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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Chronicles of Narnia

When I was a little girl, I remember reading these books. I was completely absorbed, and when they ended I had a sense of loss like no other...the story had ended and left me aching for more. I did not understand the Christian themes at the time, but I did know a good story when I read it. I was an avid reader and "Chronicles of Narnia" has always been one to remember.

Then I grew up, and I, too, forgot about the world on the other end of the wardrobe and the lantern in the snow. I forgot about the Lion. I forgot about the Witch, and through my years into adulthood, I forgot this beautiful world.

Then I saw the initial teasers for the movie, and I prayed, "Dear God, do not let Hollywood ruin this movie", and already, I fear that they have. I read an article in our local paper regarding this last week. They are taking a "neutral" viewpoint, and from what I read, they have completely discounted the obviously Christian themes and diminished them entirely. One of the producers said something to the effect that C.S.Lewis were not so much Christian writers as they were writers who were after a good story.

I nearly fell out of my chair and had a tantrum on the floor. But as that does not glorify God very well, I just remained where I was and for once, I kept my mouth shut. That does not happen very often as you can well imagine.

About a month ago I purchased a copy of the entire volume in one book unabridged. I have since lost myself in the pages, and when I have gone to my weekly (and even temporary) Eucharistic adoration visits, I have seen the Lion of Judah. I have also seen the Lamb, also shown very clearly in the books. I have come to better understand Jesus through the eyes of C.S. Lewis....his love, his unerring discipline, his faultless judgment, and ultimately, the salvation he so freely gave in spite of our own willfull dissentions.

I love this Magnum Opus and I will read it over and over even as an adult. It does us good to see the world through the eyes of a child...isn't that what the Lord told us to do? To become like children? C.S. Lewis is an extension of God in his epic work, and while I read his books and touched by the overt Christian themes, I approach the movie with trepidation. From the reports from the mouths of the producers themselves, they have done EXACTLY what C.S. Lewis feared...they have taken Christ out of the work and minimized the very symbols and themes the author emphasized the most.

And of all the underhanded things, they are marketing this secularized work specifically to Christians.

I will go see the movie, and I will be praying mightily that through their own misguided secularized minds they will have actually missed the most important symbols and they will have ended up, through thier babboon-like meanderings have actually brought the Truth to light.

I will reserve further commentary until I have seen the movie for fear I will spoil the story for those who either have forgotten what they once read, are reading it now, have never read it, or (God forbid) are waiting for the movie.

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