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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday Evening (Blog) Post!

I have a few announcements tonight, something for those of every Juridic Status, Clergy and Laity. They are in no particular order of importance, meaning that they are ALL important and you MUST folllow all the links that apply to your Juridic Status, although you may investigate those that do not. (Intrigued? Good! Pass on ALL these links!)


I was just tipped off that we can contribute to Saturday Evening Blog Post at; choose your best post from the last month and submit according to the directions given. What a great thing to do on a First Saturday! Hat Tip & Mantilla Twitch (h/t & m/t) to V.A at Notio bonum, visa olum (whom you should also be following, by the way)


Fr. John Speekman of Homilies and Reflections From Australia has been asked to promote Year of the Priest Clergy Conference for English-speaking priests in Rome in 2010. This looks like an incredible event and I hope the priests I know and call friends can go and then help the rest of us to live vicariously through them. (Deacons, this applies to YOU, too!). Father Speekman also passed on several graphics which I can't reproduce via blog, so if you have a blog or website and you'd like to host an image, please leave your email in my combox and I will forward his email to you. If you are uncomfortable in doing this, then please send me an email at malaidea@netzero (dot) com and I will include you in a list.

Given that this is the Year FOR Priests (this title is important), shouldn't we all do all that we can to promote ANYTHING that benefits Priests?


The Dominican Nuns in Summit NJ (whom I visited in July) are asking for help in finishing their much-needed renovations to their monastery, so are asking us all to help them market their wonderful Seignadou Soaps by hosting a banner on your blog or web page.

These Nuns are incredible and welcomed me so graciously this summer as I passed through their East-Coast "neighborhood", and have been of great help to me in my discernment. So it is that not only am I promoting this for them, I'm also telling you that you NEED to purchase this soap to support this very worthy community, and...dang it, who DOESN'T want to help our beloved Dominicans?

Maybe you don't need soap yourself, (uh...ew!) but of course, Christmas is coming in a few months, and there are birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, personal everyday showers, etc., which clearly involve the need for good soap!

You think you need soap from the grocery store or Targhetto or Wal-mart? Why go slummin' when you can have the BEST come to YOU?

Just sayin'. ;-)

You can see the banner on my sidebar, but to grab the code, click on this link.

Tell Sr. Mary Catharine that Adoro sent ya! :-)


Rachel Gray said...

Excellent! Justification to buy better soap!

Adoro said...

If I'm going to be accused of "Catholic Guilt" dang it I want to do a good clean job!

Nan said...

I had just looked at their giftshop before looking at your blog.

I'm trying to use what I have before buying more because I tend to stockpile...

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Wow, a lot of information to digest! Thanks for bringing it to our attention (including the soap!).

Anonymous said...

Yes, please do support the Summit Dominicans -- they are almost to their $500,000 goal! But also, please don't forget another of the orders you visited in your discernment -- the Cistercians (
are trying to build a new monastery because their current one (older buildings adapted to become their monastery?) is crowded with new vocations.

Adoro said...

Anon ~ Oh, of course! I actually want to do an entire post to support them, because the reality is their monastery is crumbling around them. :-(

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the link :)

And I wholly second (third) the soap - I'm almost out, and fortunately with my new job I can afford to buy lots as christmas presents!