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Friday, October 31, 2008

Parish the Thought: Linkbacks, Trackbacks and Pings, Oh My!

Parish the Thought: Linkbacks, Trackbacks and Pings, Oh My!

Just in case you were wondering about how all this stuff works...go to the above post.

I'm still learning myself. Typically I've noticed that if I am going to a post to respond to a comment, there is another link to someone else's post, so I always assumed it was automatically happening. I've tried using a linkback feature of some sort, but it just did something weird so I gave up.

Or, if you link to someone in your own post, is it supposed to automatically show a link at the bottom of the original post? I dunno!

I'm so technically non-savvy that maybe I shouldn't be allowed to use the computer.


I actually created this post by clicking on "create a link" at the bottom of Father's post. So...look what I just learned!


Adrienne said...

I have avoided (so far) dealing with all that but I know I must... Bleh!

Nice new header. It's like a bigh "Whoa" when the page opens..

Banshee said...

Adoro -- offtopic, but I wanted you to know that Project Gutenberg has a story by Donald E. Westlake that's slipped into the public domain. He's a mystery writer, but this was science fiction. And it's about an insurance claims investigator in space!

So you might want to go read "The Risk Profession". (I love it. I'm going to put it on my podcast this week.)

Adoro said...

Adrienne ~ Thanks...It's the Cathedral of the Mother of God in Covington Ky, I took the pic on Monday.

Maureen ~ Thanks for the tip! Wish I could "do" podcasts, but I'm still on dialup at home (Can't beat $10/month for the basics I do, even if at a slower pace...)