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Thursday, August 02, 2007

35 W Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis

7 Confirmed Dead
60 Injured, with several critical
20 people still missing.

This morning, the recovery operation begins; they do not expect to find any more survivors.

Please pray for all those who were on the bridge, for the souls of those who have been lost, and for all their families.

Thanks to IC for the picture.


Cathy said...

Not sure how it happened, but now it's being reported that 4, not 7, are confirmed dead.

Yet another reminder that the end can come at ANY time, at ANY place.

Anonymous said...

They're all over the place on the numbers. We'll know for certain eventually.

This is so horrible...I cross that bridge all the time during working hours because it's such a main thoroughfare.

~ Adoro

Michele said...

i [ray for the repose of souls of the ones who passed, and God bless the victims of this tragedy.

The Ironic Catholic said...

As horrific as this's surprising to me that the numbers aren't worse. Sigh.

Adoro said...

The last time I was on the bridge, it had a total of 4 lanes open.

Can you imagine???????

What if it were all 8 lanes?

God is merciful. One can argue construction in progress and vibrations caused it, but quite honestly, it would have been worse had we had 8 lanes of traffic versus a jackhamer.

This is just so awful. My company has made special provisions for those involved in this disaster, how to handle it so as to expedite and get these people what they need.

I will say this; the Insurance Industry is not soulless, and I've seen it time and time again, true compassion from this big company, compassion coming not just from above, but from those who live right here and want to do what is right. The policy gets "bent" during times like this, and this is a side of insurance people don't see or understand.

My last day is tomorrow, but I'm happy to see what my company is doing. God bless them.

God bless those who are suffering, and those who have been lost...they are in His care alone.