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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Real Women Use Charcoal!

This evening I was perusing those blogs I follow, and saw that Rich Leonardi and I share the same sentiment about's the ONLY way to go.

What's more, we agree that gas is for sissies.

I don't own a gas grill. I'm not interested. Sure, it can be convenient, but in reality, the flavor isn't as good.

And when you're dealing with something you ingest, both by necessity and for pleasure, well, why would you EVER go with something substandard?

Personally, I'm sick of being ridiculed by arrogant people who have gas grills. The reality is that they're just plain lazy. Every single gas grill devotee I've ever met has cited "convenience" while looking down their nose at me and decrying the "mess" of charcoal.

When did sackcloth and ashes become unpopular?

Give me my messy time-consuming labor-intensive charcoal any day. At least my steak and chicken taste good.


Michael Hallman said...

One of the best parts about charcoal grills is adding the hickory or mesquite wood chips to it...mmmm, what a flavor! We now have a charcoal grill and a charcoal smoker. mmmmm-mmmmm :)

Adoro said...

Oh, yeah, thanks! I have a few chips I got last summer..soak those puppies a bit and let them steam!


Sorry, is it rude to drool?

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

100% agreed :)

Ron said...

Not all charcoal grills are difficult. Check out the German Grill. It's pretty easy to light and clean up. Expensive though.

Adoro said...

Ron ~ the problem is that "expensive" and my bank account don't go well together. I'd be happy to accept an expensive DONTATED grill, however. ;-)