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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Name that HERESY!

I have decided to familiarize myself with common heretical movements of history. We all realize that after 2000 years, nothing is really new anymore...the attacks against the faith, rather, just morph into a different version of some old lie.

So! Are you ready to NAME THAT HERESY?

Ok, here goes....

What is Arianism?

a. The belief in "White Power" involving white hoods, secret rituals, cross burning, and circular symbols.
b. People who believed in supporting people from a Middle Eastern country
c. The belief that Jesus was a created being
d. The belief that Jesus was white

What do Gnostics believe?

a. The Gnostics believed in drinking Gnost during various pagan holidays
b. The Gnostics believed that that Agnostics were against them. Dan Brown wrote a story about their blood feud and blamed it on the legend of Pope Joan.
c. Gnosticism taught that the only good things were physical reality and denied the divnity and existance of God.
d. Gnosticism was a belief that created things were "bad" and that Jesus Christ was not human.

Why were the Montanists like early Charismatics and what did they do wrong?
a. They emphasized the gifts of tongues and prophesy and claimed them to be above Church teaching
b. They were rigid traditionalists
c. They believed that Montanus was the foretold Paraclete
d. They taught that Jesus was coming and, boy, was he MAD!

((disclaimer: the above is NOT a rip on charismatics. The Charismatic movement is NOT heretical )))

What did Iconoclasts do to tick off the Church?
a. they were extremely klutzy
b. they released bulls in 7th and 8th Century china shops
c. They destroyed icons in the misguided belief that it was sinful to create pictures and statues of Christ.
d. They decorated Roman and Greek temples with statuary depicting pagan idols.

What doctrine did Jansenius rewrite and what are his followers called?

a. Jansenius redefined swimsuits centuries before their time. We can still buy Janson swimwear at various sports shops, especially those that specialize in water sports.
b. Jansenius redefined the doctrine of grace. He denied that Christ died for the sins of all, but rather, died only for the "saved" or "elect".
c. Jansenius redefined the idea of "Theotokos" (God-bearer) and wrote that Mary only carried the human nature of Jesus in her womb.
d. Jansenius taught that only French should be used if Latin was not.

What were the 11th Century heresies?

a. Catharism- they believed that the world was created by an evil being
b. Albigensians - they believed that a good god created the spirit, so this was good, but that the body was created by an evil god. Having children was seen as the greatest evil. They were precursors to Planned Parenthood.
c. Pelatianism - he denied the doctrine of original sin
d. all of the above
e. none of the above
f. a and b
g. c only

Well, folks, I'm pretty tired, with all that thinking...and I'm going to end there. Look for more in this series.

If you don't know the answers, check out the following link:

All answers and then some can be found at

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Kei said...

Yesh, 4 out of 6. Not bad for a person with fleeting knowledge of various heresies...

Makes me think whether Protestantism is the greatest heresy that still is alive to this day.

Yes, I will familiarise myself with them someday. But right now, it's high school studies and various books of religions for me! ^__^