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Monday, May 29, 2006

Vacation's End

It is with a heavy heart I return to work tomorrow morning.

Yep. I've been on vacation all week, and you know what I did? A whole bunch a' nuthin'! It was GREAT! I relaxed, I slept in (usually until 7 am), I stayed up late (1:00 am was the latest one night), I putzed around, I hung out with some friends on the weekend nights, and in general, I had a good time.

But tomorrow I go back to work, and with that, I pay for this week. The work that wasn't done when I left has compounded and I will no doubt come back to many many voice mails from people asking why I haven't returned their calls, when my greeting clearly states in both English and Spanish that I am out of the office and to call X at X number until the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Tomorrow is a day to return all those voice mails and complete damage control with unhappy customers who can't be bothered to actually LISTEN to both my warnings before I left and my greeting while I was gone.

No doubt that we will also have a very busy day with new assignments as Memorial Day weekend usually brings out the worst in people and crime victims and fraud mongers will be pounding down my door begging for help YESTERDAY and demanding service NOW in spite of the fact that I can't possibly do everything in one day, or even in one week.

That's what I hate about vacations. Coming back. And since this is our busy season, it is not going to get better any time soon. Such is life.

But on the up side, I had my hair cut and hilighted over my days off and it is much shorter and the highlights are much redder! Yay!

I've been considering again a return to school. Perhaps the wisest course would be to obtain a Master's in Instruction, and then maybe I could become a teacher. I'd like to teach religion, but for that, I think I'd need more formal education in theology, and I know I can't swing both when I can't even truly entertain the idea of one.

What I need is a huge miracle which will enable me to pay my mortgage, the vet bills, the student loans, the car, and then tuition, and allow me to quit my job to focus on better things.

Or maybe Prince Charming will enter the scene and we'll get married and he'll pay the bills and walk the dogs so I can go back to school.

Yeah, right.

I don't wanna go back to work. Who DOESN'T feel this way on the last day of vacation?

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