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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Harsh Reality

I have been pondering Faith in the last several days, and the reality of why I continue to choose sin in the face of what I know of Divine Revelation.  I've considered my moments of disbelief, and those moments where the reality of God brought me to the dirt.

I can boil it down to this:

1.  When we want to sin, when we want to engage in what we know to be contrary to our dignity of human beings, we choose not to believe in God, and we get really militant about our disbelief.

2.  When we become dissatisfied, and when our own behavior is so offensive to our sensibilities that we are brought to the realization that we have a dignity that transcends our animal appetites, and we are so brought to repentance...then we choose to believe in God.

There is no in between. We either love God or we don't.  

And that's why we have, as our center, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Because we cannot remain indifferent. We are brought, through  the Cross, to face God and face ourselves...and we must make a choice.

And every day  I wake up and realize that Faith is a decision and life is a gift, and I immediately come face to face with the above-defined fork in the road.

And every day may involve a different decision.

I can't express to you how grateful I am for the trails between the fork in the road on those days which I choose the wrong road.

God is merciful.

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Dorrie said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours, Adoro. Poignant and to the point. Thank you for allowing the Spirit to speak through your words.