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Saturday, August 13, 2005

More random comments

When I was in college I worked in security. As such, I was once sent to LaCrosse, WI to pick up one of the Christian Brothers who was to arrive at the University for some kind of meeting or gathering. It was allegedly a big deal and this guy was on the board of trustees.

I was of course, "searching" at the time and actually looked forward to this possible opportunity to speak to a "good" Catholic about our faith. I was not much of a Catholic at the time and I was really struggling in faith. I looked at this opportunity as a gift from God to answer my questions.

So I picked up the revered Brother, who was on the board of trustees. I introduced myself as a recent graduate and now University employee. He was all business and I was fine with that. But he was not very friendly. He barely even looked at me. Sure, when he spoke, his tone was pleasant enough, but it was clear that I was not even on his radar screen.

And with the title of "Brother" he was supposed to be a consecrated religious.

I might have been just a bug on the wall.

Deflated, I drove him to the University and dropped him off with barely a "thank you."

Sure, I did my job and it wasn't much, but a little respect would have been nice. A little pleasant conversation, maybe about the direction the college was headed, maybe about his own vocation...anything.

This man was supposed to be a witness for Christ...and try as I did, I could not find Christ in his actions or attitudes.

That could have been a turning point for me, but instead, it chased me even further from the Church. So I ask everyone out there to never let your position swell your head to the degree that you do not see the humanity in those around you. I don't expect everyone to be outgoing, and not everyone is chatty. No one expects that, but at least learn to be available.

I actually need to take this advice myself.

Second random comment, actually a happier one.

I have a friend who is experiencing some rough times and may be coming to live with me. I have been where she is and although I do not want a roommate, I asked God when I bought the townhome to send me a roommate if he thought I should have one. I resolved to do no advertising, figuring God would send me a soul.

So when I spoke with my friend and she revealed her situation, I blurted out, "Maybe you should come live with me. I have another room...its just storage now, but I can move stuff.."

And I wasn't kicking myself for my big mouth. Somewhere in there, God spoke to me and he reminded me of my prior condition and a friend who had helped me once.

Well, that friend came over the other night, and it was her first visit to my house. I'm always embarassed to have people over because my furniture isn't real nice, my decor is eclectic at best, and because I have 2 dogs, one of which is a shedding German Shepherd, everything is always "all sorts of furry". More so in the summer months.

And yet she came in, sat down, and commented, "I have such a sense of peace here. Your home is very peaceful."

And immediately I am taken back to the home blessing which I recieved in the spring. I had my entire house blessed, and that included my dogs and myself. What a very generous priest. I realized when he was here that he was not a dog person, but he blessed my pets just the same.

And I remembered the Bible verses when Jesus tells his apostles to bless the homes they enter, and if a peaceful man lives there, peace will descend upon the home and the people who reside within. And if they are not peaceful, the peace they offer will return to them, the apostles.

And when my friend told me she sensed peace in my home, I realized how blessed I really have been. I understood that the peace of Christ really does reside within my humble abode and that those I love can sense his love and his peace in spite of what I percieve to be cosmetic chaos in my livingroom.

The Lord is so good to us.


Rachel Gray said...

I just found your blog yesterday, and today I'm skimming the archives and found this post. I love it because when my roommate and I were talking just the other day, she said she's had two different people tell her that our apartment feels very peaceful. We had it blessed when we moved in. It's a very interesting point you make that when Christ told his apostles to bless the homes they enter, the formula he gave them was "Peace be to this house."

Adoro said...

Hi, Rachel, thanks for reading and for your comment! Not sure if you'll come back to this post, but if you do, it's just interesting you happened to comment on this one. The friend in trouble back then is the friend now living with me. AT that time her situation worked out for her...this time, it didn't.

And she still thinks my house is peaceful!