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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who Wants to be a Trollbuster?

Thanks to my dear friend Sr. Mary, I now have a badge to display, and maybe having it will force me to actually write a commenting policy.  

Admittedly, I don't typically have a troll problem because most of what I write isn't polemical, and if it is, I often take it down because it just isn't worth it it keep up. 

HOWEVER, sometimes we all have problems with these little beasts, and so, now we have an image to use to provide fair warning to those who like to attack and run.  

(BTW:  can anyone name that movie?) 


Aussie Therese said...

trolls are the reason I have comment moderation on. I don't get many comments from trolls but the occasional one is enough to keep the comment moderation on. My children look at my blog regularly and read what people write. There have been a couple of times that I know my 13 year old was reading it and there was a comment that I certainly wouldn't have liked her to read waiting for me to moderate.

I often think that the best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them completely.

Adoro said...

Aussie ~ I agree. If I'm going to be gone for awhile (say days), I'll enable moderation because I want this blog to be family-friendly. Sure, sometimes I spout off and I do have a few uh...questionable...words. But overall, not too much.

And I KNOW I have a few 12 year olds reading this blog, and who knows who might happen upon it? I am concerned as you are about comments.

But again, not normally a problem. Every so often it's a random hater who simply hates religion or Catholics or women, etc., and says something really nasty. There was one who went on the attack on several posts one night not long after I started my blog. DELETED!

That one made me enable moderation for awhile, but he got bored and left.

Usually I ignore them, too, but I've had a 'tude for a couple days and decided to exercise it while it's hot! :-)

Besides...I like Sr. Mary's image. :-)

Aussie Therese said...

It is a great image.

Adoro said...

I SO can't figure out photoshop. I can remove faces or what-have you, but I can't do anything but create something that looks like a fencing mask.

Aussie Therese said...

I don't touch photoshop with a ten foot pole. If I need something photoshopped, I get my husband to do it.

Adoro said...

I tried, I really did, I need a teacher! all I can really do is type! If anyone wants pics, give me a pencil or pen or charcoals on paper!

Maureen said...

All I ever get are spammers. *pout*

Rae said...

I hope that you don't let the trolls trick you into wasting too much time on them, or even comment policies. Your real content is, in my oh-so-humble-view ;-) a much better use of time. And it is not as if you really need a "policy". You're quite free to delete any offensive comment without explanation, if you like. Just a humble reminder that this is your place, and your life. Don't spend it on detractors!

Now, that said... very cute image!

Adoro said...

Maureen ~ I'd be happy to troll your blog, but your profile is not public, so I'm prohibited from following you and imitating these wondrous detractors! Please feel free at any time to leave your link so that I can attack you at a moment's notice. Troll R Us! ;-)

Rae ~ I actually haven't really responded to many trolls in all the years I've been blogging. But ya know...sometimes a girl's gotta have a little fun. ;-0

There are a lot of blogs that have commenting policies, and from a legal standpoint, it's a good idea. We put ourselves out there, and deserve to have both copyrights and reasons under the law to eliminate what some might decide to call "discrimination". With policies, we protect ourselves, define our terms, and mostly eliminate the prospect of frivolous lawsuits from activists with their heads in the wrong places! :0)

Terry Nelson said...

Just ignore them and delete them as they come - you never post anything the least bit offensive - you do as St. Paul says to do, "say only good things, things people need to hear." Don't let them get to you.

As for me - I deserve trolls - and maybe I am one. Pray for me!

Adoro said...

Oh, Terry, I wish that were true. I DO post offensive things. Maybe you just haven't caught them?

You're not a troll; you have far too much integrity. You say what you have to say under a name, and as far as I know, it's even a REAL name! Far more honest than I or many other bloggers who write under a pen name.

(Between you and me, though...I think I've been busted by my supervisor at work although I hope she doesn't admit it).