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Friday, June 09, 2006

SJA "Bible Study"

Now I know where Jack Chick gets his info about what the Catholic Church alleged believes. He must be an SJA parishioner.

Check out the latest internal attack against Truth.

God please help these people! The teacher is teaching not fact, but mythology and things which are patently false, and the misguided souls at SJA are buying into it hook line and sinker. Mostly because it seems to validate what they already believe.


Anonymous said...

I was literally sick to my stomach when I read the article. Why does the Bishop allow this????????????????

Adoro said...

He doesn't. They just do it.

God help Archbishop Flynn...he recently left a funeral for a fellow priest held at this parish and he was LIVID by all reports. This is a very kind, pastoral, gentel man, and this parish completely pissed him off. Please pray for him.

He's doing the job none of us wants.

(I would suggest evacuation, C-4- lots of it...and then extensive exorcisms of the parish and all parishioners..the later get the exorcisms, not the C04, that is...)

Anonymous said...

I will certainly pray for the bishop! Isn't Fr.Zuhlsdorf's parish of St. Agnes in the same diocese? From all I have seen of St. Agnes it is beautiful and holy. And then there is St. Joan Joan of Arc....Satan must be loving every minute of it. I can only wonder how people can be so gullible. It's a crying shame.

Anonymous said...

What is C-4?

Adoro said...


St. Agnes is indeed in the same diocese, and truth be told, we are very blessed to have many holy parishes. SJA is our unholy parish and is the big black eye that seems to try to define us all via their nationally-known defiance.

We are praying that our new coadjutor will be one to clean house.

C-4 is a powerful explosive. It looks something like play-doh in texture, and requires blasting caps to set it off. And when it goes, it's big! :-)

Thus the needed evacuation of SJA before causing the explosion. And then the ground can be salted, the area exorcised, and a new parish rebuilt and staffed wiht holy priests to call holy parishioners, or those at least seeking holiness versus their own will.