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Friday, August 15, 2008

Last Liberty

This is my last free weekend until sometime in Advent.

Not only has work started up again full time (thank God! The financial crunch from this summer is going to be making waves over the next 10 months!), but classes start up again next Friday. The brutal marathon weekends are coming again....BRING IT ON!

I love what we're learning in class, and today I verified they received everything including the loan documentation. I only had to order two books this semester as I have the same prof for Old Testament II as I did for OT I, and one of the profs cancelled his selection as it went out of print so the price, even used, went up nearly 500%. Literally.

This semester will consist in 6 credits of Christian Anthropology, Spiritual Theology, and Old Testament II - Prophets. Thus, by the end of this semester not only will we be good buddies with the OT Prophets, but we'll be quoting the Summa, and...well, maybe we'll be more spiritual.

Oh...and I just realized that I overlooked a required book - hope it's available online!

While I'm looking forward to beginning studies again, starting the second leg of this three-year journey towards my MTS, well, I wish I didn't have to complete this grad program in a job that uses what I'm learning...and yet prevents me from learning it. My current job is wrought with irregular hours, weekend hours, and I'm a very routine-oriented person. When my daily routine goes, I lose EVERYTHING. And while I'm tempted to say, "Well, I could be more effective and could do this if I had better working hours", I can't truly make that complaint. It would be akin to St. Paul's complaint about the "thorn in his side", which he realized God had given him as a particular suffering he MUST endure for the sake of the Kingdom. And if St. Paul can't complain, nor can I.

So it goes. I have errands to run this weekend, business to complete, things to put in order as I won't be able to run errands next weekend. But I'm looking forward to seeing my friends again and sitting at the feet of great theologians, secure in the knowledge that God won't waste a single moment of this. It all has a purpose, and the agony makes that purpose even more powerful.

And just an observation....where IS everyone this week? The blog traffic has been...almost non-existant! I must be getting boring.

Well, maybe the start of a new semester will provide fodder for better and more engaging posts.


Unknown said...

No you aren't boring... we are all just busy... except me the resident sicko... umm sickee???

Adoro said...

Kat, you are DEFINITELY NOT a sicko! LOL!

Christine said...

yeah..I thought it was just blog traffic is down too. i think august is a big vacation month.

Adoro said...

I think it is. Summer in general is "down time" as a lot of people are out doing other things. Which they SHOULD be!

But lately it's been quieter than it seems it should be. I don't have a sitemeter or anything, but the regular commenters aren't commenting.

I blame Facebook for some of it...that black hole of a site has sucked away the best of the best, locally. I'm on it, too, but a lot of it just bores me. Writing is what I do...throwing octopusses for no reason can be left to others. I get bored with it.

* sigh *


Rob said...

I'm still here. Enjoying what everyone writes but nothing of value to say myself. I'll just be lurking until my brain returns from wherever it is.

Hidden One said...

I'm around, as you may have gathered. I've liked your posts better of late, actually.

Lillian Marie said...

Sorry ... I've been super busy at work, which means limited access there, then by the time I get home it's after 9 pm and I'm exhausted & go to get ready to do it all over again. whew!

I'll try to read a bit during lunch next week (if I can). sorry....

MJ said...

I've been reading but had trouble posting as anon. Of course I'm not exactly the most computer literate so that coukd be part of the prolem!! So I created a google account. Hope it works!!

uncle jim said...

it is now saturday eve

we are back

but we missed y'all, too.

Adoro said...

LM ~ No need to apologize, not trying to beat anyone with a stick! lol

UNCLE JIM YOU'RE BACK!? How was your trip???????