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Friday, July 03, 2009

Cool Light Reflection

A couple weeks ago, I had just gotten up and was feeling very stressed over all the things that were happening. Work, my upcoming "Great Monastic Adventure", etc.

My drapes were still closed as the sun was coming in and I wanted to keep the house as cool as possible.

I think that's also the morning I received an email reply or at least was reviewing it, from one of the communities I wanted to visit. I remember a sudden sense of being overwhelmed and I prayed, "Blessed Mother, what should I do?"

I stood up, turned to go into the kitchen and get my coffee, and caught sight of a bright glare of sunlight that had found its way through the drape.

To my eye at the time, it looked like an angel, and indeed, I know my Guardian Angel is always present. The photos make me think of several versions of Our Lady, though. Our Lady of Grace, Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Mary Queen of Heaven, Queen of the Angels... all of course, are the same person....our dear Blessed Mother.

Because the light was so cool, I grabbed my cheapo disposible camera and thought it couldn't hurt to try to capture the image, although I sincerely thought that the flash would completely destroy it. So I covered it as best I could with my fingers and snapped a few shots. I think one of the two images is actually with full flash, which is amazing, and I think the other is without, with me covering it (as it's automatic), so a little got through.

I've seen the light come through and hit that corner a few times, but it's never before caught my attention like it did on that day. I love how God can use the most mundane things to remind us that He is present and hears our prayers.

I also love it when photos we think don't have a chance of turning!

I believe it was St. Therese of Lisieux who said, "Always take comfort from knowing you are in the presence of the angels."



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Terry Nelson said...

You are so trying to steal my thunder with my Pope-rock post - I'd expect this from Cath but not you. ;)

Adoro said...

Terry, sweetie-pie, I think you're actually trying to make fun of ME!

I actually don't hold that it's anything other than light. Nada mas.

But you go ahead and sic the Spirit Daily crowd on your Pope Rock all you want. Myself, I prefer not to give out my address. At least mine is's been long gone now...nothing left for nuts to worship.

Thomas said...

Very cool. I like the quote you ended the post on too it's very reassuring.

Adoro said...

Thomas ~ I think I misquoted but it gives me comfort, too, even in the misquote!

Terry Nelson said...

I was making fun of me - not you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful. When I saw the first picture I immediately was reminded of a crucifix if looking at it from the side. Then I read your post. through the second picture I distinctly see the child Jesus in the arms of his Mother.
Looks like a sign to me!