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Saturday, August 25, 2007

What Have I Done?

End of day two.

We began our cohort class last night at 7 pm, and fled for home at 10, hoping to get some sleep. Last night I tossed and turned all night, heard strange noises...was uncomfortable. You know how it goes.

This morning we finished our Old Testament class with the beginning tools so we can take on the first assignments, which involve quite a bit of memorization and geography. But I am looking forward to reading the assigned scriptures and other texts, armed with the little knowledge we now have. A lot of time was spent talking about sources and such, all things which will be needed as we go through this class and into the next few years.

Our afternoon consisted of the first hours of Vatican II, our first assignments, due in four weeks, just as with the first class. And from experience, I know that from the Vatican II class, the questions are a LOT harder to answer than they appear at face value. The agony is already commencing.

And I have to pick topics for the final papers, because I will have to pay attention to the stuff that applies to them as we pass through the next few weeks.

Tomorrow, all day, we study the Fundamentals of Catholic Spirituality. Today, some alum that hosted a lunch for us advised us that the Spirituality class can't be beat....anywhere. Ever. It is a gift straight from God, like nothing else.

So even though I'm tired and my head hurts and I'm terrified, I'm still looking forward to tomorrow.

All would be well, but I also recieved a confirmation letter for my job interview on Monday, and I have to submit a writing sample "immediately" to be e-mailed. I got the mail late yesterday before I had to go to time to write it or even conider it last night. And today? Right.

And right now, the last thing I want to do is have my writing under the gun, because, of course, those parpagraphs have to be perfect because they are directly related to the position for which I'm applying.

I'm so tired. HELP!


Hidden One said...

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, please obtain for Adoro the mercy and grace she needs, now and always. Amen.


Adoro said...

Thanks, Hidden One.

I went to dinner at a friend's house, and now I'm going to type...and then go to bed.

uncle jim said...

moi, aussi.

Anonymous said...

ditto hidden one:
Just start writing--the words will come!

Adoro said...

Thanks, everyone.

I got a few paras written, will edit tonight after class. I'm too groggy now (having coffee while I read this), but I can send it off tonight. i think their point is to have the sample before the interview as I suspect they're going to ask me to expand on the paragraphs.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

You are so fortunate to be able to attend school! I have to teach my children now and don't have time to do that (I've always wanted to). We are having some of the same financial difficulties but have 5 children and a steady, well-paying job! You will do fine. I will pray for you!

Fr. V said...

Isn't coffee wonderful?

Anonymous said...

Praying for you my friend!

Adoro said...

laura ~ I am very blessed to be able to go to school; I did take out a loan, but I found out at the last moment that it was available, and I can't help but feel I'm supposed to go. I don't know about the next 5 semesters, but for now, I'm a graduate student! What a wonderful grace! What a ton of work!

Thank you for your prayers...I also really need a job!

Fr. V. ~ Cofee is my friend.

angela ~ I can always count on you!

Unknown said...

When I began my masters I kept reminding myself that God wasn't going to put me somewhere he couldn't keep me, I just had to trust that I was where I belonged, doing what God wanted me to do.

Then I screwed up my courage and began to write. Every professor I have had has commended me on my writing ability, so I suppose taking that leap of faith has paid off.

Trust your instincts, and God will provide the inspiration.