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Saturday, July 04, 2009



In honor of the 4th of July, I ask you, dear readers, that if you are going to be playing with fireworks, to take stock of your appendages and realize how much they are a part of you. Make sure you still have them at the end of the day!

If you have not, take some time to pray for our country. We'd be unrecognizable to the vision of our founding fathers, but I guess that's what happens when we place our faith in men and government for our salvation instead of looking to God. Let us therefore remember to look to God in all things for it is only through His grace that our country is so great.

Pieces of Shrapnel

This has been my first week on summer hours at work, so I've taken the time to have a bit of fun and focus on my upcoming trip.

On Wednesday, my dog and I headed down to my brother's house. He came home from work early that day and decided to take an afternoon nap. His girlfriend and I left the dog to gaze out the patio window while we gallavanted down the street to a local fancy-schmancy restaurant for vino and appetizers.

We decided that it was a day to "misbehave". Our idea of "misbehavior" of course was to go to a fancy restaurant without being dressed for it! When we arrived, we waited for the fancy group in front of us who wore money-scented perfume to be seated in the lower dining area. When the hostess came back for us she asked us if we wanted to be seated there or "in the lounge"? We conferred briefly, and in that pause, the hostess, getting worried, explained, "Oh, well, actually there aren't any tables left in the dining area but you can feel free to be seated anywhere in the lounge..."

(hint hint, push push, shove shove!)

So it was, we were quite directly dissed and banished to "the lounge"! That has NEVER happened to me before! We didn't look THAT bad!

But we remained, we ordered a bottle of good Sauvignon Blanc and a cheese & crustini platter which was absolutely divine. Our server was incredible and so I must say, it was her gracious and personal service that has stayed my hand from giving the restaurant a scathing public review on a dining website.

But alas, we finished our vino and continued down the street to get more appetizers at a wonderful Sushi place that advertised Happy Hour from 3-6 pm. As it turned out, they didn't actually open until 4, so we walked a little further to a bar and grill, nursed a glass of wine and lots of water for an hour or so, then returned for sushi appetizers and another thing on their happy hour menu. Again...divine!

My brother joined us during that time but had to leave for an errand so we walked back to his house, where he was happily preparing a chicken for the grill. It was a wonderful evening of good food and good company and nice to have such a day of "misbehavior".

My goodness, when did I get so old that all of the above is "misbehaving"?


I've also been preparing for my upcoming "Great Monastic Adventure". There have been things I've been needing to buy and have actually found some of them. Although I can't find any good shirts to layer over all the low-cut tight-fitting tops. Seriously, almost everything I find at the store is made for someone who either wants to look bustier than she is or reveal completely what is there!

I'm going to visit a CONVENT people, how in the WORLD would revealing cleavage be proper???

Seriously I noticed this problem before but now even more so, knowing where I'm headed. So I went to Sears and found a great guy's shirt. That does it. From now on I'm shopping in the men's section. Better quality stuff that doesn't show anything off!

So I still have a short list of needed items I can pick up from Target or somewhere.

On the food end of things, in looking at what to eat for the next few days, I've realized I don't want to eat anything that is going to get smelly in summer heat and hang out in my trashcan for the next few weeks. Our trash pickup is on Wednesday, and I can't leave that can out for 2 weeks without being fined by the association. So that means it will remain safely in my garage while I fly away. I'd rather not have my neighbors on either side of me asking "What died?".

If there is anything important to dispose of, hopefully they will allow me to add mine to their containers this week. I have generally good neighbors.

So, there it is. Not a very insightful post, but the reality of planning for a trip. And still so much to do before I go!

Anyway, have a Happy July 4th! Be safe! And pray for our country!


Augustine from UK said...

Commiserations, USA, on 233 years of independence. Just imagine what you'd be like nowadays had you blossomed under 2 centuries of our care and guidance - one of the wealthiest countries in the world, perhaps; maybe even a paradigm of democratic freedom. Ah well, I guess we all make ill-advised choices now and again... ;)

Off on my own discernment pilgrimage tomorrow for a week - "Go West, young man, go West" I heard the voice say. So with reluctance I'm forced to decant myself into a blessed over-sized cigar holder with wings and take a trip to... Boston, MA :)

A small word to the Almighty on my behalf would be greatly appreciated from anyone not indisposed. With my thanks. Adoro you have my thoughts and prayers.

Vivat Regina Elizabeta!

Adoro said...

Augustine ~ My dear UK friend, admit it; if it were not for our current president, you'd be pining away to be American! You know you wish your own ancestors had been rebellious and adventurous!


Truth be told, our countries are no different, except that yours seems to be far more socialist than ours, and with American idiocy, it would have happened much sooner. You should be happy to be rid of us!

In all seriousness, prayers for you and we must compare notes when we are both back from our retreats!

Ah, I love how the Church is far bigger than any politics we can invent!