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Monday, September 07, 2009

Outright Propaganda

You know what I'm talking about. Obama's speech tomorrow.

I've read the text. It seems innocent enough, doesn't it? He's telling kids to be good and study hard and not give up. Those are good things, I'll admit.

But there's a problem with this entire thing.

Firstly, what Obama is doing is actually illegal; it is an action that violates Federal statutes, which is a fancy way of saying Federal Law.

Secondly, it's been clear for a long time that Obama has an agenda. Although he controlls the media and they're all at his beck and call, even some of the more liberal columnists have cited his ruthlessness, and not in complimentary terms. I sense fear among those who are coming out in his support. They are guarded in what they say, but it's clear the "O" has lost his shine in their eyes.

Thirdly...this is outright propaganda. This is how it starts, at least in how it applies to the children. It's a perfect strategy that couldn't be better written by the con artist baiting his prey.

Start with a simple greeting. Kids are raised to respect the President, and after all, he's arguably the "most powerful man in the world." It's a big deal for anyone to meet the President, and suddenly he wants to talk to KIDS? Kids go nuts over stuff like that because, well, let's face it; powerful people usually don't give a rat's petard for kids, especially in this culture.

So what he is doing is trying to elicit TRUST from these children and in so doing, soften up their parents who may be against him. Because his message is innocent and it's what parents tell their kids, too, and of course, Obama has a couple daughters and we all know it.

I don't know if his message will be seen in Minnesota; I'm cringing as I consider work tomorrow, for I work in a Catholic school and am pretty sure the principal and many, if not all of the
teachers, were O supporters (although I am not sure of this. We don't discuss politics there.)

I do know that our Governor Pawlenty has come out against Obama's indoctrination speech and calls it "uninvited." God bless him.

So yes, the text seems pretty innocent, but then again, the serpent in the Garden of Eden seemed pretty innocent at first, too, didn't he?


pennyante said...

I'm just amazed that there is such a ruckus about our President speaking to school children. Why weren't Presidents Reagan and Bush No. 1 castigated for doing the same thing?

Adoro said...

pennyante ~ two reasons:

1. if it was wrong then, even if there WASN'T a ruckus, it doesn't change the wrongness of the act, and it needs to be recognized now and not repeated. Remember that old adage: two wrongs don't make a right.

2. Obama is on his way to dictatorship and people who aren't totally fleeced by him and his henchmen can see it and it makes us a LOT more wary.

Brother Juniper said...


You know, I think that the health care protests clearly show that the American people are downright afraid of President Obama.

In my eyes, the man is no better than King Herod the Great. He probably has enough blood on his hands from allowing the killing of innocent babies in Minnesota to justify the claim.

Also, it seems to me that any claims to benignity are probably woefully exaggerated. He appears benign, yes, but the man has his claws.

Adoro said...

Brother Juniper ~ Yes, exactly.

I'm sure this is one of the posts that will land me behind bars at some point in the future.

We ARE afraid. We're watching our civil rights be yanked away from us, one after another. He's tried to quash free speech, he's outright DEMANDED that anyone dissenting from his health care policy be silenced, and this policy hasn't been researched it meets opposition from all corners and he's trying to push it through anyway and will ultimately do so.

Why? Because O isn't about the people. He's about power.

Yes, he has claws. I'd rather live with a feral cat than in America right now.

Hidden One said...

May the children of America see right through him.

Karinann said...

Your picture for this post says it all, for that is what Obama is. I may be taking this a bit far but this wreaks of Hitler indoctrinating the youth during WWII. I keep hearing in my head-those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Thanks for speaking out on this- more of us need to!

Adoro said...

Hidden One ~ Amen

Karinann ~ That goes through my head a lot, too.

Nazism has long been used in America because of the clear application of abortion, which people CONTINUE to ignore. And I don't think Obama is a Nazi. I DO think he is LIKE the Nazis, I think he is LIKE Stalin and Lenin, but has an entirely new form of the same agenda.

Alexis de Tocqueville made observations comparing Democracy to the European forms of government existing at the time. He saw how Communism and Socialism produced the monsters I cited above, but the plague of serial killers tended to belong more to democratic nations.

Now we get to have both. Aren't we privileged? The problem with Democracy; we are given the right to elect ourselves into oblivion.

(Funny note: each time I typed "democracy" I mis-typed "democrazy". Wonder if that's a freudian slip or my fingers telling the truth?

K. Suzanne said...

THANK YOU. I read the text of the speech earlier today and came to many of the same conclusions. I'm glad to know I'm not alone! Keep proclaiming the truth!


Owen said...

Daily I read Christians of all stripes, Catholics included, who are duped by this man and it is shocking. Some of these people tell someone like me, a non American, to butt out, that I have no say. However, as a citizen of the world I realize, voting privileges aside, this American President has an impact on the whole world and I believe it is a terrifically negative impact. It is a fearsome thing to see so many Christians falling in line. Lord, have mercy.

Adoro said...

K Suzanne ~ Thank YOU! Your comment lets me know that I'm not alone, either!

Owen ~ Maybe you don't have voting privileges here, but it won't be long before we won't, either. Just because you hail from another nation doesn't render your observation or opinion to be null and void! You can see what maybe we can't. Americans deserve the reputation we have of being self-centered, and it's to our own destruction. I fully believe that it is this very attitude of pride and disdain that makes those who fawn all over Obama to be the reason for our current downfall.

If they weren't so blinded by their egocentrism, we wouldn't be in this position now.

I can't say that was the case in Germany or Russia, but I can certainly comment on Americans today.

It scares me that O has so much power, and that the rest of the world sees it, too. Like it or not, he DOES have an impact on the world, and we HAVE to recognize that fact.

The Letter to Diognetus needs to be made known and made required reading for ALL Christians, of ALL faiths.

If we all embraced what was in that letter, we would not be falling into line behind the man leading the world to implosion.

Adoro said...

Owen and Hidden One ~ I forgot to say:

I am ESPECIALLY interested in your comments because of the fact you are not American. As you are removed from our climate, you have the ability to be more objective, and by revealing what scares YOU about our politics says a great deal.

We are all Catholic first and everything else second, and so I trust your opinions because, like mine, they come from Faith and not from some partisan agenda.

So thank you for speaking up. We Americans NEED your support, too! Who knows? One day we may be fleeing to YOUR shores for refuge!

*~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

Adoro ~
A while back, during the election, I posted on my Blog that Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing...and I nearly laughed when I saw your picture. It is exactly as I picture him in my own mind.
I read about half of the so-called "benign" speech slated for tomorrow, on Our Lady's Birthday, no less ~ and I have read elsewhere that it has been changed to suit those who criticized it. Why? What would have to be changed to speak to school children? What does he not want their parents to hear? What is he afraid of?
The man is like a sneak thief and an outright liar.
What you have said about his getting his claws into the young ones ~ to 5-year-olds?!? give me a break!! ~ is so-o true, and I applaud you for saying it!
We as a nation had better beware...or what was said by our forefathers will come true!!

Anonymous said...

I think we should call the cops on him and have him arrested for breaking the law! Oh, wait, he's above the law. And he wants us to have a health care system that he will not participate in--he's also above his own health care system.

Adoro said...

Tara ~ yes, he is above the law. It's part of his plan.

No integrity in the Executive branch of our government, that's for sure.

Adoro said...

Dear Anonymous commenter I just deleted: If you actually had something worthwhile to say you'd back it up by actually attaching a name to it. I deleted you because an ad hominem attack is contrary to your dignity and I have no time for that kind of tripe. Bye.

Hidden One said...

The only reason to flee to our shores is because we have coastal airports that'll send you some place safe. It ain't far to Canada from the States and I normally refer to it as Canuckistan for good reasons.

Ex.A. we basically already have FOCA. And have for... a LONG time. Despite what our Supreme Court has said on the matter.

At least Harper doesn't have much power. I'm more concerned about the leader of the opposition, Ignatieff, of the ultra-socially-liberal Liberal Party of Canada who could topple the minority government at any moment.

The scariest stuff about Obama, as I see it, is that he's turning the States into a set up for a police state while wrecking a bunch of other countries in the process. I don't know that he'll last long enough to rule it himself - but if you reelect him in 2012, I think he'll be staying.

Sadly, a conflict with the Muslim world is quite possibly all that can bring down Western society any time soon. (This is why - I think, at least - Western society is doing so much to pander to them.)

precious cup said...

I was speaking to my husband about this matter, I felt uncomfortable not knowing what was exactly going to be said etc. etc. My children are both grown, but had many struggles with school(Catholic) issues. Sometimes my daughter would rather have me stay out of things, but I couldn't. My husband said he was too busy to worry about this issue. We spend a lot of our summer on Martha's Vineyard. As you know the president was there. People Idolize Him! It scares me. Maybe he wants to do this inocently (BRING YOUR FATHER TO SCHOOL)for his girls and all children. BUT, for me I feel things might be said that many families don't agree with. I am so worried that people are seeing this young handsome man and romanticising it into something it isn't. When we mix good and evil it doesn't make something somewhat good. I feel it makes more evil. We can't settle any more.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I too Adoro, worry :(

Am I the only one that thinks that things were a lot better with just monarchs such as St. Louis of France? :)

*~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

no, Joe ~ You are NOT the only one...if every country could count on having a monarch like him, we would all be much better off!!
Our Lord Himself said that St. Louis was a good king; would that every leader took a page from his book, eh?

Hidden One said...

A monarch like him would be most excellent!