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Saturday, June 06, 2009


(Picture: Pope Benedict XVI holding my Ecclesiology paper and giving a lecture based on my research on the discipline and importance on celibacy in the Priesthood. It'll be incorporated into an Encyclical sometime in the next year.)

Last night I got home late and so had to wait until the sprinklers were off before I could approach my mailbox. Once I did, I saw an envelope from Ave Maria University, and wondered if it was walking papers or grades. Somewhere between the box and my door, I realized that if I was in academic trouble, I'd be getting a call from the director, not a pathetic letter. had to be grades.

I was afraid to open them. Although I knew my grade for New Testament (B+), I hadn't yet heard back on my Ecclesiology paper or my Canon Law final.

I also knew that I could not go to sleep unless I opened the envelope. Therin I found the good news!

Canon Law..... A- !
Ecclesiology.... A !

YAY! Although after the next year I still won't likely graduate with a cum laude, well, I can't complain about my current GPA! A's and B's get degrees!

Yes, I'm a geek.

Guess with that A- though, that a career in Canon Law is out of the question....

I wonder if someone will hire me as an Ecclesiologist?


Jeff Miller said...

Ecclesiology is such an awesome subject. To actually understand the Church this is where you go. The problem with dissenters is that their ecclesiology makes no sense at all. It is erratic and full of holes. To both bash and supposedly hold to Mother Church shows that they do not understand the Church at all. They might have an understanding of Democracy, but not ecclesiology - in fact they seem to confuse the two.

In my own conversion it was partly the truth of the Church that came first (after belief in God). Individual doctrines I came to believe because this is what the Church taught. Though I knew that I could dive into them and knock them about and see why the Church taught it.

So high 5 on the A for such an awesome subject.

Adoro said...

Thanks, Jeff. I LOVED this class and this professor, and everything he asked us to read. I still hope to finish Journet's book, "Theology of the Church" and would recommend that to everyone. The reality is that we all need to know what the Church is!

MJTA said...

Congrats! And hooray for Ecclesiology! If only more people understood the Church. I was talking with a bishop once who declared that a false understanding is really at the core of the problems we see today, in that they view the church upside down, that their local church has greater authority than the pope. Interesting stuff, really.

Adoro said...

MJTA ~ The scary thing is, is that I think this course really only INTRODUCED us to what the Church is. I loved the class, and came to appreciate many of the problems we're seeing today as they stem from a lack of understanding. I've even been part of that!

I've only BEGUN to understand what the Church is, and am so grateful for that little bit as it leads me to want to know and understand more, and help others do the same.

Mrs Doyle said...

Yay for you Adoro!!! Well done with Canon Law, it can't be an easy thing to grasp. Please spare a prayer for me, I have some law exams coming up next week and could use any spare prayers going around!

RJW said...

Way to go! You have worked hard and received what you deserved. IMHO.

Adoro said...

Mrs. Doyle ~ Having studied secular law (as an undergrad), well...Canon Law is INHERENTLY more logical! So prayers especially coming your way with your secular law doubt they make no sense whatsoever!

RJW ~ One can always study harder...thus my A-. Truth be told, I deserve less!

Ray from MN said...

Let's see in the law it is:

A students become professors
B students become judges
C students make all the money

What would it be in the Church?

A students become theologians
B students become bishops
C students write popular best sellers and make money

We're blessed that our Pope Benedict was an A student who did it all.

MJ said...

Congrats! Hope I do as well with Hebrew Scriptures. I start the
15th. Prayers would be appreciated.
It's been a long time since I was a student in anything besides teacher workshop type classes.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Cheers for Adoro :)...Joe is studying a big huge book of Canon Law by himself...Do pray for me :)

Moniales said...

My uncle is/was (I'm not if he is retired) a canon lawyer for the Chicago Archdiocese:Thomas Kerber

Cathy_of_Alex said...


Adoro said...

Moniales ~ Canon Law was a really fun cool that your uncle was a CL!