclaimed their Christian Faith. They were all mercilessly slaughtered at the hands of pagan rulers and their henchmen. They didn't die for a lie.

And yet, you so-called "ex-Catholics" or "former-Catholics" are fleeing INTO the lies! And propagating them!

WHY are you persecuting Christ?

If our parishes close, it's YOUR own damn fault.

I'm first to admit I haven't done my part. I haven't supported my parish enough. Neither have YOU.

But there's one reason parishes are closing and I can't claim to be a part of that particular problem. Read on.....

The vile ignoramuses that comment all over secular news articles mentioning the Church keep crying that the Church is dying, the Catholic Church needs to "get with the program" or she will disappear. They say the Church is irrelevant to our age.

The vultures, clearly, are circling, but apparently they haven't read ahead; the Church will NEVER die.

The only death to be found is OUTSIDE the Church.

We see this in our modern society. Have you noticed the rate at which public schools are closing? In my county alone, my DISTRICT alone, I think, are 6 or 8 schools closing and merging.

I don't see anyone out there crying out that the American Government is dying. That's really interesting, because there are a HELL of a lot more public schools closing than there are Catholic parishes.

The reality is that both public schools and Catholic schools/parishes are actually closing for the same reason: low birth rates. Low birth rates is equal to fewer people growing up, getting jobs, paying taxes, and contributing to their parishes and other public services.

What causes low birth rates in a wealthy society such as ours?

Let's think about it..hmm.... Oh! Right! Contraception! Abortion! People, our population is IMPLODING! And NO ONE wants to acknowledge the elephant in the room. The biggest sex scandal of our time has NOTHING to do with a few perverted priests, but rather the perverted view of sex that makes people think children aren't the purpose and natural end of the sexual act!

The greatest perversion, the greatest scandal in our society is the slaughter of our unborn, and the very prevention of their lives through contraception!

But parishes are closing for more than THAT reason; greed and laziness are factors, too.

If your parish closes, it's because there aren't enough people to actually foot the bills. My guess is that there aren't enough people willing to volunteer their time to make things happen, either. I work in a parish that's doing ok, even in these times, although as it is for everyone everywhere, things are tight. Only a small percentage of the parish does ANYTHING to actually help. People arrive, they expect services they receive for free, they complain about any fees they are charged for things like religious education, never contribute to the Offertory at all, and then moan and complain that the Church isn't doing enough to help the poor, or themselves, or whatever their pet project happens to be.

HEL-LO! The Church's job is to DISTRIBUTE and ADMINISTRATE what YOU give to the poor! The POOR are YOUR problem! The people in the Church who actually keep those books take your donations and distribute them according to need and among the many different programs that require money to do things like purchase food for the poor!

And never mind the parish staff, who can't pay their own damn bills! You know why? Because YOU don't contribute enough for that, either! really think all a parish does is done for free? Maybe it could be if more of you would step up to the plate and offer your time, abilities, and expertise!

This isn't a Catholic problem.

I've spoken with people from MANY different religions, and they see the same problems, and the same causes. As it turns, out, shockingly, people are the same everywhere.

It seems to me, thought, that unfortunately, "Catholics" are the biggest whiners, especially those who actually don't know their faith at all and would rather spend time attacking it. The people who do the LEAST tend to complain the MOST when things don't go their way, and simply are at a loss when a parish they never contributed a DIME to suddenly closes. Suddenly it's someone else's fault. Let's blame it on the Vatican.

My fellow Catholics, the problems we face in the Church today are OURS. Let's take responsibility for our own failings, whether our failings belong to contraception, abortion, greediness (on our own personal part!), laziness, or anything else.

God did NOT send Christ into the world so that we could sit at His feet and whine about how no one is taking care of us and some of our spiritual leaders are sinners.

Last time I checked, Jesus died horribly for us each, individually. He called us EACH into His Body and expected we'd all contribute in some way. In fact, He sent the Holy Spirit to EMPOWER us to take Him into the world, but you know what? We suck at it, and it's because we're rejecting Him. We're sending the Holy Spirit away because we want to revel in comfort and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

Showing up for Sunday Mass once in awhile is not a "contribution". It's pathetic. Stop saying you're "contributing" or that you're "Catholic" if you haven't bothered to darken the door of a Catholic Church in decades. Stop claiming to be Catholic if your income doesn't do anything to help the Church because you refuse to offer it. Stop complaining there isn't anything in the Church for you if you're not willing to get off your fat, pampered lazy duff and offer your talents and ideas and abilities. Stop thinking that meeting the minimal premises of our Faith (which you probably can't even list) is enough.

We are not called to mediocrity, but to glory. And yes, that means YOU!

Catholics, remember who you are, who you were called to be, and in the words of St. Leo the Great, remember your dignity!

Even those of you who have fallen away...the Church needs YOU! Stop fighting so hard, suck it up, and just come back! What, you think you're the only one who has ever sinned?

Have you not read my blog? Sheesh!

I'm tired. I'm going to bed. I don't really care what the rest of you do, but the Church belongs to God. I'm in Sales and I suck at it. If you have a problem with anything I said here, take it up with Management. That would be God.

He can be reached by saying the following:

O God, Come to my Assistance. Lord, Make haste to help me.

Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, As it was in the beginning is now and will be forever, Amen.....


Michael Hallman said...

I just want you to know that you are completely awesome and that I love you.

Mandrivnyk said...


Thanks again for another wonderful post.

I admit, it stings a lot when we talk about offertory contributions. When the collection is taken every week, I wish so desperately that I could give something. I would offer my talent if for even half a second I honestly thought it would be welcomed. Especially in a parish as small as this, when I am given the evil eye every week, and where I have been asked several times about my employment situation(thankfully! the interest and concern sure beats the indifferent judgment I see in most places).

In the end, I am a new graduate with more than I can ever dream of making in a town like this owing as student loans, and little hope of repaying them. Even tonight, at home, I was bashed for being a "posh" southern Ontario girl trying to make her way in a northern town like this(aka, my home town). As someone who lives %100 on charity, well, I often feel like I should just give up until I can afford to be a proper Catholic. Except, of course, I realize that Catholicism doesn't actually work that way. I don't think, anyway. Still, I have a difficult time figuring out what place an overeducated and underemployed person like me has a Catholic.

Regardless, I'm so grateful that, as pathetic as I am, I am able to receive Jesus in the Eucharist without condemnation whenever I am able. Sometimes, I feel like I ought not go to things like weekday Mass, because I desperately don't want to irritate the real Catholics, but I have no idea how to help. If you ask my stepfather I am "fat, pampered, greedy" lazy and incapable of doing anything but sucking back charity. I wish so desperately I could accomplish anything of good. It was easier when I was at school, and there were dozens of ministries aching for help.

-V(who takes it up with God all the time, but finds that the customer support is a little less than forthcoming in results, and who can list all of the precepts of our faith, and then some) :)

Adoro said...

Mandrivnyk ~ For the record, I have nothing to offer because, ironically, I work for the Church and I can't pay my own damn bills, much less the Church's. And I can't offer my time because I'm paying an arm and a leg in loans to go to grad school for a degree that is ONLY useful for the Church, but there isn't anyone paying that bill for me, either, and in the end, good chance I'll be declaring bankruptcy. I discerned my Vocation this summer on donations from people I've never met, and have some left over for another trip, should God call me to it, or perhaps to pass that money on to someone else more deserving.

Here's the ARE a real Catholic. You know how you know? Because you have a real conscience. You've examined it. You know what you can and can't do, what you'd LIKE to do and the reality of what God is ALLOWING you to do.

Don't keep away from the Sacraments because of what you can't contribute.

That's another facet of the Church, and I wrote about it the other day; when one is down, the others hold that person up.

You and I...we're down. There's a heck of a lot of healthy, wealthy people out there who claim to be Catholic but aren't doing their part.

It's not all about money. Who CARES about money? If the Church had nothing but the hands of all...the Church would be far wealthier than anyone, anywhere, ever.

Our REAL treasure is in the Sacraments.

I often feel guilty too, going to my parish, receiving so much in the form of our Faith, in the form of spiritual direction, Confession....

and I don't have anything to offer in return right now. But I hope to some day. Maybe when I'm done with school. And I pray for my parish, our priests, etc.

If that's all YOU have to offer, it's more valuable than any money, than any time, than anything else.

This post isn't directed at you. It's directed at those who haven't any idea what it means to be a part of the Church. It's for those who do nothing but complain and attack. it's for those who can't be bothered to get up on Sunday because they were out late Saturday, and God doesn't matter.

You're not in that category.

Thank you for being so faithful. I wish every Catholic was like you.

Adoro said...

Michael ~ Um.. lol...uh... thanks?

Darla Basamania said...


Angela M. said...

Adoro - wow, it's been a tough week but that was one KILLER post!Thank you!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

where's the cozy thingy from plurk when you need it, lol...keep preaching, you rock :)

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Maybe it depends upon how you define "contribution." Yes, perhaps you are accepting help (I am referring to the comment by Mandrivnyk as well), and maybe you would like to donate more time than you are able to, but have you given any thought to the fact that your very presence may be a contribution -- in sharing an attitude of gratitude, in providing emotional support to a parishioner (sometimes that is far more important than money), in letting those around you know that they are loved by you (that also can be far more important than money). I am willing to bet that you DO contribute far more than you think, starting with your blog, Adoro!

Father Cory Sticha said...

How dare you expect people to take personal responsibility! That's so un-American! It's always someone else's fault! (sarcasm off)

Excellent post. Catholics do a great job of talking social justice, fair wage, etc. We do a horrible job of living it, as you see by your (barely living wage) salary.

Michael Hallman said...

haha, I just meant that it's really awesome to read your writings. You've got a gifted voice, and don't pull punches, and more of that is needed in the Church today. Yet you have the ability to be tough and graceful at the same time. You've a lot of Catherine of Siena in you.

mallys said...

Those of you who feel that you are not contributing because you have no money, think again.

You are going to daily Mass -- to be in prayer not only for yourself, but for those who do not have time or ability to pray for themselves and for their needs. The time you spend in the Presence of the One Who Loves the World is then taken out into that same world.

Looking at the grumpy and giving them the smile you got from Jesus is priceless. As you smile and speak to those who have joined you in the celebration of God's Love, you will find little ways that your skills fill the needs of another.

Never forget that Jesus wants to work through you and that by obeying Him, you are bringing the Kingdom to fruition. Remember, too, you may be the poor that we will always have with us, at least some of the time and receive with as much joy as you have in giving.

Adoro, you are right in seeing that many people come to church, expecting to be entertained, and critical if the entertainment doesn't measure up. They are following the lead of a very anti-religious culture and trying to change the Church to fit, rather than following the lead of Christ and trying to redeem the world. Even the Lord Himself raised His voice and His arm to shake the evils of the world out of His people.

Adoro said...

Angela ~ Sometimes I just need to make a good rant! Or some kind of rant, anyway. And I think this is one I can actually leave up, for once.

Elizabeth ~ That's why I mentioned in my comment (not the post) about praying for our parish and priests. It's all I can do. And even though my parish has's still "home" and I still love it!

Father Cory ~ I know, I'm so un-American, totally unpatriotic! And yeah, don't ever get we parish workers started on the "Justice in Employment" document we have to sign every year! WHAT Justice??? Obviously not written by anyone who has to actually WORK for the Church!

And MN labor laws...oy...what is supposed to protect us absolutely makes it impossible to properly do our jobs! The Church is NOT secular employment! (Yeah, I know you know that, you live it, you see it...etc.)

Michael ~ Thanks. Unfortunately when I rant I usually am more anger than grace, and that's obvious. But I DO go for honesty. I write what I think, even if I'm wrong.

And...St. Catherine of Siena? Really? I LOVE her so much, but admit I haven't read her letters so have no idea how fiery she really was. I only know her rep (and LOVED "Dialogue")

Mallys ~ Thanks for your comment. I often think posts like this really aren't helpful for anyone but me, and maybe those of you who see things the same way. Granted it's nice to know we are not alone in our thoughts, but...I really doubt my rants are useful in calling anyone back into the Church.

I do sincerely want people to come back, to take ownership, and stop whining (me, included, actually).

But I have to admit, this post is a whine of my own, too. Is my self-serving rant REALLY of use to anyone else?

Only God knows, and one day when I go to my judgment, I'm sure I'll see in very vivid terms the good and the harm I've done through my blog.

Terry Nelson said...

You firebrand you! Great post!

Lynne said...

Wow! Excellent! I skimmed this but will bookmark it and read it again (and again)...

BTW, I'm unemployed (for over a year now, as is my husband) and I contribute to the offering each week...just saying...