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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I TOTALLY Want One of These!

I found this article at

Saints handing out Vick chew toys at Tuesday night game.

Dogs around the Twin Cities will soon have a Michael Vick pig to chew on.

The St. Paul Saints minor league baseball team plans to hand out the chew toy to the first 1,500 fans at its home game tonight. It's the team mascot, a pig, in the Atlanta Falcons team colors and with Vick's name and number on it.

Saints promotion director Jack Weatherman says the team wanted to take a stand on the dogfighting charges against Vick. Weatherman says the public reaction has been totally one-sided, with many fans asking if they can buy the Vick chew toy -- and with absolutely no negative reaction.

Weatherman says the Atlanta Falcons have not contacted him, either.

Vick's lawyer announced yesterday that Vick plans to enter a guilty plea next week.

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Cathy said...

I LOVE the St. Paul Saints.
I hope to get to one of their games one day - they have the greatest promotions in baseball.

Badger has arrived said...

Oh that's just awesome. I live in Georgia, and I'm so sick of Vick I could just about spit. His little brother isn't much better...
PS You're welcome at the Badger's Den, you know.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Ma: You should. I don't live that far from Midway Stadium! We could go eat, chase the pig around, drink beer, get a massage and a haircut and watch about 5 minutes of the actual game!

Adoro: You DO need one of those.

Anonymous said...

Hey, think they'd ship one of those to Canada? I'd love one!!! Michael Vick deserves this, and more. Hope the judge throws the book at him, locks him up and throws away the key -- or, perhaps sentence him to cleaning up dog kennels for the rest of his life!