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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


It's time for "Story Time With Adoro". So settle in with your hot cocoa or tea or, if you really need something harder, then your beer, wine or multiple shots of JD to get you through it. I'll wait....

Ready?  OK!

This week I've reconnected via Facebook with several college friends. Some are people I went back to college-town to see for a couple years after graduation, over big breaks or even just to get out of the Cities. I've mentioned before the bluffs of Winona, and there is something to be said for being a solitary Being in the center of such earthly formations....not to mention the evenings with good friends, cheap beer and lots of laughter!

Tonight I had a "chat" with one of those long-lost friends, and believe me, we go way back to freshman year. Some of what we discussed reminded me of a particular event, of which he was actually not a part. Just the same, I was laughing out loud at the memory of my first "keg bust', something I haven't thought of in YEARS!

Are you paying attention now?

This probably isn't what you'd expect.

As Sophia Would Say:  Picture This!

It was nearing the near-end of the semester and I had a test, maybe a Midterm, early the next morning. I also had a MASSIVE cold and had taken the proper dose of Nyquil in order to get some sleep that night.

Sometime in the wee hours, though, the phone rang. In my Nyquil-induced haze, I picked it up, wondering what I was supposed to do with that noise-making thing. Out of pure habit I brought it to my ear and can't say I was terribly surprised to hear the Security Supervisor on duty say, "There's a party going on in the bluffs."

I sniffed as I contemplated this voice coming from the handset. "Oh Kay"

Supervisor: "They have a keg."

Me:  "Ah."

Supervisor  "We have to get the tap."

Me, staring confusedly into thin air:  "Oh Kay."    *click!*

I hung up and after several minutes, realized I'd just agreed to help bust a party. After all, it was my job....well...kinda. Not really knowing what I was doing, I got dressed and headed into the sharp chill of a dewy May night in Minnesota.

By the time Jim let me in and I had my bearings, I was wondering what I was doing out of bed and at work in my condition. But instead of dropping back into a coma on the spot, I found myself following Jim, and in the company of a couple other confused and sleepy security "officers", we walked across the field, over the creek, and into the bluffs...where we found a keg party complete with dancing ninjas at what we called the Shroom Shack.

Oh, wait....some of that might have been the Nyquil.

But I do recall a brief confrontation, I recall that the crowd disbursed, and that when Jim told them the college rules, some guy, as if scripted, complained,  "But that's not fair!"

In my sleepiness I muttered to him, "The Fair's in'll have to come back then...  *yawn*"

Jim and I carried the keg and the tap down with us to the office. During that walk I pondered why the carnies weren't carrying the keg down...then I remembered it wasn't July.

When we finally got there and had a chance to rest, I thought that keg might actually be a pillow. So Jim gave me a pen and paper and at his direction I wrote, 'Merry Christmas!" and put that post-it note on the keg as a very early gift for the Director of Security, who would come in the next morning to find this "gift" in his office.

Then I stood up and said, "I'm going to bed now" and proceeded to stagger down the hallway, out the door, down the sidewalk, into my dorm, and into my room where I think I might actually have collapsed on the floor because climbing onto the top bunk was too much work.

Can't tell you how I did on my final but I KNOW I got a degree from that University, so I must have done OK.

Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to that keg, though.....


But I don't care enough for it to keep me awake at night.....


Mary333 said...

Have you been hitting the Nyquil again? There seems to be an awful lot of yawning going on;) Actually, I thought this post was hilarious. I was probably one of the kids at the party, though. If not that one, I have to admit to others. I am a prodigal daughter but still well-loved :)

The Ironic Catholic said...

Wait. There are keggers in the bluffs?!?!?!?!


Adoro said...

Mary ~ I wrote this post way too late at night when I should long have been sleeping. I was yawning for REAL as I wrote it!

IC ~ Right, I'm sure you know NOTHING about that particular phenomenon.....

*whistling* .....