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Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Catholic" Feminists continue their spin. Mpls-St. Paul

Now it's in "The Catholic Spirit", our archdiocese newspaper. I wil not quote the whole thing this time as I believe it's tiresome for my 3 readers. I will respond to selected quotes...but there is so much wrong with this...where do I start?

I'll start with a few facts:

* The "Listening Sessions" are all about feminism and women looking for power and authority, not for service.
* The Archbishop, Harry Flynn, did not approve these sessions. (He told me this directly)
* Feminists ALWAYS operate with an agenda of power-seeking.

The gist is this: the feminists of the archdiocese set up "Listening sessions", better known as "public moderated power-seeking temper tantrums" which were not approved, nor did they ever seek approval. They went to different, mainly heterodox-leaning parishes to present their questions, and since there was no approval, not much publicity. The result was this: the only people to attend were the like-minded dissidents. Can you predict the result? Let me give you a few excerpts from the archdiocesan newspaper:

“Many people don’t know Catholic leadership that is not a priest,” one woman said. “We don’t know how to acknowledge anyone but the priesthood.”

First of all the priest is a servant by definition. He has the authority of God in his role and stands in the place of Christ...who was servant to all. "Leadership" in most parishes has to do more with the councils and commissions. My belief is that the person who made this comment is not very involved in his or her parish or she would know this and know the parties involved. Personally, I acknowlege the priest as "Father" and just say "Hello Mr. or Mrs. or First Name, how are you today?". It generally does much to break the ice.

“So even though we heard people tonight, and the results will be published,” he said, “there’s no guarantee that there will be some follow-up, or that there will be some acknowledgement that there’s pain.”

Do you know it doesn't hurt so much when you stop fighting God? I can almost guarantee that the Archbishop will acknowlege the results, but he is already aware that the "research" is skewed. Therefore, you are done before you begin. Of course, that has more to do with the Bible quote about the gates of Hell not overpowering the Church.

“Men are being cheated by the way women are being treated,” he said. “All I hear is men preach. It’s a disenfranchisement for women . . . the whole feminine perspective. It undermines what women have.”

I attended a dissenting parish for awhile and I ached to hear the priest talk about the readings of the day. I was so THIRSTY for the WORD! Yet this woman was up there, an Education Director and she would not SHUT UP! I didn't care about statistics...I read about those in the paper. I was there to hear the Word of God as told by one of his direct representatives on Earth, and instead I got a lesson in statistical sociology from a flapping feminist. We don't have religion for the purpose of sociology...we attend Mass for those few moments of Heaven on Earth when GOD himself comes to us as described in the book of Revelation.

In the final moments, the group at St. John dreamed of what roles they’d like to see women play.

“All roles — any roles that men have,” one woman said. She said she’d like to see the church function as “a circle with varying roles, rather than top-down.”

Hmmm...."a circle with varying roles". Hmm...this is a pagan symbol, not a Christian Symbol. God is the ultimate patriarch and he makes the rules. We all answer to him. So what this woman is saying is that she wants to be a pagan. Maybe the better answer would be to study Catholicism and understand the heirarchy. Or she could follow the made-up religion she already follows.

“Someday, I would like to see women priests because we are made in the likeness and image of God,” another woman said.

So are the men. What's your point? Are men made from swiss cheese and halibut? The MALE priests stand IN PERSONA CHRISTI, and a woman simply cannot do so...but we can stand in the place of Mary and point the way to Christ. I like that role. I don't think I'm good at it though. The Feminists keep standing in the way.

Added one of the men: “If I can dream, I would like to see our women administer all the sacraments as much as any of the men can.”

Do you understand the sacraments? Have you recieved them? Do you know that ANYONE can baptize a baby or someone in an emergency in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and this baptism is binding? This is a sacrament. A womman cannot consecrate the hosts...she does not have God-given authority. As a woman, I refuse to ever "confess" to a woman and would run far away. Women have not been given this authority and it does not come from man, but from God alone. Take it up with him and stop complaining.

I'll continue to follow this. Although I have to admit, I may need to start a new blog regarding Minneapolis-St. Paul dissent. It seems to be my recent pet-project.


Jman said...

"All I hear is men preach."

Being the one and three of your readers, I hear you preach. I hear Sr. Sally at my Bible study do a bit of preaching. I've heard my mom preaching. I heard all my relegious ed teachers who where women, do some preaching themselves. There are many women saints who've stuff I've read. If your only chance of caughting up with the Catholic faith is the homily, you are not doing enough.

Adoro Te Devote said...

jman, great point! I didn't even think to mention the saints, (I did consider the teachers but I noted them in a previous entry), and I guess, I, too, "preach"...but of course my preaching has no place in the homily...nor that of any other woman or non-ordained man.

Catechesis is so sorely needed.

Anonymous said...

Why cant woman of today look at hour lady, who always wore a veil (which goes back to the OT as respect to God, but in todays age the church allowed them to do away with that) and always showed her Love and respect for our Lord, but at the same time is our Mediatrix. Will woman soon be saying childbirth is sexist as well?

Feminism should be rooted out of the church immediately as it goes against scripture and teachings, and it is heresy to preach some of what is being pushed around. I have read on one of the vatican websites that soon the New American Bible, which has been retranslated over and over since the 70's to make it "PC" towards Jews and woman, that catholic scholars are actually considering substituting "Creator" for God

When that happens, I fear for the church as Jesus was not PC, he called it as he saw it, and to monkey around with God, that is going to far


Anonymous said...

I correct the above-it is substitute Creator for "Father"



Adoro Te Devote said...

There is a movement within the Church to preserve the original language, and only the dying feminists are still crying foul over the way people "dared" to speak in the time of Christ. I did cover this somewhat in a post awhile back.

Regarding veiling...that custom is also coming back. I wear one, usualy black because it stands out less.

The youth of the Church, the young adults, into the late 30's are crying for orthodoxy, and since the enemies of the Church, ie the feminists, are diminishing in number due to death from old age, we are raising the bar, and we are carrying on the torch from our great-grandparents and grandparents to preserve the faith.

Anonymous said...

You are someone to follow and others should take note of you

God bless you