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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday Update on Mom

I just spoke with my brother. It is so hard to get information out of him! Seriously, he says there's nothing new, and then after a little prodding I find that there is, in fact, a WEALTH of information.

He spoke with my aunt last night after she'd been to visit Mom. (She lives in a nearby town). She said Mom looks good, but tired. She still has the NG tube but it's doing its job and releasing pressure in her abdomen, and apparently this is also improving her general comfort level.

And the BEST information I've had in DAYS: When my aunt arrived around 7:30 pm last night, the priest was just leaving. Apparently his visit really perked Mom up and raised her spirits. You have NO IDEA what joy that news brings me!

But we're not done yet...we still have to get the CT scan results. And that's the scary part.

I haven't called Mom yet today...afternoons tend to be nap time, so I'm going to call her later to see how she's doing.

UPDATE 3:20 pm: I just called my Mom, my cousin answered the phone, which scared me for a moment. But she handed the phone over. Our conversation was short because Mom can't speak very easily, but she did say she feels a LOT better today, and she's happy so many of our family who live in the area have been able to visit her.

She confirmed the priest's visit; both the hospital and I called, apparently. Funny; the person at the hospital I spoke with last night said that they don't call the churches, they just put names on their list. So that makes me wonder if some faithful Catholic who happens to work at the hospital took the initiative to call? In any case, I'm very grateful. And still praying.


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Prayers continue!

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