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Friday, August 31, 2007

St. Frances of Rome

Every so often I pray to the Unknown Saints...and every time I do, a Saint I didn't know about or one who has not been canonized comes to my attention.

Tonight, from a simple typo called to my attention in my previous post also brought dear St. Frances (not St. Francis) to my attention. This Saint has quite a story to tell!

Here is her prayer:

Saint Frances of Rome, help us to see the difference between what we want to do and what God wants us to do. Help us to discern what comes from our will and what comes from God's desire. Amen

Intrigued? Read her whole story at

Frances started a lay order of women attached to the Benedictines called the Oblates of Mary. The women lived in the world but pledged to offer themselves to God and serve the poor. Eventually they bought a house where the widowed members could live in community.

Frances nursed Lorenzo until he died. His last words to her were, "I feel as if my whole life has been one beautiful dream of purest happiness. God has given me so much in your love." After his death, Frances moved into the house with the other Oblates and was made superior. At 52 she had the life she dreamed of when she was eleven. She had been right in discerning her original vocation -- she just had the timing wrong. God had had other plans for her in between

Follow the link and read her entire story. I now feel a whole lot better about my own Vocational discernment; God has a plan, I am truly trying to follow it, and I have absolute faith that even if I totally mess things up, God will use my mistakes as stepping stones en route to His goals for me. God cannot be taken by surprise.

My Vocation has been much on my mind of late as I had quit my job, am going to work for the Church directly, have begun graduate studies in theology...and for what? What am I doing? Why? What am I SUPPOSED to be doing? Am I not too old for such confusion? How did I go from wanting to be a cop to being a Church Lady? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Am I supposed to get married? Remain Single? Eventually enter a religious order?

God will answer when the time comes. For now, I know that I am where God wants me to be, I'm flying by the seat of my pants, and truly praying that I do well in my new employment; my ability to do my job directly impacts many of God's children.

But St. Frances dealt with being thrust into a situation she didn't understand, didn't want to live...and lived it anyway. And the Lord placed allies with her, strengthening her to live the first Vocation to which she was called, as preparation for the second.

I only pray I may also accept my own circumstances with the same joy with which she accepted hers.

St. Frances of Rome, pray for us!


Anonymous said...

you're welcome

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Hey, I was thinking much of the same stuff this week too! Thanks for introducing me to St. Frances.

Anonymous said...

and what a great story about st frances

Melody K said...

Thanks for bringing St. Frances to our attention; I knew her name, but nothing about her. Her story is indeed inspiring.

Adoro said...

melody ~ Actually, my fingers typoed "St. Francis" into "St. Frances" and uncle jim was being a smart alek and wanted to know all about "St. Frances."

So I found out there really IS a St. Frances! LOL! And apparently she's one of my unknown Saints.

I like the name Frances.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! This was TOTALLY an answer to prayer ... thank you very much! I am going to read more about St. Frances but meanwhile I will trust and know God has a plan, even when I mess things up ... and that my discernment can be true ... just the time is off ... thank you again!!!! God bless!

Unknown said...

This has been one prayer I have most often prayed in the last two years, (quitting my job, continuing my Masters Program even though I wouldn't be aided by tuition assistance because I was in active ministry, meaning I would have to foot the entire bill, or well in this case my husband would). Trying to discern what and when God would be calling me back into active ministry. Not wanting to do something outside of God's will but not really knowing for certain that my choices were the will of God. Only finding peace with each new choice.

Yup, I am familiar with the prayer.
I had no idea about the saint though, thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

i admit to being and alek, but i will not claim to be a smart one

Anonymous said...

I'd like to take that back, that admission to being an 'alek'. I just read up on the derivation of the phrase 'smart alek' and in no way want to claim any part of being like Mr. Alek Hoag, after whom the phrase was originated. In fact, now knowing the source and meaning, I doubt I will accuse anyone of being one - it seems to me to be quite an insult. As such I apologize to anyone to whom I have ascribed that phrase ... please forgive me. I will forgive anyone who asks for the same of me.

Adoro said...

Uncle Jim ~ so, who is this guy?

Since I looked up St. Frances and told you about her, it's your turn to tell us all about Alek.

Funny...the term I normally use is "Smart A**" I find it hard to believe that this more vulgar term, meaning either AHEM or donkey, would be better than "Smart Alek."

Adoro said...

Maj ~ Glad St. Frances answered your prayer! Don't thank me...apparently I'm just the messenger. As was Uncle Jim.


Anonymous said...

A "smart alec" is a person regarded as obnoxiously self-assertive and an impudent person.

According to Gerald Leonard Cohen, author of Studies in Slang Part 1 (1985), the phrase "smart alec" arose from the exploits of Alec Hoag,a celebrated pimp, thief, and confidence man operating in New York City in the 1840s.

Adoro said...

Ew! Yuck!

The Ironic Catholic said...

I found out about St Frances last year--what a great story! I'm glad you like it too. peace. Good luck at work! :)

Anonymous said...

I needed this information for a project - THANKS!