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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

These quizzes are great!

Thanks again to Happy Catholic!

How gullible are you? What kind of anti-Catholic novel would be most likely to reel you in?

You are most gullible when it comes to SATIRICAL NOVELS and similar literature. The good news is that you're one of the smart few who don't swallow obvious smears and who actually know a bit of history. The bad news is that even though it may take a genius to pull the wool over your eyes, your eyes can still be fooled. Just remember that even the most intelligent satire ever written is only one argument in the debate. It is also often an argument more convincing for its rhetoric or artistry than for its substance, regardless of the quality of the substance. The first rule, therefore, is to make sure you have separated the satire's points from its spin; while the second rule is to hear out both sides before you decide which has won the debate.
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Evacuation and the Parable of the Foolish Bridesmaids

It's been a rough week so far, and today is only TUESDAY! I'm already exhausted.

Last night it was the mother of a customer's girlfriend (major dysfunction in that family) demanding information for the 20 year old customer...information to which she has no right under the sun. I'm anticipating further trouble with this woman.

Today it was just busy, stuff constantly. Then we hit about 4 pm or so, little after, and I felt the need to visit the ladie's room. As I went out the office door to the bathrooms, I saw that one of the other units was packing it up...they were apparently heading out early but I really didn't think much of it, other that the oddity of it.

I was gone for only a few minutes. None of the gaggle of leaving women stopped in behind me, which was odd...many people hit the bathrooms before they leave as many have long commutes. Again...odd, but I shrugged it off.

I returned to my desk to find that my entire team was not there. I didn't think much of it because they could be at fax machines, talking with a manager, running various errands around the office...etc.

There was a little icon on my computer indicating that I had mail. I clicked on it and found a message, "X office read ASAP!"

That's my office! I opened the letter. The head of our state was notifying us that a gas line had been struck very near our building and so he was evacuating us. He provided some emergency instructions for managers.

I realized then where everyone had gone. I closed up my computer, logged out of my phone, picked up my stuff and went out the door with another manager. He was carrying his computer, as were several other evacuating employees. I commented that without a wireless card or useful connection at home (the network stuff doens't work from my house because I don't have DSL), it made no sense to take my computer.

The second we walked out of the building we entered a cloud of gas. I realized that our state manager was wise to send us packing. Having been trained as a Haz Mat Specialist in a "prior life", I knew that this was bad. I asked the manager walking behind me if he knew where the line had been struck? Somewhere behind our building.

The cloud had traveled. I remembered studying this. What's supposed to happen is that those in the area of the cloud are not to do anything that would set off a spark for fear of starting an explosion. The gas has to be shut off and allowed to dissipate.

That cloud was hanging out over the eastering parking lot and as I got into my car I realized that I was going to break the cardinal rule of gas leaks. I was going to create a spark by starting my car.

So was everyone else.

Clearly it worked out ok as I'm blogging now, but sometimes I consider these little daily things and understand that they really just serve as a reminder that God is in charge and if He had wanted our building and thousands of employees to be rocketed in to space courtesy of a struck gas line...well, I guess someone in Cleveland would be sending flowers to my family right about now. And flowers to lots of families.

We cannot choose the day or the hour, and while I don't believe there was any major danger for us today, the potential was there had the emergency at the pipe not been handled appropriately, or had the damage been done intentionally.

Today was a reminder to pray; to remain in God's graces, and to always be prepared.

Which reminds me...since I didn't think ahead enough to bring my computer home in case we need to remain away from our office building tomorrow, I'm not going to be able to work even out of another office...which proves that I was not prepared or far sighted.

The parable of the foolish bridesmaids just came home to roost. Say hello to the newest foolish bridesmaid. Don't be like me. Be prepared and make sure you have enough oil for your lamps, for you do not know the time or the hour in which the bridegroom will come.

At the very least, if your office is evacuated then if your are equipped mobilly, then collect your "office" in case you need to work elsewhere the following day. That's pretty much the same thing.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

This weekend

It's been one of those get-'er-done weekends.

Friday...Mass, Confession, Saturday...errands. The decorating bug struck me and so I ran down to Bed Bath and Beyond for my kitchen and bathroom themes. I'm hoping the purchase of these items will goad me into the beginning of painting..finally! I think that if over the next couple pay periods I purchase the needed background items, such as rollers, edgers, etc...the maybe I'll get around to the actual colors and borders I want.

I did my upstairs bathrom in bears. Yup. Bears. Cute, big, mamma bear and her cubs, all in green. Upstairs, therefore, will be green with a bear border if I can find it.

Kitchen / dining will be a combo of "Dinner is Served" and "Pedalling Wine" guys with "wine" accents. My attached townhome dining table has a grape tablecloth, a grape and apple rug, and some southwestern accents because I'm ecclectic and they don't fit anywhere else.

My livingroom is southwestern/mountain lodge ecclecicity, mixed with various Catholic things such as crucifixes, Sacred Heart, L'Innocence, vigil candles, and a Rennaisaince statue of Our Lady flanked by real flowers. And St. Therese of Lisieux with her own corner.

And don't forget about the real dogs hanging out everywhere and as it is shedding season ad infinitum for the Shepherd, then dog-bunnies everywhere and vacuuming every day or whenever I get around to it.

Such is life, but at least with my potpourri burner, it smells like pretty melted wax instead of dog B.O.

And anyway, last night, I went down to pick up my take-out dinner, and I found that I did not have my ATM card. I called the Bed Bath and Beyond at which I went into the red to purchase my household goods, and learned that they had it. Thank God! The woman I spoke with assured me that they waited 48 hours for the owner to claim the cards and then, as a security measure, the company policy is to cut them up.

I assured her I would be there and she assured me she would put a note on the card to notify others that I had called and would pick it up.

Praise God!

So this morning after Mass, I ran home and verified that they were open already. I drove down and the poor cashiers couldn't find the card! They found several others, they checked everywhere and even called the manager with whom I had spoken. She was not available so they left her a message at home.

I prayed to St. Anthony that they would find my ATM card...I was actually beginning to think that someone had given it to someone with a similar name who also didn't realize that my card did not entirely match.

I prayed and I prayed, and finally, the girl said she would check again in the orignal location and pulled literaly everything out of the drawer. I saw notepads, I saw credit cars, ATM cards, etc. Rolls of tape, pens, construction paper, rulers...etc.

Finally, she found a piece of paper wrapped card! It had my name on it and a note that I had called and would be in to pick it up. It hadn't been noticed because it did not look like the other abandoned had a note on it.

Now, I could comment that cashiers should't be bothered by other cashiers or employees while they finish a transaction as this was what caused my cashier to not hand me my card. I remembered walking out thinking that something was missing.

Or I could admit that I'm the idiot that didn't realize that I had not gotten my card back. I was so excited about my bears and had my head in the clouds dreaming about paint that I didn't realize that my ATM card was not returned with the receipt for the shower curtain.

And I could admit that I was just plain the idiot who didn't realize she was missing her card, period.

Major breach of security. Major. Breach. of . Security.

This morning while they looked, I was reminded of my own likely appearance while I appeared to be incompetant at work, and so I had prayed rather than to give into the temptation to consider the store personnell to be incompetent...although that temptation was strong.

The women there were very apologetic, but clearly very concerned that they had made a HUGE error as a business and lost something HUGE.

At the end, when they found it, they apologized and thanked me for my patience. I wanted to tell them I was not as patient as I appeared, but the relief outweighted all.

After all, I was the idiot who left my finances are NOT their responsibility, they are mine, and that was a near miss.

So, Y'all, I'm not sure how widespread a company is Bed Bath and Beyond" but I will say this; when I was stupid and made an error, they covered it, they protected me by locking up an extremely valuable piece of plastic, and the person I called it in to followed through and put a note on it so that it would not be cut up if I could not get there by the 48 hour mark.

I really need to be more careful, but it's not the store's fault...except for the fact that it's a dangerous place with lots of cool stuff, and as such, and no one should ever go there.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Upcoming Tribute- Sign up now!

On September 11, 2001, great evil befell the United States, and thousands of innocent human beings were ejected into eternity.

On that anniversary date this year, 2006, we are mobilizing to create a memorial for each of the individuals who perished on that day. We will celebrates their lives and honor their memories.

Please read this post and consider signing up. Adopt that person's soul...we as Catholics are called to spiritual works of mercy, and praying for the souls of those in Purgatory is one of those spiritual works.

Thanks to Julie D. at Happy Catholic for the heads-up!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Conversion Story Chapter 1

I didn't have anything controversial to discuss, so I thought I'd just talk about my pre-conversion era. Before one has a true conversion (unless one is St. Therese of Lisieux, or St. Padre Pio, etc.), they must suffer trials and fall away from the true faith.

For you see, my mother is St. Monica (except that her name isn't Monica and she hasn't been canonized...she's still alive, in fact.), and I'm St. Augustine. Except that I'm not a guy, I'm not dead, I'm not a Saint, and my name isn't Augustine, and so by definition I also couldn't carry out all of the acts that he did in his lifetime, but still, you understand what I mean.

In order for you maybe to understand what created me, it is necessary to go back in time.

Mom grew up in a large Catholic farm family--Grandma M. died when she was 5 and Grandpa re-married to Grandma E. and between the adopted siblings, original siblings, and resulting siblings, they numbered 14. Isn't that beautiful?

Anyway, Mom married Dad and they both moved out of their original states. Dad was Lutheran, and so when I was a child, we said, and to this day, say both graces:

"Bless us our Lord, and these your gifts, which we are about to recieve, from Thy bounty, through Christ our Lord, AMEN!. Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest, let these gifts to us be blessed. AMEN!"

Dad sometimes went to church with us on Sundays, and sometimes to his own church. On special occasions, he came with us. We didn't like to go to church with him because if we did, we'd have to go to our own church AGAIN, and goodness knows that children can't contain themselves through too much of the same.

Anyway, parents got divorced over things other than religion although I'm sure religion was a part of it, and we moved back to Minnesota to be with Mom's family. We attended a nearby parish, which through the years and apparently God's call, I became involved in music ministry. (That's a different story so I won't get into it now.)

When we started there, we had Father Peichel. He was Polish, he was holy, and we were home. He was known for his generous and loving spirit and his large hands, which were used on behalf of Jesus himself. Sad to say that Fr. Peichal died of cancer and my heart still aches for his loss.

Anyway, we recieved many priests and not long after were assigned one permanently. He is now a well-known dissenting priest who has "retired" and so may God keep him and convert him. In any case, he introduced dissent; he called the "Eucharistic Ministers" up to the altar to circle around behind him during the consecration and they upheld the hosts they had already been given prior to; he had us "lift up our heads and pray for God's blessing" at the end, declaring we had no need to be ashamed before the Lord; he had us say part of the Eucharistic prayers; "Through Him, with Him, and in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit...".

Most of us knew no different than to do this. I was very involved with the beautiful award-winning parish choir (their award were before my time), and I played flute there and grew as a flautist; I got involved in the youth choir which disintegrated and so I morphed into a cantor, sang, and soloed with the adult choir.

I will say that the parish saved my life as due to various trials during my early teenage years I nearly took my own life. A miracle intervened, and although I was not well formed in the faith, God took an interest in me and He prevented my death. (For another post).

I didn't know it, but I was a dissenting Catholic from a dissenting parish, and there I was Confirmed. I wanted to be Confirmed, but I didn't really understand what it was about. It was like "graduation" and they said there was more to learn but they never presented opportunities for us. Naturally, I fell away, and when I went to college, I stopped going to Mass.

I went to a Catholic college in Minnesota. It was a college run by the Christian Brothers, and for those who don't know, they do not wear a cassock or a habit as it has never been a part of their tradition. They dress in street cloths and so I'll admit I was confused by the term "brother, " for I didn't really realize that they had formally given their lives to Christ. There was no outward sign. While I had no problem with the Brothers and I respected all I had met, I put them on par with my professors and gave them no further thought.

I failed to be a practicing Catholic and began to only attend Mass on occasion and on holidays with my family. I never went to Confession, although I ALWAYS went to receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

Around this time period, I began to cry when I received Communion. It freaked me out so I went to Mass only on holidays and then I was too stressed out to tear up. No one knew my secrets. I was a career-driven woman, and I lived a life of sin. I as not a hellion and I was not a partier...I didn't have time. But I was not the epitome of a Catholic woman.

I went to study in Mexico during the first semester of my Junior year; when I returned, I didn't want to be in the US for my heart had become a missionary heart of sorts and I longed for the place on earth where I had spent the best three months of my life.

Instead, I came back to winter, and people who didn't understand what had happened to me in Mexico and that I was a different person now. Even I didn't realize I was different because of my experience; the culture shock was far worse than I had previously been warned it would be.

Exactly one month after my return to the States, my father, whom I had not seen in nearly 4 years, passed away. The funeral took place on January 6, the day classes were beginning at my college. I returned to school the day after, broken, determined, and fragile in spirit.

One of the classes I had to take was a required class: God and the Human Condition. I actually looked forward to it, hoping, at a Catholic college, to be brought back to my faith. I knew I needed God because I was all alone in my suffering. No one understood me and I could not open up to anyone. Although some people said I could come and talk to them (one of whom was the VP at the College, a wonderful Brother), I could not speak. I needed God.

On the first day of class, the topic was about Genesis and the mythology of the story. There was no "Theology of the Body" involved in this course; it was all about a general itinerary and the prof's opinions.

I did not get what I expected. I did not receive what was needed.

The professor "taught" us that bad things happen to good people because God is not omnipotent. He taught us that God was too busy to deal with everything and couldn't be everywhere at once and it was possible He didn't care. He created us and let us be and helped when He could, but otherwise, we were on our own.

It was actually a test question. I passed the test with flying colors.

In real life, I was distraught. I was shattered. If God didn't care, where could I go? If God wasn't all powerful, what was the point of praying?

I was always on the edge of tears; I was constantly angry and a drive for my career became my idol. I still believed in God, but, to me, His power had been usurped by things beyond His and my control and so I thought I had to rely on myself.

The result was the loss of my faith. A shred of me still believed in God, but I could not follow the faith that would teach such a hopeless doctrine.

It was around this time that God really kicked into action and tried to call me home. I really was searching; my soul was aching for God and although intellectually I rebelled, my soul knew Truth and that I was going the wrong way. On occasion I went to Mass. I remember one in particular, in college, when I attended with two friends. The Communion song was "Here I Am, Lord", and that psalm spoke to me. I had received the Lord although I was not in a state of grace, and once back in the pew, as usual, I could not contain my tears. My friends didn't know what was wrong with me, and neither did I.

(As an aside...yes, I realize it's a theologically terrible song but that didn't change God's ability to use it to get my attention.)

I wandered for years in this state. I was looking for God, and He was holding my hand all along, asking me to listen to Him, not some nut job professor who had to inflict his lack of faith upon others while pretending it was Catholic doctrine. It took me many years to realize that what I was rejecting was really heresy...not God.

Maybe I should end this part of the story here for I have gone on for too long. I know others have been in this place; others have experienced false doctrine while the Lord tried to pull them back or towards Himself.

Believe me; if He can bring me back, He can bring YOU back and I guarantee you; you will find a friend here. No matter where you are on your own path, I want to hear your story. I had to fight my way back to the Truth and I know there are others who have it worse. I know what it's like to feel like no one understands and to feel like no one cares, and I can assure you that no matter who you are, God knows all about it and if you take some time to really listen and be open, you will feel the hand of Jesus holding your own; I realize all the time that in spite of my sin, in spite of my questioning and my dissent, He lead me home and He will lead you home, too, if you let Him.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sex and the Single Life

I'm going to be totally honest with you. That title, while relevant to the topic at hand, was really just to get your attention.

If you want to know what I think about sex, you can check it out here.

In a few days, I am going to be one year older. I'm not going to give you my age, but suffice to say I am over 30 and we'll leave it at that. I have to admit I'm a little depressed about the whole getting older thing.

A long time ago I thought I would be married like my Mom and have kids, like my Mom. I played with dolls and I talked about how "when I have kids I'll never make them eat vegetables."

Well, not only am I not married, but I'm not a mother (planning to do things in order), and my ideas about parenthood have drastically changed. For example...I WOULD make my kids eat their vegetables or no dessert.

I used to look forward to my next birthday. It meant I was getting bigger, I was getting closer to sitting at the adult tables at large family gatherings, and that I would be taken seriously like my older cousins. Getting older was equated with finding my husband, getting married, and being able to join the discussions with the aunts and uncles and talking about how "he is being promoted with his company, and this will allow us to build the new addition to our house..." etc.

Those days have never arrived, and the older I get, the more I realize that it may never happen. There is a stereotype out there that guys should avoid women in thei 30's who have never been married. There is a stereotype out there that dictates that those of us who don't "put out" or "give it up" are not worthy of a second glance. How could they know to buy the cow without trying out all of her paces.

I, for one, am tired of being compared to a heifer. I am not for sale, I don't have any "wares" and no, you cannot touch without a binding and non-refundable "purchase."

Modern feminism has done nothing but disrupt the moral fabric of society and the scary thing is that too many women my own age have bought into their lies hook, line, and sinker, and this has completely disrupted the natural order of things.

Instead of being respected and pursued for the purpose of marriage, women are objectified and pursued for sex in as many ways and places as possible. Men are not allowed to be men...they are told to be "tolerant" and they are punished if they do not behave in a feminine manner. How ridiculous is this? Not that I encourage men to be cave men, but the reality is that good men need to stand up and be men. We need men to be leaders, we need men to be heads of households rather than weasly, obsequious sidekicks to power hungry feminazis.

But I digress, as usual. You see, I am a woman and that is one of the quirky things about women that will never change...we go off on tangents, we change our minds, and yes, we are emotionally driven more than practically driven.

Ok, that was tangent number two. Now, moving back to the original point...I used to look forward to getting older. Somewhere around 25 or 26, I decided that I was not going to have any more birthdays...I was at a great age. I was healthy, I was fit, I was active in many things and I was able to still stay awake for my night shift, my half-day volunteer work, and if I was off that day, for the rest of the day until a fun night out with the girls. And after a good night's sleep until roughly 10 am, I would be up as though nothing had happened. I knew that would change so I decided not to age.

But age I have...I have the beginnings of crow's feet. I have silvery-gray hair starting in the front, destined to become an Elvira-streak. (Thank God that it seems to be the pretty silver of my grandmother's hair). I am beginning to resemble the rest of my family in shape and texture and line and format...and that is disturbing, and even depressing.

I always thought that by the time I was 30, I would be married, be established in a great career, and own a home complete with a barn, a pasture, and horses.

Well, when I hit 30, I did purchase a townhome, I have 2 dogs, but no husband, no barn, no horses, and no pasture. I can go out and sit in the grass in my "yard", but it's usually too cluttered with the neighbor's daughter's toys for me to pretend for even a moment that I'm in a pasture. That, and the fact that I would not sit down in a pasture. Have you ever experience one? Not real conducive to sitting in contemplation, in reality.

Now, my friends reading this will see this post as it really is...just a bunch of self-indulgent whining, and I plead guilty. But at the same time, those who have been here know what it's like (maybe) and will understand the need to vent a little bit about what I don't have.

I don't mean to say that I'm not blessed...I am very blessed...after all, I own my own home. I have 2 awesome dogs, and I have great friends. I have a good job, and I have excellent credit! In taking a step back, I know I have more than my Mom ever hoped for on my behalf, and I have no right to complain.

But as I knelt in Adoration in the chapel, I could not help but listen to the carefully choreographed wedding taking place in the main sanctuary, and I wondered...will I forever be the solitary woman kneeling in prayer, waiting for her soulmate on the fringe of the endless weddings taking place next door? Am I bound to an eternity of waiting for a spouse who may never materialize, always on the outskirts of those fortunate enough to have found The One?

Or am I completely missing the point?

Progressives and God's Allegience to them

Fascinating article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

They call themselves "spiritual progressives," and they're getting louder and prouder.
Reacting to the successes of the Christian right and reviving the faith-fueled activism that drove 1960s crusades on civil rights and the Vietnam War, more liberals are embracing the language of faith

Again, fascinating. Notice the sentence structure here and the phrases used; "embracing the language of faith." Yes, that is double-speak for "using God's name to pretend we are doing His will while we fleece the gullible."

For decades, left-leaning activists "were so afraid of imposing their beliefs on others that we hadn't claimed a stance," said Carolyn Pressler, a professor at United Theological Seminary in New Brighton. "Suddenly it was the Christian right versus the secular left. We had abdicated."

No more. Nationwide, new books and websites are raising the flag of the religious left. In Minnesota, the trend has been evident in such arenas as the legislative debate over a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Evangelicals and Catholics who back a ban faced church activists who argued that godliness was on their side. The chorus of liberal religious voices also has been heard on poverty, immigration and taxes.

The problem here is that the term "left-leaning activists" are NOT religious at all. In fact, they place faith at the bottom of the barrel and push Jesus aside as a decoration for their handbills and litigation referrals. They use "faith" as a type of stamp to seal the daub of paraffin upon the unholy agendas so cited above. These people have nothing to do with God...they are working against His Word and they are doing so deliberately.

In order to be charitable, I will admit that there are some who did not know their faith to begin with and so were easily fleeced in this culture which has suppressed critical thought while prentending to encourage it.

Now, this article is pretty long so I won't bore you all with commentary throughout. Rather, I leave you with this point, well summed up by Steve Sviggum:

Sviggum said lawmakers are unlikely to listen long to anyone who claims God is on their side. "Instead, we should be working to be on God's side," he said.

It has never failed to amaze me that the people who claim God is on their side are usually the ones serving an immoral and diabolical agenda. For example...the pro-abortion woman who attacked me on an internet site in which I was defending life. She told me that she had the armor of God on while demanding that women be able to kill their children at will. The rainbow sashayers who claim God is on their side and that they have a RIGHT to recieve Jesus in moral dissent and mortal sin. And in the cited article, the "progressives" who demand a right that does not exist for it is against the order of nature, which God created.

It is not we who have a claim upon God's is God who seeks OUR allegience. God is not the property of anyone; He is not subservient, and He is apolitical. God is our creator, and it is our job to do His will...not the other way around.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Trinity and the Concept of Democracy

Trinity and Democracy. Those are two words one does not often see together in the same sentence. There is a reason for that.

From what I can tell, God is not a Democrat. Nor is He Republican. Or Grassroots. Or Socialist, and definitely not Communist. (Communism fell in record time...definitely NOT a movement endorsed by the Holy Spirit).

Additionally, from what I can discern from historical and Biblical texts, God never asked the opinion of Creation. Ever.

Folks, this is pretty much a dictatorship, and God's response to those who challenge Him is, "You and what army?". We already know the end of the story, and guess what? God wins.

From the Ignatious Holy Bible; The Gospel According to John;

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God; all things wer made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

On this holy day, we celebrate the Trinity; the Triune God, the concept of all Christianity which defies our definition of reason and demands that we suspend what we know of the world in order to embrace by faith a foundational Truth.

Last summer, I had a crisis of faith; while contemplating the Trininty, I felt my faith fall away from me; after all, who could believe it? Who could understand that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit were one and the same? Who could understand that although they are one and the same, they are of themselves of a different character, yet make up the one True God?

For a few days, I feared my faith was gone; I did not know that I could believe in God, and thus I had to fall upon my own will; I had to learn the hard way that faith is not an act of impassiveness, but an act of the will. It is a gift of God's grace, and yet, without our own will, our own consent, it is impossible to believe.

I revealed this part of my soul to a friend of mine who happens to be Protestant pastor (pray for his return to his childhood faith, please); my friend understood my dilemma, for he'd suffered it himself. Any serious Christian must pass through this test, perhaps repeatedly, in order to understand and come to truly know our Triune God.

Back to my point; I seem to always digress for our faith is so deep that one topic leads into another and into another and so on and so forth. We are so blessed to be Catholic!

What I have learned and observed is that God is not a democracy; He has no interest in the democratic process. He has no interest in money for he created money for our benefit (but He let us think it was our idea).

When God created the world, he did not do so by committee; He did not campaign for votes for the position of God of Creation; He did not project His holy image onto thousands of HD screens and beg for money to support his campaign, nor did He ask that we as his constituents support a particular agenda.

The reality is that God created the world and He created his own adjenda. He did not ask for our opinion; rather, He GAVE us our opinion and demanded that we obey the order he set down upon us and established the reality of consequences for disobedience.

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI) proclaimed, "Truth is not determined by a majority vote", and I have to agree that this is a statement that wil go down in history. The culture around us tries to define "truth" by a popular vote, while they shut out the One who could help them understand.

We don't exist in a vacuum; God sent us his Advocate, the Holy Spirit, through whom He loves us all dearly.

Today we celebrate the reality that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are one and the same, and He does not need our votes to determine the order of the universe; He does not need us to tell him how to run the world. Try as we might, we cannot redefine Truth to meet our own agenda.

Let us all bow down and humble ourselves before our God and thank Him for creating all on our behalf; for allowing us the freedom to NOT have to vote on the foundations of what makes up our society. He has already determined the order which we all must follow; let us take up, then our individual crosses and follow Him who made us, and depend upon Him to lead us to the ultimate destination....

Allies in the Local Seminary!

We local bloggers can welcome some of our future priests to our haven. Thanks to Clayton at The Weight of Glory for the heads up!

Please check out what the seminarians have to say and spend some time praying for these guys. After all...they are giving up our lives for all of us in imitation of Christ. Doesn't that act deserve some support?

As much bad press as this Archdiocese gets, those of us living here know the reality is that the Holy Spirit is alive and well, and every day we do see the fruits of the Spirit. These gentlemen are the cream of the crop and only the tip of the iceberg.

Friday, June 09, 2006

And now, for something new....

You Are Jean Grey

Although your fate is often unknown, you always seem to survive (even after death).
Your mind is your greatest weapon, literally!

Powers: telepathy and telekinesis, the ability to project thoughts into the mind of others, communication with animals

Thanks to Happy Catholic!

SJA "Bible Study"

Now I know where Jack Chick gets his info about what the Catholic Church alleged believes. He must be an SJA parishioner.

Check out the latest internal attack against Truth.

God please help these people! The teacher is teaching not fact, but mythology and things which are patently false, and the misguided souls at SJA are buying into it hook line and sinker. Mostly because it seems to validate what they already believe.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Catholics are Restless

The Catholics are restless as we await the news of the "big change" in our Archdiocese. For days...nay...weeks, rumors have been circulating, being hashed and rehashed and even an expatriot in LA claims to have inside knowledge of the new coadjutor.

The latest is the claim by KSTP 5 that we are about to have "big changes". I'll admit that I have a gripe here...why, exactly, is the news station most prone to Catholic bashing allowed to bring the big news to us first? Why is a Catholic news service not given the honor?

We are anxiously and with much joyful hope awaiting the "big news". Is this what we have been praying for?


Leadership changes in the works! There's no news, actually. Anticlimactic. There could be a new coadjutor named by the end of the month. The speculation is Bishop Cupich of Sioux Falls SD or Bishop Aquila, as we've already all speculated. One more speculative option is the current Auxilary Bishop Pates.

The caution being given is that there's no timetable and Archbishop Flynn will retire in 2 years. Again, no news...but the "hoping by the end of June" is news...we, the restless were hoping for NOW!

Keep praying, everyone.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blasphemy at the Cathedral

I just saw the news, and of course KSTP carried the story. I keep thinking more and more that this station is anti-Catholic because no other stations will touch the stuff KSTP carries. But that's for another post.

Anyway, they showed the infamous Brian McNeill of the Rainbow Sash innocently talking about how they were denied communion again. (PRAISE GOD!) He innocently held up his hands in a "who, me?" posture and conned to the camera that he has NO IDEA what the Church teaches about this. Apparently an usher caught someone breaking up the host and handing it out to those who had been denied. The usher confiscated what was left of the Body of Christ and detained the offenders, threatening that he would call the police.

Apparently the police were never called, and McNeill was left in front of KSTP's anti-Catholic camera mugging that as far as he knows, "not consuming" the Eucharist is not against the law.

Well, it may not be against secular law, but I would like to refer him and all his ilk to Canon Law which clearly explaines why they are being denied Communion and that in fact, it IS against Canon law to not consume the consecrated host:

Can. 959 In the sacrament of penance the faithful who confess their sins to a lawful minister, are sorry for those sins and have a purpose of amendment, receive from God, through the absolution given by that minister, forgiveness of sins they have committed after baptism, and at the same time they are reconciled with the Church, which by sinning they wounded.

Can. 915 Those upon whom the penalty of excommunication or interdict has been imposed or declared, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion.

Sound like anyone? The rainbow sash, anyone? Mr. Brian McNeill, are you getting all this down? Anyone who wears the rainbow sash is promulgating the practice of manifest grave sin, and in that act, they are themselves persisting in manifest grave sin. This is the reason for denial of Communion.

Can. 916 Anyone who is conscious of grave sin may not celebrate Mass or receive the Body of the Lord without previously having been to sacramental confession, unless there is a grave reason and there is no opportunity to confess; in this case the person is to remember the obligation to make an act of perfect contrition, which includes the resolve to go to confession as soon as possible.

The only defense these yahoos have is that they don't know that they are in mortal sin. However, since they've been told that homosexual BEHAVIOR, or ACTING OUT their same-sex proclivities is in fact, grave sin, that just blows their "I'm ignorant" defense out of the water.

Can. 935 It is not lawful for anyone to keep the blessed Eucharist in personal custody or to carry it around, unless there is an urgent pastoral need and the prescriptions of the diocesan Bishop are observed

Clearly, if someone was breaking up the consecrated Eucharist and was passing it around, that person carried the blessed Eucharist around, and thus that person is in violation of Canon 935.

If you would like to read the Code of Canon Law for yourself, it can be found here and here.

It seems these people can't get a clue if they even have to swallow it.

I probably have to go to Confession before I recieve the Eucharist again. Please pray for me. I'm experiencing one of the seven deadly sins...Anger; and I may have crossed the line from righteous anger in defense of my Lord. Even if my words don't betray my inner turmoil, I may have sinned.

God help us defend His Church from the ignorance and attacks from within.

UPDATE! 6/6/06 Tuesday A faithful (to the Lord) reader sent me the following link to the sashayer's description of the whole thing. May the Lord have mercy on the souls of those who so trample upon the beloved body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Prayers of Guidance, Repentance, Reparation and Forgiveness

To the Holy Spirit (on this blessed Pentecost)

Breathe into me, oh Holy Spirit,
So that my thoughts may be holy;
Move me, oh Holy Spirit
So that my actions may be holy;
Attract me, oh Holy Spirit,
so that I love what is holy;
Strengthen me, oh Holy Spirit,
so that I defend what is holy;
Protect me, oh Holy Spirit,
so that I will never lose what is holy


Forgiving Enemies

O my Jesus, I forgive my enemies for love of You. I forgive them because I have more gravely offended You than they have offended me. My Jesus, make me love You more and love myself less. Teach me to dominate my rebellious nature and to crucify my passions.

Teach me to practice humility, vigilance and prayer, so that in and by You, may I be fortified in obedience to Your holy law.


the following prayers were taught to the children of Fatima by the angel who appeared to them

My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love you. Pardon those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope in, and do not love you.

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I humbly adore you, offer you the most precious body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages with which he himself is offended. Through the infinite merits of his most Sacred Heart and the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, obtain the conversion of sinners.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

"DIGNITY" and Rainbow Sash

Always a big topic on Pentecost Sunday. I encourage you to go to DIGNITY's website and check out their disordered thought. Especially disturbing is the incident at St. Thomas that apparently happened earlier this year. The good thing is that their old buddies at KSTP are apparently tired of listening to them whine about not getting their way.

Thanks to Ray for the info he found on DIGNITY's website about the upcoming events at the Cathedral this weekend. I encourage you to read their plans in their entirety, but just to give an example of their disordered thought about what they are doing.....

The Rainbow Sash is a symbol of celebration reserved for liturgical events, not a political banner. Nevertheless, all liturgies take place in a political context. In 2006 Archbishop Flynn has helped create a political context where same-sex families, including those with children, are being made permanent second class citizens. He is saying "back of the bus" to all glbt people in Minnesota, not just Catholics. We need to be present in the Cathedral on June 4 to remind him once again, that our glbt sexuality is a gift from God, which we proudly celebrate on Pentecost.

1. If the rainbow sash is a symbol of celebration, then it does not belong at Mass. If they want to have a "liturgical event" they can find a religion that fits their beliefs. (UCC and some dissident Methodist churches come to mind). In those churches, Jesus Christ is not present, body, blood, soul, and divinity as he is in the Catholic Mass, which is NOT a "liturgical event". Mass is a Divine Liturgy in which the sacrifice at Calvary is made present.

From here on out, let us refer to the Rainbow Sash Alliance and DIGNITY as"Roman Soldiers." Remember, that some of the Roman Soldiers did convert and we can pray that happens here in the Twin Cities and all over the nation.

2. The Divine Liturgy, or Mass, is apolitical. That means there are no political components as it is solely for WORSHIP. The fact that these people see this as a "political event" displays flagrantly the fact that at their core, they are moral relativists. They believe that everything can be bought, discussed, or changed by a vote. Jesus Christ did not come to earth to have his WORD changed by a vote.

3. Archbishop Flynn has not ordered ANYONE to the "back of the bus". Period. Let's talk about discrimination. The homosexual activist community is not experiencing segregation and discrimination. They are trying to run under a standard which is not their own and has NEVER belonged to them, and this is harmful to the memory of the atrocity of discriminated peoples throughout history. What the "Roman Soldiers" are being told is that if they want to recieve Jesus they must be in a state of Grace; that means Confession, true repentance, and honest intent to change one's life. They must honestly not want to encourage anyone else's sin. By wearing the rainbow sash they are proclaiming their sin and support of sin loudly and profanely and in doing so, are disrupting the prayer and worship of the larger community in order to force us to bend over and accept their demands. This differs greatly from the actual discrimination suffered by African Americans in our history, and the Jews in Nazi Europe, and it demeans the suffering and losses of those people.

In other words, they are attacking Catholic teaching at the most HOLY moment possible.

4. "GLBT sexuality" is a gift from God inasmuch as it is a cross to bear. We all have crosses to bear in our lifetimes and I'll admit those surrounding our sexual desires are likely the most difficult. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward. I hope and pray that these activists will be touched by the Holy Spirit and converted so that they may understand how they can accept and embrace their crosses instead of trying to crush the faithful with them.

Folks, as Jesus was crucified by Roman Soldiers, we will truly witness this again as a re-enactment at Mass tomorrow. While Jesus is made present by the power of the Holy Spirit, these people will be standing, and in effect, taunting our Lord. It hurts us all when they do this.

I ask that wherever you are, you begin a prayer vigil at 11:30 am tomorrow and lasting until at least 1:00 pm. I realize that this is a long period of time and we all have demands on that time. But we can all say extra prayers, we can offer up our sufferings and joys during that time period, and we can offer Masses and adoration hours throughout the weekend. Let our intention be the conversion of EVERY SINGLE person who wears the sash, supports the sash, and lives the active homosexual lifestyle. Let us also offer prayers for those with Same Sex Attraction who are living a celibate life and trying to follow God's will in their lives.

Let's continually ask God to convert the Roman Soldiers.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sex and Marriage are Sacred

When I was a little girl, one of my friends (or her sister) experienced puberty at a very young age. Well, apparently the parents talked and as my friend, in my class, was asking questions, the parents agreed it might be time to have "that conversation". Mom sat me down with a book which she held on her lap, closed, and I was excited because I ascertained (correctly) that I was getting the "birds and the bees" speech.

I was very disappointed to learn that cute birds and stinging bees had nothing to do with it. I was further dismayed to learn what was going to happen to me when I got older, and even further dismayed to find out that the conversation was quite boring, in fact. No real mystery. I already knew that boys and girls were different and due to playing doctor with another boy when I was four, I knew the rudimentary idea about sex and what was supposed to happen, although I had no real idea WHY. Nor did I really care.

Well, Mom explained to me very carefully that sex was a sacred act between a MARRIED man and woman, and should ONLY be shared with that one special person, and never, never, NEVER anyone else. Ever. Just that one, and it was private, it was to be done behind closed doors and it was not proper to talk about it in public. It was not proper to show those soon-to-develop parts in public, it was not proper to flaunt it.

And you know what stayed with me? Sex is sacred. Sex is private. Sex is to be shared with that ONE person with whom I choose to spend my life, within the SACRAMENT of MARRIAGE. Even when I wasn't living the life Mom hoped I would live, her lessons remined with me, God's grace passed on through a mother's loving words.

Mom taught me that sex was not a toy and to use it as such was demeaning and was a very grave offense against God, who created sex. Of course, my Mom was being VERY proper and she actually used the word "intercourse" throughout her speech, and that sterile term did make it seem quite boring and uninteresting, and I'll admit, even somewhat gross. But then again, I was maybe 7 years old, so that reaction would be proper.

I walked away from that meeting more disturbed by the thought of a monthly period as opposed to what Mom and Dad might be doing in their room. She managed to convey this wonderful gift from God and yet, she maintained my innocence about the whole thing. She did not draw attention to herself or Dad and force me to face the sexuality in their lives. She did not force me to know what they do behind closed doors, but rather, she made me to understand that my brother and I were the result of a very special, SACRED act, and we were to maintain that understanding of sacredness to pass on to our own children.

Do you think a homosexual couple would be able to do what my Mom did? No. Why? Because the very definition of their relationship excludes God and excludes innocence.

Now fast forward 25 years. Sex is everywhere, and everyone is talking about it. We can't get away from it. Sex is used to sell nearly everything under the sun, and even the sun itself. It's for sale in various newspapers in transparent personal ads in free publications--locally, the City Pages. It's for sale legally in Nevada, and illegally everywhere else, yet right out on very street corners. Sex is the center of nearly every television program and the topic of every secular talk show.

People are making good money from sex, and it just gets more depraved from there. The want of sex leads to the not wanting "consequences", and so contraception was made available and is actually PUSHED at the doctor's office. As a result of the loss of the sacred, children are no longer seen as a gift, and so they are brutally murdered in the womb.

And now we have the issue of homosexual marriage. The very idea! And what amazes me is that the proponents of this idea, which of course found its roots among practicing homosexuals, have been so vocal and in our faces about it. Yet they complain that anyone who disagrees with them is a bigot. We are judgmental. We are horrible people and we don't know Jesus.

Excuse me? There is truth in what they say, but only if they are saying it to an image of themselves reflected in a mirror. We as Catholics and other "right wing" Christians who oppose this immoral, diabolical agenda are only living our lives and proclaiming the truth as it has been handed down prior to the dawn of Christianity. We are being accused of being judgmental only for living our lives as our mothers and fathers taught us.

We have a real crisis on our hands, brothers and sisters in Christ. And it starts with the very definition of a person and who we are and why we are here. What a loaded topic. Let me explain it this way; I am a child of God. Mom explained this to me very clearly as I am the product of a very sacred love between her and Dad, and because God intervened in their sacred union, I was born, and I and my brother are both miracle babies. (Mom was told she could never have children). So I learned to define myself as a PERSON, a person loved by God, a sister, a daughter, and maybe someday a mother.

Yet, to show the juxtaposition, we have a whole community of people who do not have this basic understanding of their dignity as human beings. They somehow took a wrong turn, or were fed some rhetoric or abuse, and somehow they were diverted and now define themselves not by the sacred union that created them (for we can no longer assume someone is not a product of a petrie dish), but rather, by an immoral sexual act. They define themselves by their genitalia and what they prefer to do with it. And evenworse, their preferences are not kept behind closed doors, but proclaimed loudly for all to hear. If their acts were kept private, none of us would know about it, and therefore, we would have no reason to object or even question.

Guess what? What people do behind closed doors is NONE OF MY BUSINESS! I'd prefer to keep it that way, thank you. But our culture has taken the brazen idea that all must be made public. All must be shown, all must be flaunted, and especially if it's deviant, it must be forced upon people so that they are desensitized and thus come to accept it as "natural". And so since it is being proclaimed, then we have a RIGHT to speak out, we have a RIGHT to pass judgment upon the acts and the consequences, and darn it, we will use our voices and our votes and our prayers to proclaim the TRUTH!

There is NOTHING natural about homosexual sex, and there is NOTHING SACRED about it. The very act of homosexual unions is a very violent stripping of the dignity of the souls of the parties involved. It is SPIRITUAL DEATH. It is a very GRAVE SIN. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. For that matter, and just to be clear and fair, any sexual act outside of marriage is a MORTAL SIN, and no, Vatican II did not change that fact. Sin is as it always was, and salvation comes only with true repentance and keeping God's word.

If homosexual "marriage" is made legal, children will not be able to maintain their innocence. It's a struggle as it is these days, and God bless parents who try their darndest to raise their children out of the sight of the lurid decadence of our society. Yet the ante is being upped yet again and because rabid homosexuals and other people with disordered agendas are forcing society to see their sexual acts (both homo- and heterosexual), as opposed to their dignity as children of God. They are forcing society to accept disordered behavior which shouldn't even be KNOWN to ANYONE, much less practiced! How can children of a homosexual couple be raised with the same innocence as I when they are going to be confronted on a daily basis and thuse learn to define themselves by the debased sexual, not the Sacred as God intended?

Every child is sacred in the eyes of God, even those who are given life in a petrie dish. Every child has a soul. Every child deserves to understand that God loves them and that the genitalia He grants them is not to be misused to fight an agenda for Satan.

Every person is sacred in God's eyes, and He requires all of us to live in chastity, if not celibacy.

Now, before I get flamed, keep in mind that I am single, I must also live in chastity and as I am unmarried, I must practice celibacy. Sure, I CAN get married, but to whom? As I get older, the prospects are growing less and less hopeful, and perhaps that's just as well. Do you understand what that means, those of you who worship sex and not God? Do you understand that I must maintain celibacy for the REST OF MY LIFE if I do not marry?

So how does that make me any different from someone who is attracted to the same sex? We are the same. I am no angel, and I have a checkered past, so don't go thinking I have not experienced life. We are the same, we are called to the same thing and we both carry the same cross.

So to my brothers and sisters in Christ, don't let this culture put down your faith and your beliefs. Speak up and speak out against this atrocity of homosexuality, and speak out against pornography, prostitution, promiscuity, and every sin against the human person. Sex is Sacred, and misuse of the Sacred does nothing other than to demean the souls to whom the gift was originally intended.

I am highly offended by the flagrant homosexuality practiced in my locale. I am offended because I am not allowed to speak against this without fear of retribution. I am offended because my religious beliefs are being trampled beneath propaganda and moral relativism, which is, at its core, immoral and diabolical. I am offended because the future of America hangs in the balance and even the last shreds of innocence of our youth is about to go up in forced, violent rainbow-colored flames. And you know what? We have a RIGHT and a DUTY to be offended by this flagrant disregard and disrespect of the morality set down upon this earth by GOD HIMSELF and I will NOT sit here and be complacent!

We all have a duty to speak out, and we all have a Constitutional right to condemn this behavior- that is, until the activist judges reinterpret that the First Amendment applies only to those in agreement with popular trends.

God bless and protect you all. You are all children of God, no matter who and where you are in life, and I pray that one day, everyone on earth recieves the grace, and thus the clarity, to understand this truth.