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Monday, December 26, 2005

You have GOT to be KIDDING!

I learned something today which kind of took my by surprise.

The Emperor Nero used to use greyhounds (yes, GREYHOUNDS) to kill Christians.

I have a greyhound, and as I read this, I looked at my dog stretched out, his usual lazy self, all over the livingroom floor, happily snoozing away. Hard to imagine that cream puff being set on my heels.

If you are not familiar with the breed, they have quite an interesting history. They are a breet of sighthounds, bred to see their prey and go after it - quickly. Greyhounds have been known to run 43 miles per hour (as compared to a conditioned Thoroughbred racehorse's 38-40 mph). They are docile, sweet natured, lazy, loving, couch potatoes.

They have big eyes and cocky, curious ears. Their skin is tissue-paper thin and they have absolutely no body fat or ability to deal with the elements. They were bred to be hunting dogs, to be pampered, and collected for reasons of status.

And now they are raced, retired, and some...euthanized if their "useful" life is finished. My guy is retired from racing and gets to live his life out in relative luxury. I don't intend to feed him Christians, though. I may spoil him, but I draw the line there.

Nero apparently decided to martyr Christians through the use of these dogs. Of course, greyhounds being greyhounds, were not interested in eating Christians. They likely approached the Christians curiously, tails wagging, rather seeking treats and attention. I imagine Nero must have blown steam from his ears at the sight of the early Christians laughing at this parody of a "dangerous animal".

But Nero was evil, and so he "dressed" the Christians in rabbit skins (likely bloody ones) and this drove the dogs into their hunting frenzy.

Now, as docile as my dog is, I know that if he were chasing a rabbit, there would not be much left of the creature if I ever caught up to them. When theya re racing they wear protect each other. When these dogs get competetive, they see only the chase and God help any dog or person who gets in their way. This is what they are bred to be.

So Nero had to be sneaky and he had to trick the dogs into going after humans.

I have to wonder if this eventually meant that the dogs went after him? I like the idea of that "ending".

But I digress.

I still look at my couch potatoe...uh...greyhound...blissfully napping on a pillow, and I still have difficulty seeing this delicate breed used as a killing machine against our spiritual ancestors.

Don't blame the dogs, folks. Dogs don't kill people....people use dogs to kill people.

And greyhounds these days? They just chase lures and then kill marshmallows and other biscuits. Nothing for Christians to fear. So here's my plug...if you have a heart open to another pet, check into this breed. Run a search for Greyhound Pets of America (I think it's

Feel free to drop a note if you'd like more info on these dogs and I'll be happy to provide some info and resources.

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