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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thank God for Nurses!

Over the last couple days, I have been progressively losing the hearing in my left ear. Today I went to work with a loss of equilibrium, most likely psychosomatic, due to this condition. I had tried the home remedies, and had to concede was time to go to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor. And usually, I can avoid the experience, but this time...not so much.

So I called and made an appointment with anyone because I was desperate. I would have been happy to see the janitor, but they did find me an appointment with a doctor at the clinic.

I was led to an examination room by a nursing student, and she was very nice. Very motherly, and very capable. She was empathetic, and still businesslike. I have no doubt she will graduate with honors.

She left and the doctor came in and we spoke for literally twenty seconds. No doubt the insurance company will be billed for over $100.00 for his time.

He asked me what I was there for, so I told him I couldn't hear out of my left ear, it was plugged. He asked me what I was reading (I had a book- Sophia House), and I told him the short description, "It's about a guy who harbors a Jewish boy during the Nazi occupation of Poland," and he introduced himself. Of course I couldn't hear him and I had to ask him to repeat. His introduction was totally out of the order of the usual script. I was at a loss. Usually the introduction comes BEFORE the icebreaking question about the book.

I felt like an idiot. I wish someone had given me this doctor's script for if they had, I could have responded appropriately to his introduction.

Anyway, he confirmed the ear canal was blocked. He told me matter-of-factly that I needed an ear wash.


He asked me if I'd ever had a punctured ear drum? No. Or ear surgery of any kind? No.

"Then you can have one!" the doctor proclaimed, as though he were passing his affirmative judgment with regard to having a lollipop after confirming I'd already eaten my vegetables. I was amused.

He shook my hand (that usually comes with the intro), told me he was sending in a nurse, and left.

Tell me again...why does our culture revere doctors so much? I just don't get it.

On the other hand, another nurse comes in, and tells me that this ear problem is striking many people, and I am not the first person this week with no prior history of such a problem. Ever. She does her job efficiently, and effectively, and the next thing I know, I can hear her speak by using BOTH of my ears!

Praise God! I was very thankful and thanked her lavishly for her help. She of course laughed....I'm sure she has recieved this response from other people with temporary and uncomfortable deafness.

And my other nurse story (sorry, I don't have many as I have not often been sick). A few years ago I needed surgery. I remember waking from the anesthesia with the strange thought that everything was orange...the special heat blanket which was over me, the iv fluid, the curtains, the floor, the nurses' uniforms...all orange. I had not opened my eyes yet and so I have no explanation for this. No, the oxygen I was recieving was not scented. I actually considered this in my loopy state and made a special mental note that the air, while orange, was not scented at all.

As I awoke, I could hear a nurse moving around...she removed the IV and the oxygen, and after a few minutes, she asked me how I was. With much grog and little voice, I told her, "thirsty".

And I was . Very, very thirsty. And getting kind of tired of the orange which wasn't really there.

She left, and for a moment, I feared she had abandoned me, but thenk I figured I could just go back to sleep. Then she was back and she was giving me ice chips.

I decided in that moment that this merciful savior of a woman was the BEST PERSON *EVER* and I have loved her dearly ever since.

The poor dear even had to help me dress, but was respectful enough not to laugh after I first refused her help and then had to sheepishly ask for it.

I have decided that I will forever love and be grateful to nurses. They do the most work and they get the least credit. They are hardworking, intelligent, and if not for them, I have to admit I'd probably still be miserable.

So I ask you...have you hugged your nurse today, and thanked God for him or her? Now, don't go around randomly hugging nurses...that might freak them out, and rightly so, but don't forget to thank them and don't forget to keep all nurses on your permanent prayer list!

As always, God bless!


Unknown said...

Well, I didn't hug my nurse today, but I did compliment her. I had a routine doctor visit and I needed to undergo the normal blood extraction. She was a real pro, and I told her so.

I had a hearing problem once. Somehow I decided that I had too much "ear wax" in one ear so I went out and invested in a package of Q-Tips and decided I would handle it myself. I think some special fluid was involved, too. Well, rather than removing the wax, I ended up compressing it down against the ear drum or whatever the outside layer of the hearing portion of the ear is called. I lost probably half my hearing.

Coincidentally, I happened to be seeing an Ear-Nose-Throat specialist the next week about a nose problem, and I had him go in and extract the wax. He had to pick it out with tweezers. That would have been hard do do myself.

Anybody want some Q-Tips?

Adoro said...


Wow. They just used an ear-wash today...a special syringe filled with peroxide and water mixture (lukewarm) and a specially designed cup, and it just flushed everything out.

Yeah, q-tips are a bad bad thing to stick in the ear.