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Friday, February 24, 2006

A Catholic First and all else...not first

I'm just going to come right out and say it. I'm Catholic. Doesn't come as much of a surprise, does it? But to America, speaking as a patriotic American, I proclaim that I am Catholic before I am American. I am American by soil and Catholic by soul.

Now, why is this important? Because we live in a culture in which the soul is trampled beneath the unweildy sledgehammer of relativism. Those who purport to "lead" our country exist within their own large yet solitary spheres in which they suffer from the delusion that the soul is something seperate from who they are.

This is why we get people such as John Kerry, who claims to be Catholic, claims the "right" to recieve the most Holy Eucharist, and yet still holds the invalid opinion that he can lobby for the "right" to kill a child. What hellish nonsense.

It's a cop out to try to seperate one's faith from anything, including politics. If you are going to claim a belief, then the only option is to LIVE that belief in all parts of your life. If you don't...then you're a hypocrite.

What point is it for me to say that I follow Christ, and then turn around and in my professional life, proclaim by my actions and my words that I do not follow Christ? If I claim to love Jesus, then how can I advocate for the "right" to tear a child apart from the very life-giving womb of a mother?

Consider it like this: I am American. I believe in Democracy, and I believe in Capitalism. So I am going to go overseas and find another country to live in. I am going to publicly announce that I hold soundly as a belief that Democracy and Capitalism are the way to manage civilization, but because I don't want to impose my values upon these people, I am going to advocate Communism. It's best not to "offend" by inflicting Western "values" upon a culture that has never known anything different than Marxism.

Riiiight. And this is supposed to make sense?

Politicians actually think they can seperate what they claim to believe to what they promote publicly, because they don't want to impose their morality upon others.

You know what I say to this? (Parents, cover your children's eyes, I'm going to type a bad word).


Parents, it's ok from here.

I say that it is our God-Given MISSION to impose our values upon the unbelieving public. I say that to claim anything otherwise is a denial of Christ, a denial of his sacrifice, and worthy of being called out on a sin of omission to FAIL to ASSERT what we KNOW TO BE TRUE!

I have absolutely no respect for someone who claims they don't want to "impose" their "values" upon someone else. By that statement, they reveal that they have no spine, no courage of conviction, and that they have already assumed they are probably wrong. It is a sign of a weak spirit, a soul in need of massive overhaul, and bears the mark given to the tools held by the devil.

Do YOU want to be a tool? Probably not.

I realize that there are many belief systems out there, many religions, many different ways to look at things. Clearly I think Catholicism is the one true religion, and specifically, the fullness of the Christian faith. And I still say to those who may disagree and hold another viewpoint, just TRY to impose your values on we, the faithful.

Why? Because when we are armed with Truth, we are wearing the armor of God. And when you try to inflict "values" which are not founded in God's Truth, you will be destroyed by your own words and your own agenda. And maybe, just maybe, since we are busy imposing our own beliefs upon the great societal cop out, YOU WILL BE CONVERTED and YOU will come to know Jesus as your SAVIOR.

And so I am Catholic first and all else second. When I look for guidance, I do not look to Washington, for all I see there is a bunch of poor misguided souls so afraid to offend someone that they have turned into so much jello. A spine can do a lot for a person.

I look to Rome, and specifically to the Vatican, for guidance, and so should we all.

The Truth is not found in political platforms. That's just a bunch of fluff without real substance. When I look for guidance, I look to the Lord, and to my Catholic faith.

I'd rather be a martyr for something that matters and something that leads to eternal life as opposed to the high probability of eternal damnation faced by those who publicly denounce their "faith" in favor of a few meaningless votes.

Pro-death politicans, I hope you can wash the blood of the innocents off of your activist hands before you go to judgment. If you are Catholic, or even claim to be, I can point you to a confessional, and I suggest that if you have lost your spine, you find it quickly. America is not your home, and it is not my home. It is our soil. Heaven is our home, and that's the place our souls are seeking to reside for eternity.

So to whom do you claim sovereignity? To so much created dirt and man-made lines, or do you seek to be washed in the precious blood of the lamb who died for you?

Choose well.

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