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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hee Hee!

A little humor is needed, wouldn't you say?

My regular readers probably know of my love of horses. When I was 13, my Dad scrimped and saved and paid for English Riding lessons every other Sunday for about a year. This is probably one of the greatest practical gifts I have ever received for although I'm not often around horses, when I have had the chance to ride the foundation and discipline gained from those lessons has really made a difference in my enjoyment and even understanding of the sports involving horses.

I don't assume my readers all are familiar with Dressage, and so before I show you the funny part, watch this video showing you what Dressage is SUPPOSED to look like. is what Men doing Dressage looks like (see if you can tell the difference!) :-)

I tried to paste the code, for the videos, but for some reason it won't work so the best I can do is link to it. Believe me, it's worth it!

And can I just say that Brits RULE in their ability to consistently come up with the best humor in the world!


RJW said...

The major difference I see is the men seem to be missing the front two legs. (That is: they are the horses' a** ROTFL). I loved it! Python-esque!

JC said...

I had a pretty good laugh at that one. It brought back some fond memories of our summer horse camps, when the older club members (such as myself) would do similar "demonstrations" for the younger members. Of course, a large number of the riders there saw dressage as that part you suffered through before the jumping. ;)

Adoro said...

RJW ~ At first I thought this was related or WAS Python!

JC ~ I never got into dressage, although I can post a trot VERY well! I don't think I would have appreciated it then like I do now, though, in any case. Now I find dressage to be quite beautiful and see a lot of value in it.

but me the jumping!