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Monday, August 08, 2005

Unholy Rainbow, Holy Call to Respond

It flies under cover of darkness, under the radar detection of our awareness. It slithers and curls up in the corners, moving almost silently, and sometimes, when caught in a reflection, the brightly colored scales glint, hiding the true beast concealed behind the pretty colors. It scurries into the corners and spins its webs of deceit, letting the dew fall upon it to reflect crystalline kaliedoscopes which camoflage the actual material. It spins mystic beauty to redirect our attention and lull the inherent instinct we have to pull away when our souls recognize what it is. It lulls us to complacency, making us believe that what we see is pretty and harmless and spins its webs to decieve the actual creatures crouching behind the glamours of unholy reality.

So we sleep...we silently sleep, and little by little, the evil creeps around us, hemming us in closer and closer, blinking to hide the yellow of its eyes. And when we finally awake, it's too late, and we have been drawn in, caught up in the deceit, the lies...and we are the food upon which it feeds. It feeds upon our children, even as we try to protect their innocence and raise them in a world of love and faith and hope for salvation. It feeds and it feeds, and here we sleep, allowing the evil to reproduce unchecked....

Maybe that could be the ending of this horror story...or maybe we can remember that symbols are powerful, and we have the glory of the cross, and the reality of the crucifixion...and we have the armor of God which surrounds us so protectively that the insipient evil cannot penetrate. Or can it? Has it actually penetrated those corners of our lives we would rather push aside and has it hidden in the debris we'd rather sweep under the rug?

Symbols are powerful, and they are important. But let me ask you...what do you think of when you see a rainbow flag on someone's home, or a rainbow bumper sticker? Or, God forbid, a rainbow at Pentecost Mass?

Do you think of the promise made to Noah after the flood, or the nimbus surrounding the head of the angel in the book of Revelation? Likely not. You think of "Gay Pride" (how I detest that phrase), you think of the homosexual adjenda, you think of the attack upon the Holy Eucharist perpetuated upon the Lord and the faithful every Pentecost. You think of people so lost and miserable in their sins that they can't see the beauty of the Truth or the reality of the Christ who died for them. He died especially for them, and for all of us, and Jesus still suffers and and is still trampled, every single day. And we, even as we call ourselves "faithful", we allow the unholy to trample upon our Lord and Savior without so much as a comment.

And this evil continues. Every day we see visions of rainbows surrounding us...but these particular versions are not of God, but are symbols of an evil, insipient adjenda, and how easily and quickly it was taken. I blame us, the faithful. I blame all of those who know and love Jesus Christ and I blame everyone who believes in the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, and the God of us all. I blame us for in our complacency, we have allowed a beautiful symbol, a powerful symbol, a promise from God, to be hijacked for evil purposes right beneath our noses...why? Because we were all sleeping.

Symbols hold power. What do you feel when you gaze upon the cross? When you venerate it on Good Friday? How do you react when you see the dome of St. Peter rising over the Vatican, or on the secular end, the steeples of Chruchill Downs on Kentucky Derby day?

Now, what do you feel when you look upon a rainbow bumper sticker with the Capital Sin of "PRIDE" proclaimed loudly against the colorful background? There is is, in bold print and pretty colors, the root of all evil, Pride, the source of all sin, the opposite of the virtue of humility, proclaimed to the world as though it is the ultimate good. Proclaimed loudly, infecting our eyes, being shouted into our ears, and being forced down our throats. To disagree is intolerant, and the First Amendment rights that apply to those who sport this unholy rainbow do not apply to the faithful who abhor the message they proclaim so boldly.

Symbols have power. How do you feel when you experience the attack of that symbol upon your senses day after day?

That's what I thought. What a juxtaposition. Now you see why Christ died. Does it pierce your heart, too? It pierces mine. It cuts through the bone and into the soul...and we let it happen. We let the beauty created by God to be redefined.

Recently in an online Catholic forum at Catholic Answers (, there was a thread about this very topic. We are tired of this. We are tired of the homosexual activist adjenda which has so usurped the values and the truth we hold dear. And we want our rainbow back. And we've vowed to take it back. God willing, so we will.

I don't know the years or the details, and frankly, they are unimportant. The reality is that throughout history, rainbows were beautiful, they were innocent, and they were promising. They were miraculous. They told tales of leprechauns and pots of gold. They represented cereal for children in the morning, and stickers to collect, with unicorns galloping upon them. They spoke volumes about innocence, about the love of God, the promise to Noah, and the promises of Revelation and the heaven that awaits us. Rainbows were the road to heaven, upon which we might all walk someday to greet our Heavenly Father.

But now, rainbows speak to us loudly and unendingly of dissent, of unholy practices, of actions better left in the darkness, of disordered acts and diabolical adjendas. They leer at us from bumpers, from windows, from t-shirts and from the news. They remind us every day, that we, as Catholics, did not recognize the power of this God-given symbol. We let it be taken, we let it be stolen, and now, souls are suffering, they are witnessing evil tied up in brightly-colored bundles and they are being spoon fed poison that looks like sugar, and they are "learning" that it's ok to commit serious sin, it's OK for unnatural acts to take place before their eyes or to strive to commit those acts themselves. They are learning lies, diabolical lies.

It started out as a symbol for diversity...and indeed, God created humanity in a rainbow of colors, of cultures, and personalities. But somehow, that completely innocent picture was distorted and changed to represent one group which has come to dominate all, and which seeks to undermine all we know is true and good and beautiful.

And I blame us in our complacency. Demon, thy name is Complacence, and we won't be your party any more. Isn't it funny that complacence is so related to pride; that in our ignorant comfort we can determine what is offensive and what is harmless...and see what that has gotten us.

Now, today, here, we take back the rainbow, we claim it back to God, and we hold it to our hearts as our symbol, behind the crucifix, and we claim back all the souls this adjenda has sought to steal.

I ask all the faithful to step forward, and in small ways, make this known. Get a backbone because you don't even have to just have to find a way to make this happen.

Create a bumper sticker: "Faithful Catholic/ Christian...TAKE BACK THE RAINBOW"

With a rainbow background, the words, "Faithful" set against the true colors of the rainbows of the skies.

Post a photo of a rainbow online with a Bible verse.

Draw every single connection from the rainbow to God that your imagination and the Holy Spirit inspires you to complete. Make this movement known...and end the complacency.

Just sitting back and watching didn't now, we reclaim this symbol. Because symbols have power and the power we hold, the power bestowed upon us by God is far more than the politics of a measly group of small-minded activists whose very reason for living is an unholy desire for hedonistic pursuits. Those poor, banished, children of long are they to be banished, how long are they to be left to pursue their hedonistic desires, unchallenged.

How long will we sleep the comfortable sleep of complacency? How many other symbols have been stolen, how many souls have to be lost for fear of offending them with the Truth?

Be loving, be merciful. Love much, pray much. And every single day, hold a rainbow in your hand and show the world the Love of God through this simple, innocent symbol, this life-affirming symbol of an eternal promise given long ago to a simple man dedicated to God and his family.

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Equus nom Veritas said...

The corruption of the rainbow by use of the homosexual "rights" activist groups is but an adumbration of how and why sin exists at all. God certainly didn't create sin, everything that He creates must be good. Sin/evil is merely a corruption of that which is good, just as the "Pride" rainbows are little more than a corruption of the real thing. And a corrupted thing can never be as good as the real thing, it is but a mere shadow, or perhaps a reflection, as in a fun-house mirror. Justice can only be done to the symbol of God's covenant with us if it is reclaimed to it old glory as such, and not used as a symbol of those whom more often than not oppose his Church and followers on earth.