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Friday, November 04, 2005

Marked Money- another ploy by homosexual activists

I located this link today-the plans of our not-so-friendly homosexual activists:

Minnesota churches will soon see a sign of protest in collection plates.
Gay Catholics and their supporters plan to mark their donations to send a message to let the church know who exactly is giving them their money. Cash donations will be marked with a pink triangle around the pyramid on the back, while checks will have a notation in the memo field.
“If you want our money, then support us,” says parishioner Tom Degree. “They need to know how much they are receiving from GLBT congregants.”
Degree and others are concerned about several positions the Catholic church has taken recently, such as banning gay priests.
“I think that’s a bright idea,” says Rachel Dykosky. “I think they should let them know where the money is coming from. The church needs to know who is supporting them.”
Others think the protest is too political, and doesn’t belong in church. “It’s incomprehensible to me that they would do that. I don’t see any logic in it,” says Florence Pope.
Degree thinks the search for marked money will be similar to the church’s search for gay members in seminaries.
“This is gay money,” degree says. “If you don’t feel comfortable taking it, throw it away.”


Unbelieveable. They really don't get it do, they? They apparently think that by a show of dead presidents they can change Truth.

"If you want our money, then support us".

Well, Mr. Degree... 'bout...NOT! If you want to worship the Lord, then come to the Catholic Church. Turn away from your hedonistic desires. If you want support in turning away from sin, you can find the Confessional or make an appointment...usually recommended after living a life wallowing in sin. If you want "support" in the form of endorsement for your sexual practices contrary to consistent Church teaching, contrary to the teaching of Jesus Christ, then look towards Satan. He'll be glad to offer you all the support you want.

Oh, wait...he already did. That's why you're doing this. Instead of behaving like children of God, which you are, you are behaving like spawn of Satan...which spiritually, you have chose to become.

Funny how you think that the Church should change to accomodate your sinful ways. Your money cannot purchase your salvation. Your humility, as yet to be exercised, CAN.

Keep your money. The Church doesn't need it. The Church existed long before homosexual activism in the American arena. Mother Church existed long before the Rainbow Sash movement, and the Church existed long before you were even a twinkle in God's proverbial eye.

Mark your money. That will make it easier to return to you. You are not forced to come to do this of your own free will and you are welcome. Hopefully you will allow the Lord to change your hardened heart. You engage in acceptance of disordered practices and possibly practice them yourself...and you do this also by your own free will.

The Church does not exist from your own overflated sense of pride in what you and your community do with your private parts. The Church does not define you by your practices. You have done this to yourselves, and even though salvation is offered to you freely, you spit upon the one who bought it for you.

You have chosen a sinful path, you have chosen a path to Hell, and now you are trying to make the Church lead you there. On Judgment day, you will stand alone and you will have to explain your actions...not the Church, not the Pope. You, alone will have to account for your persecution of the Church and of the Lord. You alone will have to defend your reasons for demanding the "right" to change Truth to fit your own personal desires.

Do not look to the Church to change Truth. It is you who needs to change. It is you who needs to turn from sin and embrace the love Christ is trying to give you. It is you who have turned from God and made sex and money your diety.

Do not expect the Chruch to lead you to Hell when you are already on that road.

The Church does not answer to the homosexual community...she answers ONLY to GOD. Have you met Him? Have you noticed his only begotten son, JESUS, who was born of a VIRGIN and died a horrible death on the cross for your sins? For all of our sins?

The Church was born out of the side of Christ, and she answers to Christ. She carries on the morality and Truth instituted by Christ over 2,000 years ago. She does not bow to the almighty dollar, marked or not marked.

People have and still are dying to uphold the teaching of the Church, all over the world. They are martyrs for God and the Truth of his Word. Yet you seriously think that your pittance of marked dollar bills is going to effect a change in moral law. Hilarious.

A vote does not determine Truth. The cool thing is that we don't have to vote on IS, it WAS, and it will ALWAYS BE. Truth is ETERNAL. And in the good words of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, "Truth is not determined by a majority vote."

Truth is not determined by "gay money", either.

So put your "gay money" away, and if you don't accept the teachings of Jesus Christ, then walk away. Come back when you're ready to accept Truth Eternal.

Jesus is bleeding for you, for all of us. Won't you for once look at him, embrace him and do as he bids us all? "Go...and sin no more."


Anonymous said...

Check that out.

Adoro Te Devote said...


Your refusal to accept the actual teachings of Jesus Christ especially with regard to morality does not make the "translation" you provided to be true. Morality is not on a sliding scale consistent with your own personal agenda.

You don't have to agree with me, but one day, you alone, by yourself, will face the Lord, just as I will. And we will all answer for our own individual sins, including the spread of untruth.

I've got my own untruths to suffer for which I perpetuated in the past. I pray that you turn away from the lies you have fallen for and accept the TRUE teachings of Jesus Christ...and that does NOT include the link you provide.

God bless you.