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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sex and Marriage are Sacred

When I was a little girl, one of my friends (or her sister) experienced puberty at a very young age. Well, apparently the parents talked and as my friend, in my class, was asking questions, the parents agreed it might be time to have "that conversation". Mom sat me down with a book which she held on her lap, closed, and I was excited because I ascertained (correctly) that I was getting the "birds and the bees" speech.

I was very disappointed to learn that cute birds and stinging bees had nothing to do with it. I was further dismayed to learn what was going to happen to me when I got older, and even further dismayed to find out that the conversation was quite boring, in fact. No real mystery. I already knew that boys and girls were different and due to playing doctor with another boy when I was four, I knew the rudimentary idea about sex and what was supposed to happen, although I had no real idea WHY. Nor did I really care.

Well, Mom explained to me very carefully that sex was a sacred act between a MARRIED man and woman, and should ONLY be shared with that one special person, and never, never, NEVER anyone else. Ever. Just that one, and it was private, it was to be done behind closed doors and it was not proper to talk about it in public. It was not proper to show those soon-to-develop parts in public, it was not proper to flaunt it.

And you know what stayed with me? Sex is sacred. Sex is private. Sex is to be shared with that ONE person with whom I choose to spend my life, within the SACRAMENT of MARRIAGE. Even when I wasn't living the life Mom hoped I would live, her lessons remined with me, God's grace passed on through a mother's loving words.

Mom taught me that sex was not a toy and to use it as such was demeaning and was a very grave offense against God, who created sex. Of course, my Mom was being VERY proper and she actually used the word "intercourse" throughout her speech, and that sterile term did make it seem quite boring and uninteresting, and I'll admit, even somewhat gross. But then again, I was maybe 7 years old, so that reaction would be proper.

I walked away from that meeting more disturbed by the thought of a monthly period as opposed to what Mom and Dad might be doing in their room. She managed to convey this wonderful gift from God and yet, she maintained my innocence about the whole thing. She did not draw attention to herself or Dad and force me to face the sexuality in their lives. She did not force me to know what they do behind closed doors, but rather, she made me to understand that my brother and I were the result of a very special, SACRED act, and we were to maintain that understanding of sacredness to pass on to our own children.

Do you think a homosexual couple would be able to do what my Mom did? No. Why? Because the very definition of their relationship excludes God and excludes innocence.

Now fast forward 25 years. Sex is everywhere, and everyone is talking about it. We can't get away from it. Sex is used to sell nearly everything under the sun, and even the sun itself. It's for sale in various newspapers in transparent personal ads in free publications--locally, the City Pages. It's for sale legally in Nevada, and illegally everywhere else, yet right out on very street corners. Sex is the center of nearly every television program and the topic of every secular talk show.

People are making good money from sex, and it just gets more depraved from there. The want of sex leads to the not wanting "consequences", and so contraception was made available and is actually PUSHED at the doctor's office. As a result of the loss of the sacred, children are no longer seen as a gift, and so they are brutally murdered in the womb.

And now we have the issue of homosexual marriage. The very idea! And what amazes me is that the proponents of this idea, which of course found its roots among practicing homosexuals, have been so vocal and in our faces about it. Yet they complain that anyone who disagrees with them is a bigot. We are judgmental. We are horrible people and we don't know Jesus.

Excuse me? There is truth in what they say, but only if they are saying it to an image of themselves reflected in a mirror. We as Catholics and other "right wing" Christians who oppose this immoral, diabolical agenda are only living our lives and proclaiming the truth as it has been handed down prior to the dawn of Christianity. We are being accused of being judgmental only for living our lives as our mothers and fathers taught us.

We have a real crisis on our hands, brothers and sisters in Christ. And it starts with the very definition of a person and who we are and why we are here. What a loaded topic. Let me explain it this way; I am a child of God. Mom explained this to me very clearly as I am the product of a very sacred love between her and Dad, and because God intervened in their sacred union, I was born, and I and my brother are both miracle babies. (Mom was told she could never have children). So I learned to define myself as a PERSON, a person loved by God, a sister, a daughter, and maybe someday a mother.

Yet, to show the juxtaposition, we have a whole community of people who do not have this basic understanding of their dignity as human beings. They somehow took a wrong turn, or were fed some rhetoric or abuse, and somehow they were diverted and now define themselves not by the sacred union that created them (for we can no longer assume someone is not a product of a petrie dish), but rather, by an immoral sexual act. They define themselves by their genitalia and what they prefer to do with it. And evenworse, their preferences are not kept behind closed doors, but proclaimed loudly for all to hear. If their acts were kept private, none of us would know about it, and therefore, we would have no reason to object or even question.

Guess what? What people do behind closed doors is NONE OF MY BUSINESS! I'd prefer to keep it that way, thank you. But our culture has taken the brazen idea that all must be made public. All must be shown, all must be flaunted, and especially if it's deviant, it must be forced upon people so that they are desensitized and thus come to accept it as "natural". And so since it is being proclaimed, then we have a RIGHT to speak out, we have a RIGHT to pass judgment upon the acts and the consequences, and darn it, we will use our voices and our votes and our prayers to proclaim the TRUTH!

There is NOTHING natural about homosexual sex, and there is NOTHING SACRED about it. The very act of homosexual unions is a very violent stripping of the dignity of the souls of the parties involved. It is SPIRITUAL DEATH. It is a very GRAVE SIN. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. For that matter, and just to be clear and fair, any sexual act outside of marriage is a MORTAL SIN, and no, Vatican II did not change that fact. Sin is as it always was, and salvation comes only with true repentance and keeping God's word.

If homosexual "marriage" is made legal, children will not be able to maintain their innocence. It's a struggle as it is these days, and God bless parents who try their darndest to raise their children out of the sight of the lurid decadence of our society. Yet the ante is being upped yet again and because rabid homosexuals and other people with disordered agendas are forcing society to see their sexual acts (both homo- and heterosexual), as opposed to their dignity as children of God. They are forcing society to accept disordered behavior which shouldn't even be KNOWN to ANYONE, much less practiced! How can children of a homosexual couple be raised with the same innocence as I when they are going to be confronted on a daily basis and thuse learn to define themselves by the debased sexual, not the Sacred as God intended?

Every child is sacred in the eyes of God, even those who are given life in a petrie dish. Every child has a soul. Every child deserves to understand that God loves them and that the genitalia He grants them is not to be misused to fight an agenda for Satan.

Every person is sacred in God's eyes, and He requires all of us to live in chastity, if not celibacy.

Now, before I get flamed, keep in mind that I am single, I must also live in chastity and as I am unmarried, I must practice celibacy. Sure, I CAN get married, but to whom? As I get older, the prospects are growing less and less hopeful, and perhaps that's just as well. Do you understand what that means, those of you who worship sex and not God? Do you understand that I must maintain celibacy for the REST OF MY LIFE if I do not marry?

So how does that make me any different from someone who is attracted to the same sex? We are the same. I am no angel, and I have a checkered past, so don't go thinking I have not experienced life. We are the same, we are called to the same thing and we both carry the same cross.

So to my brothers and sisters in Christ, don't let this culture put down your faith and your beliefs. Speak up and speak out against this atrocity of homosexuality, and speak out against pornography, prostitution, promiscuity, and every sin against the human person. Sex is Sacred, and misuse of the Sacred does nothing other than to demean the souls to whom the gift was originally intended.

I am highly offended by the flagrant homosexuality practiced in my locale. I am offended because I am not allowed to speak against this without fear of retribution. I am offended because my religious beliefs are being trampled beneath propaganda and moral relativism, which is, at its core, immoral and diabolical. I am offended because the future of America hangs in the balance and even the last shreds of innocence of our youth is about to go up in forced, violent rainbow-colored flames. And you know what? We have a RIGHT and a DUTY to be offended by this flagrant disregard and disrespect of the morality set down upon this earth by GOD HIMSELF and I will NOT sit here and be complacent!

We all have a duty to speak out, and we all have a Constitutional right to condemn this behavior- that is, until the activist judges reinterpret that the First Amendment applies only to those in agreement with popular trends.

God bless and protect you all. You are all children of God, no matter who and where you are in life, and I pray that one day, everyone on earth recieves the grace, and thus the clarity, to understand this truth.


Lynne said...

Did I tell you I love this blog!


Our Word said...

Excellent post, Adoro. You're sure to get people who accuse you of being homophobic, but so be it. Implied in what you say is an important point - the difference between those who are homosexual and those who are "gay."

Fr. Neuhaus once said the differenc was that "gay" activists defined themselves by their sexuality, whereas those with a same-sex attraction who were trying to live celibate, chaste lives defined themselves by their humanity - given to them by God.

We must always stress that we love the sinner, not the sin, and that we constantly pray that those with SSA receive the graces to deal with that burden (yes, I'm sure some will disagree that it is a burden); but at the same time we must not allow the radical homosexual agenda to destroy the institutions which we value.

This war of relativism has been thrust on us whether we like it or not. We must do what we can to win, and we may not win (after all, there's no guarantee this culture will continue to survive); but if we don't do anything we'll surely lose.

Anonymous said...

AMEN SISTER! You said it all.

Signed: Single and Celibate,

Anonymous said...

I have to say I disagree with a lot of this but for the sake of avoiding people's boredom, I'll try to limit the scope of my response to a few points.

1. You say "There is NOTHING natural about homosexual sex." But homosexuality and homosexual sex occurs all throughout nature. 8% of sheep are gay (cf. There are gay penguins (cf.
Just because something occurs in 8% of the population doesn't make it "unnatural." If 8% of the world's population were caucasian, does that mean caucasians are "unnatural"? On a side note, the gay sheep controversy is interesting because the evidence seems to suggest that by altering the brains of gay sheep, they can be made straight. I have a funny feeling that messing with the brains of straight sheep could make them gay as well.

2. During the time of Jesus, homosexuality and abortion were just as prevalant then as they are now. Plato and Aristotle, who lived 500 years before Jesus, talk about abortion. Homosexuality and pederasty were a notable part of Greek (e.g. Plato's Symposium) and Roman (e.g. Suetonius' Lives of the Caesars) culture. But yet how much does Jesus himself say about these issues? Virtually nothing. What Jesus *does* talk about is being renouncing your possessions, helping the poor, being unmaterialistic, etc.
How can somehow claim to be a true Christian yet support "big business" (i think you know who i'm talking about)?

signed: single and not quite celibate

Adoro said...


Of course you disagree, you're speaking from the same agenda I'm condemning. But thank you for commenting, anyway.

Also anon, I'm addressing homosexual BEHAVIOR. Sure, some people may have inclinations, but so do alcoholics. It does not legitimize their behavior. And anyone who uses animals to justify their own WILLFUL behavior is reducing their own personal dignity to a very degraded level. Whether there is or is not a homosexual gene in the animal population does nto exclude a human being from making the correct moral choice, no matter what that human being thinks he or she is sexually attracted to.

Anon, you really need to take the Bible into context and pay attention to actual history.

Abortion has ALWAYS been condemned by Christians, from the earliest days; it's in the Didache, which is an early Christian "catechism" of sorts. (All the same teachings of the Catholic Church today, incidentally). Look it up.

Additionally, you cite two pagans to justify abortion. Not very logical, for they did not understand the dignity of life in the Judeo-Christian tradition. We do not look to them for our moral decisions, but we study their philosophical writings. In our culture, it's now Christians who are killing their children for they have been twisted by our current culture.

And you provide a great example of that. Apparently you have forgotten that Jesus spoke out very strongly against sin, and sin has been defined in the Bible; yes, Jesus was forgivning, but I think you forget that he told the adulturous woman to SIN NO MORE.

Jesus didn't just offer a warm and fuzzy I'm-OK-you're-ok message, as much as you want to believe that. Sure, you can read the Bible and read only what makes you feel good...or you can read the Bible and take a good look at what Jesus really did and said. He holds us all to a high standard, you included.

Sweating Through fog said...

"Because the very definition of their relationship excludes God and excludes innocence"

Why - hypothetically - would a pair of homosexuals, who have a loving, committed, monagomous relationship all through their lives - be intrinsically excluding God?

Adoro said...

Because their act will never be open to life. Their physical union cannot create life; thus by their action, they are leaving God behind. Homosexual acts are, fundamentally, self-seeking. It is not a surrender to God and His will in a marital embrace.

In Genesis we read, "Male and female he created them". It is the union of male and female and the product of that union, a child begotten through self-sacrificial love, that is the image of God. It is not man alone or woman alone.

Man and man or woman and woman do not reflect God, and those unions lead only to self-seeking and the absence of new life.

Check out info by Christopher West or Jason Evert for a greater understanding on this.

This teaching does not exlcude contracepting couples, for they are also turning their backs on God through the use of barrier methods, meaning that their unions are also self-seeking.

Jotate said...

Vatican II said this in it's Constitution Dei Verbum:
"Consequently it is not from Sacred Scripture alone that the Church draws her certainty about everything which has been revealed. Therefore both sacred tradition and Sacred Scripture are to be accepted and venerated with the same sense of loyalty and reverence."

Vatican II showed that traditions should be kept with loyalty.