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Sunday, February 12, 2006

No More D word

I recieved a heads up from my good friend Ray so I urge you all to check out the link he provided:

She is encouraging, in effect, not just a boycott, but for everyone to go to the movies and visit a film other than DVC. She also encourages us not to get into the media fray in refuting the movie...just to let it be. Be silent (and in my estimation, silence can be deadly--for the opposing side, that is).

And so, I will be silent. No more posts about DVC.

HOWEVER! I will read, I will study, and should I meet some poor misguided fool...ahem..I mean, SOUL, then I will use my knowledge to show them the light. Another point of my experience; people do NOT like being duped, and those who have been often complete quite the turnaround and when they see the light, they are ready to GO!

I encourage you all to know as much as you can so as to redirect the individuals, one by one, and so even thorough online silence, we can undermine all the DVC is trying to do.

Call it Catholic Militant Strategy CMS.

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