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Monday, August 20, 2007

Utah Miners

I found this on Orthometer.:

Want to help the mining families?

If you would like to help the families impacted by the Crandall Canyon Mine cave-ins, your best bet would be to send donations to the local Catholic parish. (A friend of mine is the pastor and will make sure that the donations are used appropriately.)

Send checks/money orders to:

Notre Dame de Lourdes Parish
160 North Carbon Ave.
Price, Utah 84501

(Specify that the donation is to help the mining families.)

~ Fr. Erik Richtsteig

This is yet another horrible tragedy which hasn't gotten as much press here due to our own I-35 W Bridge Collapse and now the Flooding in SE Minnesota that is an even greater natural disaster.

But even as we bury our dead and comfort our friends and neighbors, we can't forget those in Utah who are suffering so much for their losses. Please remember them in your prayers, and if you can, send monetary support.

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