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Hi! I'm Adoro and you are....?

Some months ago, I stumbled upon Fr. Christian Mathis's blog, Blessed is the Kingdom, who had a great idea he claims to have stolen from a blogger I have long followed, Jen Fuwiler at Conversion Diary. (Small world, isn't it?)  For some reason I never saw Jen's "intro" idea, but maybe it's because I commented there so much there was no need.

In any case, I've been blogging now since sometime in 2005. Readers have come and gone, and the vast majority never comment, which is perfectly fine - one shouldn't have to if one doesn't want to!

Of those who have commented, sometimes it's been a debate, most often encouragement one way or another, sometimes a theological discussion. Some asked questions or posted responses, asked for prayers, information, or simply wanted to say hello. A few random souls stopped by to inform me I'm going to Hell. Or perhaps to wish that I was there now. (I just smile and wave at those types..and save their comments in a "favorite hate mail folder".)

Over the years my readership has continued to grow, and I'm flattered that this is the case. Still, I'm also a bit bothered by that because, you see...there's a lack of balance here, and that can lead to a serious lack of perspective.

One of the things I lament about the internet culture is the slippery slope to depersonalization. It's great that so many people of faith are on the web, seeking to sanctify it, to live up to our baptismal obligation to spread the gospel to all nations, and of course, to connect with other children of God.  Still, blogging  is one of those venues which, while interactive, can also be a very lonely venue.

I invite you, therefore, my readers, to introduce yourselves. Even if you're old friends of mine, introduce yourselves to my new friends so that you can also get to know each other. Isn't that what our Christian community is about?

I am going to leave the format open to you:  What do you want me to know about you? If we met in person, what would you want to share with me about your own life and faith? If we were at the corner coffee shop or the farm-town diner on a Saturday morning hanging out being ourselves, what would you be like? If we sat at a table having donuts together after Mass on Sunday, what kinds of things would you say by way of introduction to this stranger before you? Who are you?

Please understand I'm not asking for any personal identifying information, and if you would like to remain anonymous or simply don't have a google account, just make up an initial or a name like "Dog walker in Tennessee"

I'm all know about me, but I don't know anything about YOU!

Please, dear readers...introduce yourselves! Don't make me sit here having coffee alone!

I'm pouring myself a cup now...please sit down and join me on this frigid winter day.....


Kelly said...

Hello! I think we've gotten to know each other a little bit over the past year or so on plurk, but there is always something to learn about folks. Even those you know irl. I always enjoy reading your blog post even if I don't comment a lot. I wish we could go have a cuppa joe. That would be a TON of fun I think. :)

Adoro said...

Kelly ~ How cool would that be! I wish we didn't live so far apart...would love to meet you and your family in person, and'd let me bring my dog! LOL!

I read your blog, too, but don't often comment although I'm trying to get better at that in general again...!

Thanks for coming by, and thanks for being my friend. :-)

Christie said...

Is also a Plurk-er. You introduced me to it from Twitter. I don't know if you remember the prayer group we had attempted over there. You were so right about the medium being wrong for that sort of thing. Thank you for that rescue, by the way. I didn't like the amount of snark Twitter encouraged in me.

The way you look at people is my favorite part of your blog. I love to read about the people you introduce me to here. They really jump off the screen for me. I remember the car accident and the boys especially. You have a real understanding of people. People and dogs. :)

Adoro said...

Christie ~ Aww...I had forgotten about that! We tried, didn't we?

Jeff Miller (Curt Jester) and Sr. Mary were the ones to talk me into plurk, and now Jeff isn't even there anymore but for a mute presence.

Yeah, Twitter makes me snarky, too, and as you know, I don't need any help with that! do realize though that this particular post is supposed to be about YOU and YOUR introduction to me (and others who might be reading and interested...) ;-)


Deltaflute said...

1. Tell me a little bit about your own spiritual journey: what were your religious beliefs when you were younger? What are your religious beliefs now (if different)?
Well, I'm a cradle Catholic. I was born in the deep south making me an "enemy" to some (something about Catholics not being Christian). So I ended up spending a lot of time looking up commonly asked questions, especially in college. Although for a moment in time I got real frustrated with God about a few things and didn't step foot in a church for three years. But that's all in the past. Now I live in Catholic country and enjoy having a church on every corner. I'm also learning more about faith beyond the myths and am really working on having a better relationship with Jesus.

2. Where are you from?
Mississippi (I did say deep south didn't I) I guess the cats out of the bag on this one...I live in Tucson. The shooting kinda made it hard to be anonymous about location.

3. What is one book* that has had a great impact on your life (other than the Bible)?
Just one? Really? Um....there are so many....How about the Catechism. You didn't mention that one.

4. Tell me a little bit about your daily life: what is a typical day like for you? What’s your favorite part of each day?
I'm sorta a stay-at-home mom, but I've been doing odd jobs for a while now. My day usually involves getting up early, feeding the baby, playing with the baby, trying to get the baby to take a nap, feeding the baby, changing a dirty diaper, playing with the baby...Well you get the idea. I'm a night owl.

5. If you have a blog, feel free to indulge in a little shameless self-promotion: what’s your URL? What do you write about?
I write about to be frugal, boycotting China, how to be a better parent (or how I'm being a terrible one), Church stuffs, review books I've read, what it means to be a peace activist and pacifist, whatever comes to mind. If you have a suggestion, I'm always looking for great ideas.

Joe @ Defend Us In Battle said...

Hi... I am joe and I have a blogging problem.
I live in Alaska... we don't have penguins.
I have a blog:

Right now I am jobless... which is weird because I graduated law school, clerked, and then worked for a US Senate candidate... but I do live in Alaska so ... that doesn't mean a whole lot.

I know Adoro from Plurk

I like CoCo Wheats

Lesley said...

Hi Adoro

My name is Lesley, I am 52, mother of 4, grandmother of 3, grew up in the Salvation Army and became a Catholic when I was 21, am now an ROIA catechist, live in London, UK, been following your blog for ages

Melanie said...

My name is Melanie, I was named after a famous Hippie singer from Mom wore bright orange to her wedding and childhood is a blur of wacky flower wallpaper and bell bottoms :) I was born Catholic but didn't find my way back until my wonderful hubby & I had our 1st daughter. I am catechist and currently teach 2nd grade, I have been teaching for almost 10 years now.
I am married to the best husband in the world, Matthew, we met over 16 years ago and will be married 15 years in August 1st. We were blessed with 2 gorgeous daughters.
My husband is current;y serving his 19th and last year in the USAF, after December it's civilian (gasp) life for us....scary.
Random facts about moi:
I love to bake and sew
Our entire family loves to read
I graduated with a degree in Art History
We LOVE the Dallas Cowboys
I don't wear pants
I love Diet Coke and coffee
I know you dear Adoro from Plurk and it has been such joy & pleasure to plurk with you!

Adoro said...

Deltaflute, Joe, Melanie, and Leslie ~ Thanks so much! I'm really loving reading about you all.

Gosh, I better get more coffee and tea....Mystic Monk, anyone? :-)

kleine_katerine said...

Hello there!

You've already called in to my blog but I'm more than happy to do a slightly more formal intro (I'm British, we're good at those.)

My name's Katherine, I'm 21 and been veggie for 14 years. I am a convert to Catholicism...still a Catechumen in fact but I'm hoping with all my heart to be received into the Church this Easter. Actually had the "big meeting" with my priest today (who's lovely) talking about what's going to happen during Lent (big YAY) and the plans for the Easter Vigil. One random fact is that the day I'll (God willing) be received, April 23rd, will (by pure God-incidence) be the 2 year anniversairy of the day I walked into my local Church and said out loud that I wanted to be Catholic for the first time. Err...I'm almost a Dispensing Optician (hence why if you read my blog there'll be random posts about eyes)...I play the bassoon (bass clef totally rules)...I have 2 tattoos (and not for stupid, shallow reasons - I got them both because they mean something to me deep down)...I read waaaaaay too much (if there was a bookaholics anonymous I'd be made to go)...oh and I love history, especially the Reformation (in general, not just England) and the Tudors (and I liked it before it got fashionable with all the silly programs on the telly). That's about as interesting as I get I'm your blog though!


Stitchwort said...

Hi, I'm Stitchwort and I'd love a cup of Mystic Monk coffee! Undiluted, please.

I checked this room out yesterday but couldn't find a way to post, so I'm glad you've fixed the glitch.

Me? I'm past sixty, (how did that happen???) mother of two (daughter married with two small boys, son in university and still at home. I married late and was widowed too soon.)

I'm a convert of over 40 years--back before the RCIA program was even thought of. From the time I was old enough to realize that there were Baptists (us) and Catholics (them)--I would have been about three or four years old--Catholicism drew me and I came in as soon as I could.

And I've never regretted it, though I certainly have often failed to make full use of the graces available to me. Mea culpa.

I post on a couple of forums and occasionally on blogs, but I don't blog myself--or do facebook or twitter or any of that other newfangled stuff. : )

Adoro said...

Katerine ~ Yes indeedy, I have called! :-D Thanks for the formal introduction - it's one of the things I love about you Brits! Let me know if you have any questions on your way to be received into the Church - am happy to help in any way I can, and of course, count on prayers!

Stitchwort ~ How's Midnight Vigils? That's what I've got open now. ;-) mmmm!

I know what you mean about not taking advantage of all the graces available - yeah...same problem here... We all struggle with that and will until the day God calls us to end our earthly pilgrimage.

Thanks for commenting! :-)

DominiSumus said...

I think we have known each other for a while now, but for everyone else who doesn't know who I am...

I am a mom, wife, theology geek, graduate student, part-time DRE, and blogger.

I am married to a wonderful man who is studying to become a deacon, mom to an amazing little boy who aspires to be a bishop.

I was born into a nominally Catholic family and after a short family stint in the Episcopal church when I was 7 years old, we returned to the Catholic Church. I can't remember a time that theology didn't fascinate me. I don't think there is anyone who knew me as a child who would be surprised to see who I am today.

I am hoping to find a full-time job again, but there aren't too many job postings out there for people with a BA in theology.

I blog at

Adoro said...

DominiSumus ~ Thanks for your comment and...I'm so glad to have "met" you - you've taught me much!

I think back to my undergrad years where I randomly considered studying theology only to dismiss it for the very reason you cite.

And yet here I find myself, having spent MORE to get a graduate degree in the very field LEAST likely to to provide any kind of livable income!

Are we totally insane or just mentally ill?

Or...are we total idiots? (What's left?...) ;-)

the princess said...

Hi Adoro :),

I landed here while searching for documentation on the "Holy Love Ministries" (one of our RCIA participants asked if it was ligit). I knew there were problems with it, but it's good to have documentation when telling someone *else* that! Thank you for the links :).

I'm another one who's always had a hunger for "all things God" that was NOT satisfied by my woefully inadequate religious education (in the 70's & 80's in a "progressive" parish). I learned most of what I knew from (Protestant) Christian radio (had a bit of unlearning to do *there*!). I was *thrilled* when the Catechism finally came out (I was in grad school, for plant genetics) & read it from cover to cover (took a while!). When I finished, I could finally say, "YES! THIS is what I believe" (*whew*!).

Vocational discernment then took me through a brief candidacy with the Sisters of St. Clare ('till my novice mistress told me to go home & discern some more) to the vocation of holy matrimony with my handsome prince. He teaches math at a Catholic high school after 10 years in the public school system (Heaven help you if you say "God bless you" to a student who sneezes!). I get to stay home--well, mostly.

Once I finally got my nose on the trail of authors who "think with the mind of the Church," all my reading started to do me some spiritual good. After a bit, I told my prince that I felt like a cow that needed to be milked--all this good stuff's gotta *go* somewhere! Well, first I started writing daily reflections for Advent as a way of living the season. As long as I was doing it, I asked a few friends if they'd like me to send them out. Then they asked for more for Lent. Then our new pastor asked us to start an RCIA process for our parish. Then my prince set up a blog for my Advent & Lent posts...and that turned into 4 blogs. Then...well, let's just say that I don't feel like I need to be milked anymore ;)!

I love Adoration & daily Mass (when I can get there), talking about God (but not debating) & cuddling with my Sweetheart. I love cooking (although, alas, not cleaning!), growing things (especially flowers!), reading, kitties, singing, dancing & playing the flute & all sorts of crafts (my latest is popup cards--I made a Mass card with a popup altar to let my grandmother know we'd had a Mass said for her as a Christmas gift). I love long skirts, ruffles & lace & veiling (I'd always wanted to wear a veil--that was one of the draws of Religious life!--but wasn't brave enough until I learned that the Church never told women to stop!). I keep it subtle (I made one that drapes well & matches my hair, so you might not notice from a distance), but if I'm dressed, I'm covered.

Hmm...not sure what else you'd be interested in knowing. I suppose you could stop by one (or more!) of those 4 blogs & see what I've been up to there!

Blessings :),
the princess

Adoro said...

The Princess ~ ah, yes...I had to "undo" some Protestant radio stuff, too, although to give them credit, they helped me on my way back!

Thanks so much for telling me all about you and stopping by my blog.

Of course, as with you all, nice to make your acquaintance! :-)

(See? Blogs don't have to be impersonal or "all about me" as a friend of mine criticizes)

I love hearing about you all...please keep these comments coming!

Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

Hi! I go by the nom de blog Athanasius Contra Mundo. I live in GA with my daughter.
I've been blogging at 50 Days After for about 5 years (although I had a yearlong gap in posting). We've commented on each other blogs in the past.

Aine said...

Hi, I am a Carmelite mom and I have been following your blog for a couple of years. I forget how I stumbled onto you...... I was more or less a cafeteria cultural Catholic my entire life. Then my beautiful daughter started talking about maybe being a nun (insert my vision of Mother Theresa here, me full of pride, patting myself on the back about my virtuous daughter tending to the poor, sick, marginalized heathens,all because of me, UGH!). Providentially, she had the foresight to take us, her parents by baby steps into the life in which she was called - the cloistered, hidden life of the Carmel. We, her parents, being mature, (:-)) went kicking and screaming to Carmel, where we found so many holy women, just like her..... and a beautiful, faith-filled life that we still struggle to explain to people. It has been quite a journey and we find ourselves so much richer for it! No more are we cafeteria Catholics! I thank God that Our Lord has sent us our daughter in that we may increase in our own faith!

Harbor Star said...

Hello Adoro, my name is Paul. I'm an avid fan of your sight and welcome it as a blessing for all of us who share in the joys of reading and contemplating quality blog posts. I am a forester/ecological classification specialist with the DNR. I live and breathe in NE MN and try to spend time outdoors as much as I can. I love music, plants, photography, Jesus, and Mary. I am a cradle catholic but my journey has been very non-traditional. My Polish Grandmother was/is largely responsible for instilling the faith even though I ran away from it many, many times. She passed along time ago, but she would have been so happy to know that a Polish priest became Pope! Yippee! Wishing you a blessed season of Lent. Peace always.

Adoro said...

Athanasius contra mundum, Aine, and Harbor Star - Welcome, and thanks for posting! I apologize for the delay in responding, but believe me, I enjoy reading about you! :-)

GregP said...

Hi Adoro, My name is Greg and I'm one of the sacristans at the church pictured at the top of your blog. Though I'm fairly exhausted from being involved from the backside of the Easter Triduum liturgical celebrations, I more and more realize the depth and substance of our rituals. I kind of feel as though I've run a marathon and am feeling the warm glow of the graces bestowed by Our Lord. The thing is I didn't earn these graces by being part of these services, rather they are given to me freely by God. I've profited greatly from the thoughts and ideas that you've blogged about. Just wanted to let you know of my appreciation.

Adoro said...

GregP ~ Thank you for your work at the Cathedral - it's beautiful! I took that pic a year ago during the Easter season.

As far as the "glow" you feel, no, one cannot "earn" graces, but of course at the some time, one can sense them more profoundly by working within God's Will. ;-)

I hope you had a fruitful Lent and are now enjoying a Blessed Easter!

Christos Anesti! Alithos Anesti! (gosh I hope I spelled that right...)

uncle jim said...

Hi, Adoro ... it is me, uncle jim.
I'm away on an annual men's retreat.
Our retreat master made mention of a one-time visit he made top the twin cities, and his host took him on a tour.
Included was a visit to St. Paul's [your cathedral, I think].
He described the enormous and beautiful crucifix that hangs over the altar.
I thought, "I'm familiar witht that crucifix - not because I've been there [at least not in person] but because of your blog."
I will share it with the group tomorrow.
Talk to you later.

Adoro said...

Uncle Jim!

Hope you're having a wonderful retreat - I'll say extra prayers for you. I wonder, though, if maybe he was talking about the crucifix that hangs over the altar at Holy Family? It's a beautiful church and many people have been struck (well, in the spiritual sense!) by that crucifix.

The one at the Cathedral rises up, but doesn't hang, if he meant literally suspended.

If you ever come to the Cities and we are finally able to connect, I'll give you a tour of the Cathedral! :-)

Daniel said...

Hi. My name is Daniel. I've been a paramedic firefighter for 9 years in Los Angeles for LAFD. Prior to that, I was an EMT-P with a local ambulance company since 1989. I'm married for 9 years and have a wonderful little boy who is 6.

3 months ago, I cracked, and ended up in the ER with PTSD. I could no longer handle seeing the death and sorrow and suffering of the "abyss" as you so clearly described it. I have lost sleep, sanity, and my marriage (almost) because of my job and how it has crushed the life out of me. I am forced to speak with humanistic "counselors", one of whom called me an "animal", who offer me no hope except in the form of a pill of some sort. Depression is often my nearest friend. I use the term loosely.

I have recently found a church that celebrates the Eucharist as a supernatural rite, rather than a symbolic memorial, as I was always taught and believed. Miraculously, at the same time of my breakdown, I stumbled into a church and was amazed at the nearness of God to me in the Eucharist. I had never realized that Jesus is really and truly present in the Lord's Table for the upholding of His people.

I am in so much need. The vacuum of my soul echoes with its own emptiness much of the day. I wish I had never taken up the career I now have. I am trapped because I am unable to find any other job and I must provide for my family.

A friend of mine who is an Oxnard PD guy sent me the link to your blog post regarding the abyss and its effects on your soul. I have been there also and am trying desperately to get out. I attended my first confession in my life with an Anglican priest I know. It was very liberating.

God help me. Pray for me if you think of me. I feel as if I shall not be able to go on.

Thank you for your honesty. I would never be so bold to write like this in my blog,

Pax Christi.
AD2011, May 16

Adoro said...

Daniel ~ Welcome, and thanks for introducing yourself - an what a story you have to tell. God is doing something amazing in your life, and yes, it's always difficult when He does that!

I will definitely keep you in my prayers and pray that God gives you strength and insight to know His will as you suffer this (pardon the cliche') dark valley.

Incidentally, I was about to head to the Adoration Chapel (I work in a church), and so I will offer Morning Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours for you and your intentions.

God bless you!

Rose said...

Hi Adoro! :D

I've known of your blog for about a year now and have been checking here on and off since then the discovery. I have now been discerning religious life for about 3 years now, and I remembered when i first read your blog about Carmelites, I was unsure of them as well as I thought I was more Franciscan. At the onset of a new job at a new location, I put off vocation discernment for a year. During that time, the Lord poured a lot of "Carmel" signs in my life. Since then, I was able to visit two Carmels so far, the last one just last weekend. I LOVE THEM :D There is... something about that Carmel that just spoke to me. I went from a lot of "no's" to "think about it" :DDD Just so you know, I blame part of the Carmelite influence on you :P I hope you're happy.

God bless your writing (which I believe is a great grace from God to have) and I shall be praying for your Vocation :D

Adoro said...

Char ~ Well hello and nice ta meetcha! :-)

LOL....that's funny that you "blame" the influence on me as one of the things I have consistently stated is that I am *not* Carmelite, and that is the one community I did not visit or consider because I know their lifestyle is not for me!

God is funny that way, isn't He? He even uses we non-Carmels to get Carmels to where you're supposed to be!

I pray you find the place God is calling you to, and thank you for your prayers for me! :-)

God bless!

Just another mad Catholic said...

Hey Adoro, bunny boy calling :)

I would so love to see you again, now if only Father can sweet talk the Bishop into meeting me then I'll have a good excuse to take a plane from merry old England.

bunny boy ,bunny boy ,bunny boy

Adoro said...

Ah, bunny boy, it would be wonderful if you can make it back here to the States! :-)

sacerdos said...

Hi Adoro,
I find your blog nice and interesting. May i ask how to subscribe to your blog? Thank you so much.

In Corde Mariae,

Adoro said...

Hi sacerdos ~ To subscribe, create a Google account and that will give you the option to follow any given blog. You could also go to the bottom of the main page, scroll down and you'll see 2 options: at the very bottom just under "Home" it says "Subscribe to posts" on the lower left. Or, in my blog just above "Blog Archive" there is another option for subscription. Just click there and follow the directions it gives.


Judy T Stefencavage said...

Hello my name is Judy. Grandmother of 7 mother of 3. I love finding new blogs by Catholic writers/bloggers. Reading them has increased my knowledge of Jesus Christ and my faith tremendously. I've also gotten lots of inspiration. I look forward to reading your blog as much as possible. Also to learn about you and your journey of faith.
More than likely as I make comments I will tell you little by little my journey also. So together we can tell the whole world about our love of Jesus and our Catholic faith.

Childrens Writer said...

Enjoyed reading your blog and have started following. If you have time to follow my venture's called Singing in the Wood, .

Anonymous said...

Hi Adoro,
I go by the LF psudonym whilst blogging and today I encountered the term 'plurk' for the first time.

Catholic in Discernment / writes anon blog about experiences / likes sprinkles on doughnut.


Nicole @ Sew Much Sunshine said...

Introducing myself:
Name's Nicole. Catholic, mid-20s, loving the faith and living the life.

Thanks for your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am Debbie from Michigan. My husband and I just had our 43rd wedding anniversary. I am mother to seven and soon to be grandma to 31, the oldest being 15. I am Italian by heritage and cook lots of spaghetti and meatballs on Sundays. I am a cradle Catholic who takes the Catholic faith very seriously.
I am a new reader of yours and enjoy your blog. You have a beautiful writing style that is easy to read, and easy to understand. Your topics are informative, moving, and timely. Thank you for sharing.

Adoro said...

Hello and welcome, Debbie, Nicole, LF, Children's Writer and Judy!

I'm way behind on responses here but glad you've come to visit!

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm sugarcat, and just found your blog thru a link - so many souls need help, and I want to get them some, but was suspicious I had attachment to sin - can't stop smoking, video gaming - the compulsive part made me suspicious - so looking up "attachment to sin" brought me here to your excellent post! Although I figure many posters and yourself probably have read it, I can't recommend enough the Diary of St. Faustina - am now reading it and I've never been moved by a book so much. She was totally focused on God, and compared to Him every thing else is really insignificant! She really shows the human struggle involved in becoming a saint. Your blog post is really to the point here, God bless you. I dislike spiders, and have never found what spider makes the cobwebs in my house - yet they keep appearing, LOL. Got to clean house, spiritually and physically!

Cooking For Success said...

Hi my name is jacinta

and just found your blog thru a link - so many souls need help, i pray the Divine Mercy prayer everyday.
And i am so devoted to Our Lady of Perpetual Help i was on my pilrimage tour started from France/Lourdes/Montserrat/Fatima/Rome/Medjugorje but was in hospital in ROME for 23days in the 23day i only prayed to Our Lady of Perpetual Help not knowing that they was the church there and a Nurse name Grace i was tell her how i do the Novena to her here in Perth Australia, and she was so kind to ask her friend of hers to take me to the church on my dischage from the hospital.

God bless you an i like you blog

Gabby said...

Hey I'm Gabby! I play the organ for mass (when I manage to evade the notice of my parish's music director). I play clarinet for my school band. I'm a junior in high school and I dislike chemistry. I'm allergic to milk but I love chocolate! (Praise God for dedicated dairy-free manufacturing facilities!) I also love the Liturgy of the Hours because it's just so, well, there are no words to describe it.

Adoro said...

Sugarcat ~ The Diary of St. Faustina is incredible, isn't it? I need to re-read it so thanks for the kick in the pants to do so!

Jacinta ~ We can always entrust ourselves to OLPH and to Divine Mercy!

Gabby ~ While I was involved in the Church when I was in High School, I don't think most of it ever "hit home" as it seems to have does for you. Keep praying the Liturgy of the Hours and don't ever let that treasure go. Even if you keep praying only because it's "routine", it's a connection to Christ you will need as you go through your college years and beyond. Stay faithful to prayer!

Gabby said...

I was doing Totus Tuus this summer, and we said night prayer together every night. I was like, "Woah, this is good stuff." So I found myself a brevary, and as they say, the rest is history!