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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Catholics are Restless

The Catholics are restless as we await the news of the "big change" in our Archdiocese. For days...nay...weeks, rumors have been circulating, being hashed and rehashed and even an expatriot in LA claims to have inside knowledge of the new coadjutor.

The latest is the claim by KSTP 5 that we are about to have "big changes". I'll admit that I have a gripe here...why, exactly, is the news station most prone to Catholic bashing allowed to bring the big news to us first? Why is a Catholic news service not given the honor?

We are anxiously and with much joyful hope awaiting the "big news". Is this what we have been praying for?


Leadership changes in the works! There's no news, actually. Anticlimactic. There could be a new coadjutor named by the end of the month. The speculation is Bishop Cupich of Sioux Falls SD or Bishop Aquila, as we've already all speculated. One more speculative option is the current Auxilary Bishop Pates.

The caution being given is that there's no timetable and Archbishop Flynn will retire in 2 years. Again, no news...but the "hoping by the end of June" is news...we, the restless were hoping for NOW!

Keep praying, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Im watchin fox 9 they said nothing about it.

I wonder if the Archdiocese is having a press conference?

Adoro said...

I've got 9 on, too, hoping they'll mention it, but it seems not.

Our Word said...

I can't believe they'd have a press conference at this hour. But this is an open secret now. I spoke with my contact at the archdiocese, and he said there'd been talk about this for "some time," although the thought had been more along the lines that it would be Pates or one of the other bishops in Minnesota.

My other source says nothing of the kind. He will not be from Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

This must be a record number of posts on your blog huh Adoro?

Anonymous said...

Pates, gosh I hope not, we really need someone strong. I will pray and join those going to mass at St. Agnes tommorrow at 6 am in St. Paul.

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes on the vatican press office I believe they post at 6 am 11 pm our time.

Unknown said...

After reading that Archbishop Flynn's private "secretary" was a member of St Joan of Arc parish, why does it not surprise me that the chancery crowd was rooting for Bishop Pates?

I think I may be at St Agnes in the morning also. I won't tell you what my prayers will be, but you can guess, I'm sure.


They're just announcing the "Coadjutor search."


Anonymous said...

I think we may know more than the news.

Adoro said...

Yup, record traffic on my little blog.

And yup, we know more than the news. Of course, that's really no surprise...after all, we have a LOT more invested in this than a few secular reporters.

Anonymous said...

It will NEVER be Pates. If it were to be him then we would be certain God was punishing the Archdiocese. He's an iconoclast - he stripped Our Lady of Peace of everthing devotional. I know a well-known priest who refers to him as the Anti-Christ. (You all love the said priest!) If it were to be him the announcement would have had to have been yesterday, 06/06/06. He's a hard-boiled '60's guy. All I know is that we need someone now! We need some kind of hope!

Unknown said...

Bishop Blase Cupich is currently in Rapid City, SD.

The Sioux Falls, SD, Bishopric, formerly occupied by Bishop Robert Carlson, now doing great things in Saginaw, Michigan, has been vacant since December,2004. Pray for those in Sioux Falls that they get a new Bishop soon.

Bishop Carlson was formerly an Auxiliary Bishop in St Paul - Minneapolis.

Anonymous said...

KSTP knows nothing. They are calling around churches and reading blogs looking for rumors. The Catholic news services and The Catholic Spirit are acting as responsible journalists in not reporting a story until there is one. The Vatican usually makes these announcements on Tuesdays. Everyone can relax for a few days.

I find some of the comments on this blog to be scary. We have a magisterium people. Disagree with your bishop or not, it is never O.K. to be uncharitable. For that matter it is not a good idea to be uncharitable to anyone. I implore you all, think and pray before you attack any bishop in the Church. They are not bishops despite God's plan. They are part of His plan. I know it makes boring blog fodder but trust the Lord and surrender to His divine providence. I know of no beloved priest who would call a bishop the anti-Christ. Most of the beloved priests I know are quintessentially obedient and well aware and respectful of the hierarchy established by Christ.

Mr. Dad said...


It's been my observation that, ever since their ratings bottomed out, they've been trying to re-build themselves from scratch. The strategy seems to be to try to paint themselves as the "cutting-edge" news folk who give you all the news - including stories that none of the other networks will give.

In other words, they kind of make it up as they go along and follow stories that aren't really newsworthy, in the hopes that something will happen that's notable, and then they can boast that they had "exclusive coverage" or at least were "first on the scene."

That's why we get non-stories like this from them (and also why, when the slightest hint of severe weather arrives, KSTP is the first to cut out of regular programming to give non-stop weather coverage.)

Anonymous said...

Does the Anon who says he knows of no beloved priest who would ever refer to a Bishop as the anti-Christ ever talk to priests? (I know he does!) For one thing - priests are some of the worst gossips around and they say startling things. They say things like "Looking into his eyes you see the face of Satan!" They mock other priests and tear them down. Some priests get pretty nasty- and believe me - I have heard from the horse's mouth the word anti-Christ in reference to not a few. I also believe that they are here as God has willed, and some priests have suffered as a result. (We also get the hierarchy we deserve.) Another thing Anon is right about - KSTP knows nothing - but I don't think Anon knows much more. Anon is like a kid in a dysfunctional family, defending his abusers. This Archdiocese is one of the most dysfunctional around - everyone is in denial, and the abused keep trying to please the abusers. So hate the people who call a spade a spade. The elitist defends the elite.

Anonymous said...

Who is the person that wrote about no priest he/she knows would refer to a Bishop as the antichrist? Sure - it's not reverent but I KNOW the priest in question was speaking from experience. I didn't call him that, the priest did. I don't know Pates - except I know he stripped OLP of a lot of Catholic devotional. I also know he is a product of this Archdiocese and was rector of the seminary. I do not know his soul. I also respect the fact that he is Bishop. I also know he will not become Archbishop.

Adoro said...

Wow, has this conversation deteriorated. I would suggest an end to the priest and poster bashing immediately. While I suppore the free exchange of ideas and so have left controversial posts, I am not willing to be host to the flaming which is taking place.

If you cannot be bothered to behave as a charitable adult, then don't bother posting. Infighting, gossip about what priest allegedly said what, and accusing other posters of being dysfunctional is NOT acceptable and adds nothing to the discussion.

If you happen to know each other in person, then have your conversation in person.

Thank you.