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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blasphemy at the Cathedral

I just saw the news, and of course KSTP carried the story. I keep thinking more and more that this station is anti-Catholic because no other stations will touch the stuff KSTP carries. But that's for another post.

Anyway, they showed the infamous Brian McNeill of the Rainbow Sash innocently talking about how they were denied communion again. (PRAISE GOD!) He innocently held up his hands in a "who, me?" posture and conned to the camera that he has NO IDEA what the Church teaches about this. Apparently an usher caught someone breaking up the host and handing it out to those who had been denied. The usher confiscated what was left of the Body of Christ and detained the offenders, threatening that he would call the police.

Apparently the police were never called, and McNeill was left in front of KSTP's anti-Catholic camera mugging that as far as he knows, "not consuming" the Eucharist is not against the law.

Well, it may not be against secular law, but I would like to refer him and all his ilk to Canon Law which clearly explaines why they are being denied Communion and that in fact, it IS against Canon law to not consume the consecrated host:

Can. 959 In the sacrament of penance the faithful who confess their sins to a lawful minister, are sorry for those sins and have a purpose of amendment, receive from God, through the absolution given by that minister, forgiveness of sins they have committed after baptism, and at the same time they are reconciled with the Church, which by sinning they wounded.

Can. 915 Those upon whom the penalty of excommunication or interdict has been imposed or declared, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion.

Sound like anyone? The rainbow sash, anyone? Mr. Brian McNeill, are you getting all this down? Anyone who wears the rainbow sash is promulgating the practice of manifest grave sin, and in that act, they are themselves persisting in manifest grave sin. This is the reason for denial of Communion.

Can. 916 Anyone who is conscious of grave sin may not celebrate Mass or receive the Body of the Lord without previously having been to sacramental confession, unless there is a grave reason and there is no opportunity to confess; in this case the person is to remember the obligation to make an act of perfect contrition, which includes the resolve to go to confession as soon as possible.

The only defense these yahoos have is that they don't know that they are in mortal sin. However, since they've been told that homosexual BEHAVIOR, or ACTING OUT their same-sex proclivities is in fact, grave sin, that just blows their "I'm ignorant" defense out of the water.

Can. 935 It is not lawful for anyone to keep the blessed Eucharist in personal custody or to carry it around, unless there is an urgent pastoral need and the prescriptions of the diocesan Bishop are observed

Clearly, if someone was breaking up the consecrated Eucharist and was passing it around, that person carried the blessed Eucharist around, and thus that person is in violation of Canon 935.

If you would like to read the Code of Canon Law for yourself, it can be found here and here.

It seems these people can't get a clue if they even have to swallow it.

I probably have to go to Confession before I recieve the Eucharist again. Please pray for me. I'm experiencing one of the seven deadly sins...Anger; and I may have crossed the line from righteous anger in defense of my Lord. Even if my words don't betray my inner turmoil, I may have sinned.

God help us defend His Church from the ignorance and attacks from within.

UPDATE! 6/6/06 Tuesday A faithful (to the Lord) reader sent me the following link to the sashayer's description of the whole thing. May the Lord have mercy on the souls of those who so trample upon the beloved body and blood of Jesus Christ.


Terry Nelson said...

Fantastic post! Great points! You areso on my links! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Atta Girl, Adoro!

I thougth he was out of town. That must have been a lie to keep the guard down at the Cathedral.

What's a little lie for a blasphemer, huh?

I think it's about time that we start attending their meetings! Are you up for it?

Adoro said...

Thanks, Terry! :-)

Ray, I'm pretty sure if I attend one of their "meetings" I'll spend eternity in purgatory doing time for the Deadly Sin which will likely win. Too much of a temptation and I'm not sure I'll be able to contain it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Not consuming" the Eucharist IS against secular law- it is a form of theft. The Host is granted under the condition that the person receiving it is 1) a Catholic in the state of grace, and 2) going to consume it immediately. Taking the Eucharist under other conditions is a form of theft, plain and simple. Of course, none of this would be possible without communion in the hand...

Anonymous said...

A parishioner of St. Agnes was at Father Altier's reception and told my mom that another priest has been taken out of his parish--a Father Graevner? He gave a homily against receiving communion when you are publicly opposing church teaching she had said and he was just removed from his parish.
I haven't seen anything about it anywhere and I wonder if you have anyway to find out if this is true.
Thank you very much for your posts and your writings! I appreciate them since you often express what I am thinking and feeling.

Adoro said...


I don't know who Fr. Graevner is--I have not heard of the situation. I would actually be surprised to find out if that was the case. As the fact that we are not to recieve if we are publicly opposed to Church teaching has been in the news (as of the last election, anyway) I would be surprised if the rumor was true. More likely if the priest was moved it had NOTHING to do with the homily.

Also, Anon1, you are IS a form of theft. How could I have missed that fact? Thanks for your input!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Dont fret, help from Rome is on the way!!!!!! Wink, Wink. Times they are a changin!!

Anonymous said...

That anon is probably talking about Msgr. Shuller (SP). He may be leaving due to health reasons not some conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

"Dont fret, help from Rome is on the way!!!!!! Wink, Wink. Times they are a changin!!"

We have been hearing this for a while now. Any specifics? It is getting harder to not fret. I am also afraid that we will build up great hopes in our minds only to have them dashed to the ground by actions that don't meet our expectations. Are you talking about your diocese in particular or the US in general?

Phoenix said...

Good post - thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Wink, wink! The mark of Zoro! I know he knows that I know he knows! Oh my gosh! This is sooooooo fun!
Anyway - it's Fr. Graebner - he was removed from his parish - he went over heads, appealed to Rome, Rome wrote back and said he was okay and then the Arch- enemy - I mean Bishop suspended his faculties (Fr. Graebner) until he goes for psychiatric evaluation - just another hoop to go through - reminiscent of KGB style harrassment.
Soooooooooooooo! The announcement is imminent for the Arcdiocese of MPLS/St. Paul.
"Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh............Rumor has it all across the town....." - in my opinion the best song Donna Summer ever made!

Anonymous said...

Im talking about the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. As for other dioceses, Im sure things will change too, just look at some of the news from Kansas City Missouri and Bishop Finn.

I would hope the next big move for the vatican would be to make some huge changes in a certain Archdiocese in southern CA in the hollywood area. They have it real bad there and are in even greater need than us here in MN. Pray for them!!

Anonymous said...

I heard the announcement may well be made tomorrow - Tuesday. I also heard that the 'popular' names are not in the running at all.

Maria Neva said...

FYI - I've heard the rumors too, rumblings about a certain American Msgr. from Rome being named. I don't know anything about him personally, but I tentatively suggest that I think he is a good choice. We shall see - hopefully soon, hopefully even tomorrow (Tuesday is the usual day for the American episcopal appointments to be announced over the Vatican Info Service). Stay tuned, and pray hard!

Unknown said...


I assume you know that +Veritas+ is our very favorite St Thomas U student just finishing up her year in Rome. She should be back by the end of the month or so. Lots of credibility with rumors from that far away.

He'd have to be a heckuva Msgr though, I would think, to jump right to Archbishop. JPII's long time friend and secretary, Stanislaw Dziwisc, had to spend some time in the Bishop trenches.

Anonymous said...

I suggest everyone pray Blessed Mother Teresa's emergency novena to our Blessed Mother. The Emergency novena is 9 memorare's in a row. Also if possible it would be good to go to confession and recieve Holy Communion with a prayer one our Father one hail Mary and one Glory Be for the Holy Fathers intentions.

Anonymous said...

That usher, whomever he or she is, is to be commended for having the guts to speak up and defend Our Lord. If that had been me would I have had that kind of courage? I'm not sure.

Whoever, you are, Usher at the Cathedral, Defender of the Sacred Host, God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Who is Father Graebner and with what Parish is he associated?

Anonymous said...

What are all these rumors about? Someone please enlighten those of us in the dark! What do you mean that Rome is on the way to help?

Anonymous said...

Here is a hint, the help may be coming from "a mile high". It seems we will be hearing about it from the Vatican on a tuesday as this is when the holy see makes anouncements about north america, so maybe this Tuesday! Look to Rome tonight around 11pm central time.

"Times they are a changin"

Anonymous said...

These responses have degenerated to the point that they have nothing to do with the original post. The rumors are about the pronunciation of coadjutor, as in new Archbishop for the diocese of STP/MPLS. Or is it about Fr. Graebner who was pastor of St. John's in St. Paul and then found shelter at ST. Agnes? Wink, wink.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chaput is what we are hearing. I dont want to say 100% but more and more people are saying that name.

The suspense is killing me!!!

I wonder if they will also appoint another auxillary Bishop as well?

I hope things start to happen for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles soon too. Can you imagine the need they have for an Orthodox Bishop? It is a circus over there!

Anonymous said...

"CHAPUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Dear God, I hope not! He's too good of a man to be thrown into that cesspool of dissidence.

I think it's just innuendo anyway, but if Flynn is replaced he shouldn't get the luxury of retirement. He should be demoted to auxiliary bishop and then be dispatched to St. Joan of Arc parish, Fr. Leo Tibesar's rectory, and the CPCSM headquarters to lance the boils he's allowed to fester all these years.

Adoro said...

Ok, here's the thing. Archbishop Flynn does not deserve what the latest Anon poster has decreed. Please don't slam the man so harshly. I'm sure that not everything you've been assigned to do has exactly brought souls to heaven now, or has it?

What I'm about to say is likely going to make me very unpopular.

Here's the problem. Archb. Flynn has a pastoral heart and his talents lie there. The fruits of this talent are displayed in brilliance with the number of vocations, the perpetual Adoration chapels which continue to blossom, etc. I have met him and I have spoken with solid, orthodox priests who really TRUST him in what he is doing.

He is allowing himself to be led by the Holy Spirit as opposed to popular opinion. I, for one thank GOD that I am a woman for I would never want the danger of having his job.

He is not an administrator. I think he has tried, I think he is continuing to try and I know for a fact he is a man of deep prayer...but this still does not make him an administrator.

Additionally, I came across something several weeks ago which had NOTHING TO do with the dissidents cesspool we have in our Archdiocese, but what I read struck a chord just the same.

Consider the Apostles in the tiny boat during the raging storm, while Jesus slept peacefully. Finally they awoke him, fearing that they were going to die.

They did not trust. They did not believe and instead, they panicked and awoke Jesus, who was of course aware of the entire situation and knew there was no danger.

We are the Apostles in that boat. That's not to say we should not take action where action can be taken, and that is not to say that we do not have a right to complain when things go wrong. But we sure as hell do need to spend a little more time in prayer and trust as opposed to bashing Archbishop Flynn for not having a talent that God did not give him.

When we bash priests, we are bashing the Lord for he is the representative on earth. We need to be very careful to limit our criticisms and judgments and to be fair in them. Monday morning quarterbacking is not helpful to anyone.

I do hope we get a good, solid Archbishop to replace him, but I pray that when Archbishop Flynn retires, he is rewarded for his suffering by being given an assignment in which he can exercise his true talents. I would not wish St. Joan of Arc upon ANY priest for I think to do so is the equivalent of wishing someone into Hell, and I believe that is officially classified as a sin.

Now, to be perfectly honest and to remove the PC and charity glasses I'm wearing...I WOULD like to see that entire parish blown to smithereens, crushed, or the like, and the ground salted, and a new, orthodox parish raised up from the dust and ashes after extensive exorcisms of the area.

I don't for a minute think that will happen, so instead, let's all just continue our rosaries and divine mercies for the conversion of SJA? And of course for a new Shepherd with the fortitude of an administrator and still with the heart of a pastor.

Anonymous said...

Why is Fr. Leo Tibesar still a sitting member of the Dignity USA Leadership Team? Who's supporting him and putting a roof over his head?

Terry Nelson said...


Anonymous said...

I agree he is a good man. He just has very weak Priests in the Archdiocese. Can you imagine having more than half of the priests not listen to you and who are not very faithful to the magistarium? You would have your hands tied behind your back. I hope everyone out there will join me in thanking him for the difficult job he had to perform as Archbishop. He really does want to save all of our souls he just was not the type that would strongly correct his flock again I believe due to the fact of the weak priests again. We need to start praying for Gods will to be done and not what we would want but what HE would want. All things work out for those who love the Lord and do his Holy Will.

Our Word said...


Well, well put! I concur completely with your last statement. This is an extremely difficult situation for everyone in the Archdiocese (even though many may be unaware of most of what's happening), and it's awfully hard to explain to those from outside the Archdiocese. Thanks for all your efforts!

(P.S. How can I get 30 comments on one of my posts?)

Anonymous said...

you still the man mitch

Our Word said...


That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a long time! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Everyone who is reading this post please stop for a few seconds and pray the memorare 9 times, this is the emergency novena Blessed Mother Teresa used many a times!

Please pray it for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis MN.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary,
that never was it known
that any one who fled to thy protection,
implored thy help or sought thy intercession,
was left unaided.
Inspired with this confidence,
I fly unto thee,
O Virgin of virgins my Mother;
to thee do I come,
before thee I stand,
sinful and sorrowful;
O Mother of the Word Incarnate,
despise not my petitions,
but in thy clemency hear and answer me.

Anonymous said...

Good idea to pray the Memorare, anonymous. Here's another prayer that seems appropriate:


St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou O prince of the heavenly host by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.


Mr. Dad said...

Adoro te devote -
I too would like to commend you on your very gracious post.

Whatever his administrative faults, I have been very grateful for Flynn's leadership overall. As the saying goes, we may not have had many key "fires" but we certainly have gotten a lot of great "hires" out of his episcopacy. I think that's his true legacy.

May the Holy Spirit bless us with a holy successor!

Maria Neva said...

Nothing on the VIS today (the Italian version from earlier) - just some new auxiliaries for Brooklyn NY.

However - (Revised) rumor...

Bp. Aquila (yay!) to MSP, the NAC Msgr. to...Fargo? That would make more sense anyway, that a new coadjutor for an archdiocese would be a bishop already.

Chaput has NOT been on any of my radar screens, not that I have many. That would seem unlikely too, as it would certainly be a lateral move at least. Not saying it couldn't happen but...

Anyway, God only knows. :) Pray that His will be done, and quickly!

Anonymous said...

That would make more sense. Bishop Aquila from what I have seen is a great shepherd. He even allowed the TLM at the Cathedral weekly. Veritas could you imagine that with our choir singing gregorian chant. Go Fr. Johnson!

Vidi aquam egredientem de templo, a latere dextro, alleluia: et omnes, ad quos pervenit aqua ista, salvi facti sunt, et dicent, alleluia, alleluia

That chant always gives me goose bumps!

Our Word said...


Interesting rumor. You think there's anything to the thought that the announcement might come on Thursday, to coincide with the publication of The Catholic Spirit?

Anonymous said...

Notes on above comments:

1) Fr. Grabner got through seminary with no one challenging his extreme traditionalism. I know, I was there. If this is the best the conservative Catholics can do, then shut the doors.

2) Archbishop Flynn is a saintly man trying to keep the Church together in the midst of polarization that is just to much to endure most days. He is trying to pick up the pieces that were broken by others prior to his taking office.

3) The leftys have run rough-shod over this wonderful Archdiocese too long and they need to be corrected and silenced. If Fr. Altier is sent to the wasteland of hospital chaplaincy, then I have a list of priests in this Archdiocese that deserve and need the same fate.

A Preacher

Anonymous said...

I noticed the catholic spirit website has not been updated since 2 weeks ago. It seems kind of strange, they usually update it by monday.

I wonder if they are to busy shredding and destroying old articles from their archives in an attempt to avoid mass firings. They probably took the hint from the folks at the catholic key (the diocese paper for Kansas city-St. Joseph missouri) when many of them were "let go" after their new Coadjutor took over. Dont you worry Catholic spirit (of vatican II) we have all of the watered down articles and the rest to send to the new Bishop to show him what kind of junk you have been printing.

I think that should be one of the first things he should do is to make our Archdiocese paper actually Catholic.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: Re: your June 6 update:

Oh, for crying out loud, literally!

By Mr. McNeill's interpretation of the law I may now infer that I can stand in the doorway of Planned Parenthood in Highland and pass out anti-abortion literature.

Is it illegal in the City of St. Paul to NOT consume a host? No. But, as Adoro pointed out it is not allowed per the Canon Law of the Catholic Church.

As I said to Adoro earlier, when are these folks going to realize that Communion is not "fellowship" and a "bite to eat". It's actually receiving the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many are called few are worthy!

I prayed the Emergeny Novena for this Archdiocese (that anonymous recommended) on June 6, 2006 at 6 a.m. before the Blessed Sacrament.

May God Have Mercy of Us!

Anonymous said...

I just tried to go out to the Catholic Spirit website and it's not there (as of 6:45pm Wednesday). Do they have a new URL? Maybe they are working on a big news release...

Anonymous said...

Hey! I thought the same thing - I've tried since 3pm today - what if they also were responsible for the eblogger to be down today? I know it's a conspiracy!

PS Cindyy Brucao just said something about big changes in the Archdiocese...details at 10PM! Channel 5.

Adoro said...

Couple things on the Catholic Spirit:

* I think they might be on their summer publishing schedule, which is every other week.

* I've had problems viewing the site all week. The page hasn't come up, but when it did load, it looked just as it did 2 weeks ago.

* been having problems reading blogger posts everywhere today! AAarrrgh!

* Thanks for the tip on Ch 5- I'm now taking bets- 1 rosary that they will speak about the Archdiocese only by bringing up some "controversy" so as to drag scandal into it. For example, "There will be a changing of the guard at the chancery office, all against a backdrop of the recent confrontation at the chapel and unrest among the conservatives of the archdiocese..." etc.

Terry Nelson said...

I can't stand it! I'm sticking my neck out and claiming the announcement will be tonight at 10 on 5 NEWS! I called the Newsroom - she put me on hold and after a delay came back chuckling and said "You'll just have to wait until 10."
It's tonight!

Anonymous said...

Your on Adoro, I see your 1 rosary and up it 1 divine mercy that they will talk about the new coadjutor.

Anonymous said...

I have to do this anonymously...I do not want any bad news, BUT - I have heard from a couple of sources that the Chancellor of the Archdiocese is possibly/maybe - no - is going to get a sanction or reprimand from the Vatican. Heard it but no confirmation. I just don't think it's negative news tonight however.

Adoro said...

Anon with the rosary- of COURSE it's going to be about the coadjudor...that's not really in question at this point. (Although I'll admit we can be wrong about that). I am talking about HOW KSTP will give the news...and I'm betting that they'll bring some kind of scandal into it, reference the "sex scandals" or the "confrontation at the Cathedral on Pentecost Sunday", etc etc etc.

And most recent anon...I think it'll be good news, too. Sanctions won't bring "big changes" that would be so newsworthy. A coadjutor would.

Unknown said...

The Catholic Spirit has been sending out an email alert on Tuesdays before publication to subscribers (it's free!). I didn't receive it this week.

The rumor about a sanction about someone has been heard before. I would doubt that that would be released at the same time as the announcement of a Coadjutor as it would reflect on Archbishop Flynn, no matter who the individual. The Vatican is pretty good at politics.

+Veritas+'s "twofer" suggestion of a Monsignor for Fargo (or maybe Sioux Falls that has been waiting for well over a year) and Bishop Aquila to us (Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!) makes some sense.

Making Sioux Falls wait longer would not necessarily make sense. But as Bishop Aquila is currently the administrator of Sioux Falls, one of those position should be filled.

I've surfed a bunch of places including the other TV stations in town, the NYT and the WaPo and the main blogger culprits and I don't see anything yet.

Unknown said...

Blogger seems to have been having problems for six or more hours. It seems to be up now but there is an announcement that they will be going down for maintenance at 8:23 PST, which is 9:23 our time. But that might actually be 8:23 PDT. With bad programming.

So, if it doesn't go down at 9:23 CDT, if you are going to post, have your screens at the ready at 10:00!

Unknown said...

That's probably a false alarm for maintenance tonight. I didn't notice a.m. on the announcement. the 9:23 was for this morning.

Anonymous said...

Another thought on catholic spirit news paper. I wonder if those Msgr's had anything to do with the shutdown.

Adoro said...

I've already posted (seperate from this one) on the announcement soon to come, entitled, "The Catholics are Restless".

I'll post the news there and probably here, most likely.

Blogger was down this afternoon between 1 and 3:30 pm or the like. I kept trying from work to get some news. :-) I'm thinking we should be ok tonight.

Anonymous said...

Join us tommorow morning at 6am at St. Agnes in St. Paul with Fr. Altier for a Mass of thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what KSTP said about the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis MN on Wed. night? I am from the Twin Cities ( and I´m there every summer) but live in Spain. I haven´t been able to find out anything. I too heard about Cardinal Arinze to appoint a coadujdor. I´ve got my contacts there....

Adoro said...

KSTP didn't say anything we don't already know. They just rehashed what we've said here.

I blogged it just after the anti-climactic story on KSTP. They "broke" the story 2 weeks after the bloggers did.

Here's my post:

Still nothing. We're hoping for an announcement this Tuesday, but they are saying by the end of June...but then again, KSTP has proven they know nothing at all.