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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Five Random Things

I saw what I think was a meme some time ago, can't remember where, or who, but I liked the idea: 5 random things about oneself.

Considering the heavy posts lately, I thought that perhaps it's time for something fun, and a little snapshot of what I am.

1. When I was a little girl, although we lived in the upper midwest, I spoke with a British accent. Perfectly.

2. I fell off the stage during a Community Theatre dress rehearsal when I was 16.

3. During my first year of downhill skiing (Giant Slalom racing), I qualified to be in the top 9 of my age category so received an invite to compete at State, where I won a 4th Place medal. Unfortunately, there were only 4 racers in my category at the State competetion. The following season was time and skill were greatly improved, and I won third place, just short of qualifying for Nationals. But again...there were only a total of 4 racers in our category.

4. I used to be a decent artist, and did a portrait of Bl. Mother Therese, which is hanging on my wall. My mother has the only existing print of my original work. I have also sold prints of other works of art I completed in the mid-to-late 1990's.

5. When we were children, my brother once left a shoeprint on my face, and I accidentally broke his nose. Neither incident happened as a result of sibling rivalry.

Who's next?


Anonymous said...

You are an artist too? Cool!

Adoro said...

terry...well, I USED to be, mostly did charcoal/ink on paper. Some pastels when I went through my "Andy Warhol" phase. I've got some shaded sketches of downhill skiers, lots of stuff on horses, and for awhile, I hit the portraits hard

My Bl. Mother Therese was divinely inspired...I have no other way of explaining the uniqueness of that particular portrait, as well as my subsequent inability to duplicate it. That, and it was the first portrait I ever did.

I also have a picture of a child on my wall, this one is shaded, using charcoals and even a brown charcoal for the skin color. Children are hard to draw because in my other portraits, I envisioned the bone structure to help me. Children have the baby-fat that hides the bone structure so it's harder to get the dimension right without makign them look like a bunch of misshapen people.

Maybe I'll show you my Bl. Therese picture one day. It's not good enough for anything real special, but I like it. :-)

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Terry: Adoro's charcoal of Mother Theresa is wonderful! Very well done. I've had the privalege to see it.

Adoro said...

Thanks, Cathy. I forgot that you'd seen it!