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Monday, May 15, 2006

Code Red

When I was a kid, we used to watch a tv show called "Code Red". It ran from 1981-1982 and then never returned. I'm sure it was a terribly hokey show, but I loved it and so did my sibling.

In looking back, I have to wonder if the female firefighter on the show was the spark that caused me to puruse the same career 25 years later. I remember running around the house in an "Emergency!" fire helmet, and was so in love with the actors on Code Red that I tore the "Emergency!" sticker off of my red fire hat. But since I could not figure out how to place the Code Red! Logo on my hat, I ran around sporting a partially torn logo. I used to pretend to be the female firefighter, although to this day I don't remember her name--either her real one or her character's. But I loved Ted, and I tried to name my stuffed toys after him.

I'm sad, today. Why? Because even TVLand has not replayed the show. I've done internet searches so I know there's some kind of a following out there. I wish they would download to DVD and put us out of our misery. Even if it was hokey, we liked the show and it may have had some kind of dubious (although good) influence on my life.

Now, I liked and still like Emergency!, but that show's actors weren't nearly as cute as the Code Red guys.

So! Does anyone know any way we can force the industry to make a DVD of the old Code Red shows??? I guarantee one purchase right here, and I'm betting there'll be more.

If not, would anyone consider going to and find the request section and write in Code Red? A lot of people will thank you for entering your vote, even if you don't intend to ever watch the show.


Our Word said...

Have you ever seen this discussion forum?

I wonder if he could help?

Adoro said...

If you had clicked on that link you would not have posted had a total of 3 posts, they were old, and there was no final least not publicly. Checked out that link on Saturday night. :-)

I've run every search engine and the reality is that there is nothing out there. The show ran a season, died, and never reran. Which is sad, because there are LOTS of bad shows that re-run and torture us all. And that one, which was clean, family-friendly, etc...gone. How sad. What a commentary on our society.

But yup, ran every search. It's up to the voting public now to put pressure on TV Land. That's our only hope.

Unknown said...


Asking folks to vote for a cause they don't intend to support?

Now, Adoro, Do you suppose you personally can now be classified as a "Near Occasion of Sin?"

Which Commandment would that be? Oh, of course, 'Bearing False Witness!'

P.S. What is there about comments sections that don't like 'special characters?' (double-quotes aren't allowed)!

Anonymous said...

How would that be bearing false witness? It would only be a near occasion of sin if I were, say, asking people to in the City. That might be an outright sin. But Code Red is a family-friendly show, one of the few shows we were allowed to watch, and it apparently had a good influence on me. How is that sinful to ask people to vote for this?

Nice try, though, Ray. If you don't want to request a perfectly good show, then that's your perogative and I certainly won't hold it against you.


Anonymous said...

Vote here!

Scroll down to the bottom and type in the name of the show (or for that matter, any show that interests you which is not listed already. )

Julie D. said...

Hey, if you do get that figured out would you then turn your attentions to Max Hedroom? It was a really great, though short lived series ... we knew it wouldn't last long because it was too faithful to the British original. I can't find it anywhere and it was so good...

Anonymous said...


You can "vote" for your show to be out on DVD at

Network execs do monitor the site. One of my "guilty" pleasure is JAG and I voted for it on DVD. They are releasing the first season in July.

Now I just have to work on the 1990's TV version of the Untouchables to be on DVD....


Adoro said...

I KNEW if I blogged about it, they would come...and they did! Yay!

Julie D. did you catch that website? Thanks Cathy! I just went and registered for a password.

Julie D., tell you what...although I was not a fan of Max Headroom, I will make a request for the DVD on your behalf, but you should still sign up and do so to. And I'll even go to TVLand to request it. I'm not a fan, but fair's fair, and I remember that it was a show my brother loved.

I checked out the list of stuff on DVD, and I'm amazed that Code Red, while hokey was not on the list...there's some really bad stuff out there, and yet my show got bypasssed. Makes me sad.

Spread the word, people! Vote for these shows!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean the Emergency guys were not as cute!! Randolph Mantooth is still a babe!!!!

Adoro said...

Yeah....I've always thought that the 70's actors were odd looking. Not bad looking, mind you, but not cute so much. Clearly the standards of "cute-ness" change from decade to decade.

Now, if you think Randolph Mantooth was a hottie, you really need to check out the Code Red guys...blow the Emergency guys away! ;-)

Just as an FYI, I have Emergency 2nd season on DVD...I'm going to pick up the first season while I'm on vacation next week.

I can't believe that show began airing before I was born. And I still like it 31 years (almost 32) after my birth.


Anonymous said...

Adoro - I do agree that taste in looks must change with the decades! I still like big 70's moustaches (even tho Randy Mantooth was clean shaven LOL!)