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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Archbishop Flynn did not approve the "Listening Sessions"!

Remember my rant about the feminists in the Minneapolis-St. Paul archdiocese? I have an update.

Archbishop Flynn was at my parish this evening for the Installation Mass of our pastor.

While I had been thinking I would write a letter, suddenly I realized that this presented a unique opportunity to go directly to the Archbishop and both provide him a message of hope and a warning of what was to come.

I waited until the very long line of the faithful had spoken to him and when it was finally time (there at the lonely tail of the line), I asked him if I could bend his ear for a moment. He agreed and was very open.

First I thanked him for our priests at our parish so as to set the stage so he knew that I was not about to go off on a weird tangent and criticize him. I'm sure he gets enough of that.

I told him that the CCW and the "research" from the "Listening Sessions" was going to be presented to him and it was not going to accurately portray how faithful Catholic women feel.

Further, I told him that I was speaking for faithful Catholic women everywhere, not just myself. I described to him that we find the Church to be a sanctuary from the world that wants us to pretend to be things we are not. We come to the Church and all we have to be are women of God, and this is all we want. I explained further that the information which is going to be presented to him is in no way reflective of the reality of what the faithful believe. I told him that WE (the faithful women) are the Church and that we LOVE the Church and want it to remain a safe haven for us.

He acknowledged this and told me, "You know, I DID NOT approve this thing. I found out about it after I read it somewhere and I was QUITE ANNOYED."

He said that sometimes that happens in a large organization and that it is not happening by his approval. He was looking me directly in the eye and I could see that he truly was disturbed by the disobedience of this group.

I thanked him for listening and told him that we are praying for him--so don't make me a liar! This man has a big job and he needs our prayers and support!

So, everyone, go and spread the word...the feminazi "Listening Sessions" are not approved by Archbishop Flynn nor would he have given it the time of day.

I still say to send letters, attend sessions if you can and speak up for Holy Mother Church. When you speak to the Archbishop or send letters, please do so in a spirit of support as he is already aware what is coming and our letters of support can serve as the true voice of the archdiocese he serves.

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Tim said...

Wow, that must have been a blessing to get that good news from the Archbishop. Cool beans.