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Saturday, January 06, 2007

You may refrain from bowing

...but I would appreciate it greatly if my next appearance is preceeded by minstrels and trumpets to announce my royal presence. Thank you.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Royal Highness Adoro the Complex of Hoptonshire by Leer
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Anonymous said...

Your Majesty...if thou wouldst permit me to speaketh in thine august name is Her Grace Lady Angela the Nefarious of Westley Waterless.

(end trumpets...)

Adoro said...

Oh, my dear compatriot, Your Grace Lady Angela the Nefarious of Westley Waterless, thous hast no need to request permission to speak in mine august presence...o thou Lady of wise counsel. And I wilt request of the trumpeteers that your presence indeed be preceeded by their unified anthem.

Wouldst thou have some tea and crumpets? Or a fine complex wine of my most complex and arden vinyard? Come, sit with me and explain thou what brought thou to mine palace from yonder vales?

Anonymous said...

Holy cow Adoro - I thought I was reading a combo of the KJV Bible and Shakespeare there - you ARE good! LOL!

Adoro said...

Your Grace, don't you mean to say, "Sacred Bovine, your highness?" But we shall let that inconsequential omission of etiquette slip into obscurity. Clearly we are both connoisseurs in appreciation of the Bard, are we not?

Soft you now! What rock through yonder window breaks? It is not so much a rock as a tomato, mine so more to rue the acquiescence of such inflated speech and pretentious charm. Must my royalty so soon enter into latent submission, the better such to maintain cognizant conversation with the like of Your Grace?

But I must ask...dost thou call me "Good"? For no one is good but God alone, and who am I but that the friend of the Lord and His Mother wouldst come unto to my royal blog?

Dost thou comprehend the questionable implications of such speech, pertaining to the ongoing readership in the here and now? How long shoulst this continue?

So to mine other courtiers and guests: Art in existance others versed in the parlance inspired by Her Grace, Lady Angela the Nefarious of Westley Waterless? Canst thou engage in shallow depths of thine hostesses' such medieval wordiness for the sake of thine good humor?

Entertain us! And let the peasants eat cake!

Anonymous said...

Laugingeth my asseth offeth!!

Dost thou knowest who wouldst be most entertained by this exchange? T'would be
Reverend Countess Christine Shult the Waspish of Fishkill St Wednesday! Also the esteemed Noble Excellency Cathy Of Alex the Intransigent of New Porton Wells.

Your highness, may I ask for a glass of mead to accompany thy cake?

Adoro said...

Lo! Bringeth unto me thine and mine esteemed companions, the Ladies, both Reverend Countess Christine Schult the Waspish of Fishkill St. Wednesday and Noble Excellency Cathy of Alex the Intransignet of New Porton Wells. I must make a most humble request of such ranking visitors to bring to my most humble palace the beekeepers canopy to stave off the wasps and the Port of New Porton Wells, thus that we might partake in sustanence befitting our feast but without the sting.

Your grace, you must haveth, in accordance with your wishes, the sweetest mead available from mine arden vintages the pungeant yet intoxicating beverage so befitting such abundance of this verbal repast.

It is only by Providence that this gluttinous gorge of words continueth with such verbosity; thus it is for us to question; what hath we to discuss amongst our nearly divine visages?

Shouldst we thou wait for thine and mine dear friends to continue such inspired discussion, such that they mayst impart wisdom of the trevails inflicted upon them?

I lookest forward unto further recourse with the rising of the sun and subject to the terminatino of the Divine Liturgy to which we must all be called upon the morn; for what are we but, although royalty, yet servants of the One True God?

Mayest we yet seek His Divine Sustanence above and beyond all that which is only before us but temporarily; it is only dust, befitting only dust. Mayest we bow our crowns before the Annointed and warble adorations in song a capella with reverence which dwarfs our own exalted positions.

And so I bid thee and thou adieu for now, lookingest forward to further discourse upon the morrow.

God Bleseth Thee

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Greetynges Noble Ladyes:

I knoweth not the Noble Excellency Cathy Of Alex the Intransigent of New Porton Wells.

Forsooth, I am yclept Baroness Cathy Of Alex the Sublunary of St Winifred by Winchelsea.

I would be pleased to join thee for tea whenever it pleaseth thee.

Adoro said...

Most esteemed Baroness Cathy of Alex of the Sublunary of S.t Winifred by Winchelsea, do accept mine mosteth heartfelteth invite to dine with such other noble guests; 'tis true does pleaseth me much to entertain thy presence. And do bring our most reverend brother, Ray of the unnamed baronies, who shalt be greeted with trumpets and song as the only male to venture into our domain. Such courage shalt be exalted!

Anonymous said...

Your Majesty, dost thou referest to Most Noble and Honourable Ray the Gnomic of Goosnargh on the Carpet?

Adoro said...

Your Grace, I refer to his most Noble countenance, Milord Earl Raymond the Convincing of Old Tonbridge Wafers. Thou mayest locate his announcement in this linketh:

( As an long can we keep this up? Can this work into a post? A meme? )

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Her Royal Highness Adoro the Complex of Hoptonshire by Leer, Ich goeth whyre thy leadeth. If thou choosest to meme, Ich nam moost agreeable.

Anonymous said...

Me august and most gracious ladee, thy humble liege posseses niether the intelligence nor the gifts such as thyself posseseth in eloquent speech. Thy devoted servant is but an Earl in thy court, and dares not presume upon thy patience and good will to uter inane and pompous oratorio that would merely bore thy royal highness.
Oh! If only thou wouldst merely accept these virtual roses,accompanied by these paltry gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh, to commemorate this happy feast, laden with my undying devotion and loyalty!
A blessed nocturn, my dearest princess!

Adoro said...

Dearest and most noble Milord Earl Terrance the Profuse of Grasshopper in the Hole, I am humbled and honoured by thine gifts and sweet accolades. If it doth please thee, do continue to grace my presence with such devotion, as we gathere here in the name of our Most Divine Saviour on such a sublime feast!

Thine loyalty and devotion shall be much lauded!

Blessed nocturn to thee, mine dearest Milord Earl Terrance, and may the Lord Blesseth Thee!