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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Parents, STAND UP NOW!

Firstly, I apologize that I can't get links to work. So copy/paste this into your browser, and contact your priests, bishops, and those in charge of the schools you send your children to.

What is being forced upon children is NOT acceptable.

The above is Fr. Altier's homily regarding the subject. Here is another from the Minneapolis Start-Trib:


Ray from MN said...

I don’t know anything about the whole field of sex education in the schools, but I respect Father Altier a lot.

But Archbishop Flynn before coming here was sent to Lafayette, LA, to deal with one of the early HUGE sexual abuse scandals in the Church. Apparently he did a great job and St. Paul was his “reward.” It would be interesting to hear his opinion as to Father Altier’s homily and the value of the course.

There was no sex education at all when I was in school. I guess we learned what we learned from each other, from dictionaries, and from the occasional books that would get passed around. So we didn’t learn much. My Mom bought me a pamphlet she found in the back of the church that was properly pious but not very informative; my Dad never said a word. I doubt that they really knew anything about abuse or diseases and their directive would have followed that of the Church: abstinence.

(And contrary to legend, the Army didn’t teach anything on the subject).

And I don’t know what my folks would have said if the Church had told them that they were going to teach us the “facts of life” but they had an option to exempt us from that course.

That’s the problem for the Church. I don’t think people like my Dad and Mom are uncommon. So what do you do with the kids. Should you alert children to a problem (abuse) that will only affect a very tiny number of them? And if so, then how do you do it?

I would say that if the National Council of Catholic Bishops and the Bishops had spent as much effort on dealing with the abusive perpetrators as they have on attempting to teach children about it, the need for the teaching might not be needed.

And the Bishops are acting like big government. There are about 180 dioceses in the U.S. Just guessing, about 30 of those dioceses, at most, had/have severe problems. Some of them probably are cleaned up by now.

Is it really necessary that ALL dioceses must institute programs devised by the NCCB (or Planned Parenthood if that is the case)? It makes more sense to me that it should be handled like the Voting Rights abuses were handled by the Congress. Those States, and they were all in the South, were put under severe restrictions which I believe continue to this day.

The Bishops should concentrate on the dioceses of Boston, Los Angeles, and elsewhere that have been found to be the sites of the most abuse. Why pester North Dakota, Alaska, Georgia, Kansas, for example, and dioceses that might have had no incidents when the problem seems to have been occurred mostly in the larger Archdioceses?

Anonymous said...

It appears that Father Altier can no longer speak publicly. Go to for the announcement. I had noticed that he hasn't been on Relevant Radio I wondered what happened.

Adoro Te Devote said...


Yeah, I found that out earlier today. The news is everywhere now, and you must have heard the same discussion I did on Relevant Radio. We all really need to start praying hard (if we aren't already, that is).

I think we really need to pray for Archbishop Flynn. We are in a diocese where the likes of heretical SJA parish is allowed to flourish in their trampling of the most Holy Eucharist, while a humble, obedient, faithful, holy priest is silenced.

I didn't really have "Give up Father Altier homilies" on my "do without" list for Lent.

Let's offer it up, anyway. The whole world suffers when the likes of him are not allowed to speak.

Anonymous said...

Links to discussion about the VIRTUS program are available at