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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Catching Up with PSA's

It's been crazily busy this week, so I've had to "ignore" several emails in my inbox as I've focused on getting homework done and dashing off posts for things that popped into my head and scrambled around in effort to be written.

So, now that my 2 Midterms have been turned in, and my paper is edited and printed, I can finally bring you the important news from the Catholic world...and believe me, this is stuff you DO NOT want to miss!


Ignorant Redneck (who isn't so ignorant) is encouraging us to pray and fast for 3 days leading up to the election...and don't let that time limit you. Prayer and fasting even not until then is greatly needed!

Remember the Gospel? Remember where the Apostles were trying to cast out a demon and couldn't, and Jesus came and did? Remember when they asked him why, he said that kind of demon couldn't be cast out except by prayer and fasting?

Well--I suggest that people commit--promise an follow through--to fasting for three days before the election, and praying, maybe the Rosary, maybe the Prayer of St. Michael. Fast and Pray that the election will place into power people who will at least respect life, and the will of God.

Just today I read a quote somewhere: Pray for a country that refuses to pray for itself. So go to IR's post and committ to prayer and fasting! Or, if you can't do that for 3 days (I confess I'm a wimp and can handle a day...beyond that I'm mush.), Then give up chocolate, give up SOMETHING as SOME kind of fast. And Pray, pray, pray! Start now and call it a "mini Lent"!

Thanks, (Not-So)Ignorant Redneck!


I received a message today about a new website promoting Priestly Vocations:

I have recently read an interview given by Monsignor Georges Durand to the French publication “Thérèse de Lisieux.” The monsignor is one hundred years old. During his ministry he spent 27 years at the Basilica at Lisieux and was a good friend of Céline, the sister of St Therese. At the conclusion of the interview the old Monsignor said “Pray fervently to Saint Therese for the priesthood. Pray for priests. We must not bemoan the lack of priests, but act. We must pray for vocations to the priesthood”.

May I respectfully request you to mention this new web site on your blog. It contains wonderful suggestions for Bishops, Priests, Seminarians, Families, Schools and Directors of Vocations.

This web site called has positive suggestions for all members of the community.

I sincerely pray that you will visit it and hopefully give it some much needed publicity.

Pat Ryan

What else is there to say? St. Padre Pio said that the world could better exist without the sun than it can without the Mass. Anything that encourages more men to consider the priesthood is bound to bear fruit!


Attention Writers & Readers!

Leoness Books is a newly formed small press specializing in Literary Catholic Writing. Leoness has been created due to the dearth of publishing opportunities for Catholic writers whose work can be described as "Literary, yet artfully overt." Leoness is seeking book-length fiction (both novels and story collections) and narrative non-fiction submissions for their Leoness Book Award, and short stories for their Best Catholic Short Stories, 2010 edition.

Leoness Books is also seeking dedicated readers who are tired of the
syrupy genre fiction that Christian publishers attempt to pass off as "real life," who are put off by the poorly written Apocalyptic novels that misrepresent Bible teaching, and disheartened by the plethora of literary options for nearly every subset of humanity, except for devout Catholics seeking quality literature inspired by faith. There are several ways to become involved and ensure Leoness Books’ success. Please visit for more information.


I learned today that I was nominated for the Blogger's Choice Awards in the "Best Religious Blog" category. When I finally found my blog, I found that I had a whopping 2 votes....a really long ways behind a couple of atheist blogs. And that just DEFIES logic. While I don't write for awards or to be noticed, I do have a problem with the idea that someone who either hates God or disbelieves in Him such that they base their entire lives and defitions on there not being a God actually has more votes than I do.

Or maybe I'm supposed to be learning the Virtues of Patience and Humility from this. But if not...then feel free to vote for me! (I'm probably about 200 pages back....)

You do have to register to vote, it's painless and minimal (I did it last year), and you can help promote your favorite blogs....or condemn the worse ones! (The latter is literally a category for the worst blog ever, and thank God I haven't been nominated for it!)

Thanks to the person who nominated me...I think that this is the first time that happened!


Adrienne said...

I voted for you.... ;-)

Melody K said...

Just a guess about why the atheist blogs are getting more votes: there are a lot of Christian blogs out there, probably not so many atheist ones (I'm speaking of blogs whose raison d' etre is to promote an atheist point of view, rather than bloggers whose world-view tends to be secular, and God really isn't on their radar). So the votes for Christian blogs would be much more fragmented. But it's good that there are a lot of Christian blogs!
Thanks for the tip about Leoness Books, I will certainly check that out. I personally find the syrupy Christian genre a real turn-off. Rather like I can't stand Harlequin Romances. If anyone enjoys those genres, great. I'm not making them wrong. But I'm going to choose something else.

Adoro said...

Adrienne ~ Thanks!

Melody ~ It happens every year.

And the awards are over, I was nominated just under the wire, apparently, or maybe early on but only learned before the close. IN any case, I would not have won. Which is FINE! lol

Anonymous said...


It was me who nominated you for "Best Religious Blog". Father Z's blog was linking to the website and when I went there to vote, I didn't see your blog listed, so I did the right thing. It was very last minute (I think the night before voting closed) and I think we can do much better in the voting results next year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nomination, Randy!