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Saturday, June 03, 2006

"DIGNITY" and Rainbow Sash

Always a big topic on Pentecost Sunday. I encourage you to go to DIGNITY's website and check out their disordered thought. Especially disturbing is the incident at St. Thomas that apparently happened earlier this year. The good thing is that their old buddies at KSTP are apparently tired of listening to them whine about not getting their way.

Thanks to Ray for the info he found on DIGNITY's website about the upcoming events at the Cathedral this weekend. I encourage you to read their plans in their entirety, but just to give an example of their disordered thought about what they are doing.....

The Rainbow Sash is a symbol of celebration reserved for liturgical events, not a political banner. Nevertheless, all liturgies take place in a political context. In 2006 Archbishop Flynn has helped create a political context where same-sex families, including those with children, are being made permanent second class citizens. He is saying "back of the bus" to all glbt people in Minnesota, not just Catholics. We need to be present in the Cathedral on June 4 to remind him once again, that our glbt sexuality is a gift from God, which we proudly celebrate on Pentecost.

1. If the rainbow sash is a symbol of celebration, then it does not belong at Mass. If they want to have a "liturgical event" they can find a religion that fits their beliefs. (UCC and some dissident Methodist churches come to mind). In those churches, Jesus Christ is not present, body, blood, soul, and divinity as he is in the Catholic Mass, which is NOT a "liturgical event". Mass is a Divine Liturgy in which the sacrifice at Calvary is made present.

From here on out, let us refer to the Rainbow Sash Alliance and DIGNITY as"Roman Soldiers." Remember, that some of the Roman Soldiers did convert and we can pray that happens here in the Twin Cities and all over the nation.

2. The Divine Liturgy, or Mass, is apolitical. That means there are no political components as it is solely for WORSHIP. The fact that these people see this as a "political event" displays flagrantly the fact that at their core, they are moral relativists. They believe that everything can be bought, discussed, or changed by a vote. Jesus Christ did not come to earth to have his WORD changed by a vote.

3. Archbishop Flynn has not ordered ANYONE to the "back of the bus". Period. Let's talk about discrimination. The homosexual activist community is not experiencing segregation and discrimination. They are trying to run under a standard which is not their own and has NEVER belonged to them, and this is harmful to the memory of the atrocity of discriminated peoples throughout history. What the "Roman Soldiers" are being told is that if they want to recieve Jesus they must be in a state of Grace; that means Confession, true repentance, and honest intent to change one's life. They must honestly not want to encourage anyone else's sin. By wearing the rainbow sash they are proclaiming their sin and support of sin loudly and profanely and in doing so, are disrupting the prayer and worship of the larger community in order to force us to bend over and accept their demands. This differs greatly from the actual discrimination suffered by African Americans in our history, and the Jews in Nazi Europe, and it demeans the suffering and losses of those people.

In other words, they are attacking Catholic teaching at the most HOLY moment possible.

4. "GLBT sexuality" is a gift from God inasmuch as it is a cross to bear. We all have crosses to bear in our lifetimes and I'll admit those surrounding our sexual desires are likely the most difficult. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward. I hope and pray that these activists will be touched by the Holy Spirit and converted so that they may understand how they can accept and embrace their crosses instead of trying to crush the faithful with them.

Folks, as Jesus was crucified by Roman Soldiers, we will truly witness this again as a re-enactment at Mass tomorrow. While Jesus is made present by the power of the Holy Spirit, these people will be standing, and in effect, taunting our Lord. It hurts us all when they do this.

I ask that wherever you are, you begin a prayer vigil at 11:30 am tomorrow and lasting until at least 1:00 pm. I realize that this is a long period of time and we all have demands on that time. But we can all say extra prayers, we can offer up our sufferings and joys during that time period, and we can offer Masses and adoration hours throughout the weekend. Let our intention be the conversion of EVERY SINGLE person who wears the sash, supports the sash, and lives the active homosexual lifestyle. Let us also offer prayers for those with Same Sex Attraction who are living a celibate life and trying to follow God's will in their lives.

Let's continually ask God to convert the Roman Soldiers.


Rick Lugari said...

Please don't refer to them as Roman soldiers. Even as pagans, Roman soldiers possessed far more virtue and dignity than these folks. Brownshirts would be far more appropriate.


Adoro said...

Well, I tend to agree, but I AM trying to be charitable! :-) It's very difficult to be charitable about this group and their attack against our faith.