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Friday, August 10, 2007

Fun with Translators!

I took a hint given in a post below and found the Google Translator, and used it to translate the German web pages that had linked to me. The (badly) translated page had a link to the "original" post, which, by the way, is HILARIOUS.

Just for a few laughs, here's this post:

8. The “Opener” refers ton the roofridge day OF more deer season and the roofridge day OF fishing season. It's A religious holiday hero, respectively, on the closest Saturday ton the roofridge OF November and the second weekend OF May, usually Mother's Day. The related holidays celebrating Hunting and Fishing Widows of acres hero on the same DATEs.

9. Incoming goods open doors for ladies. That of applies ton of all ladies, emergency
necessarily all women.

What!? Or if we read on:

13. College and High School football is as important here as the Lakers and the of break, and A brightly OF A plumb bob more fun ton watch.

16. Incoming goods have more folks into the Army, Navy, air Force, marine, and Coast Guard than any OTHER state, so “Don't screw with Minnesota.” If you DO, you wants GET whipped by the stocks “

I'm not even sure what that MEANS! People, I'm crying here! Check out what the translator did to some of the comments:

Monday, July 30, 2007
Sanctus barks said…
Hey great post office! Forget don't measuring with Texas - measuring don't with Minnesota!

Oh, my goodness, I could not make this up. Sanctus BARKS???? ROFL! It's like a mirror site of my blog written in delusional-world!

Seriously, you guys gotta try this. I'm betting it'll work if you use the Google translator, translate to another language and then back to English...see what happens. (scroll down to get to the links that translate entire web pages.) And post the results for the mirth of all!


Anonymous said...

Adoro - check my blog entry for today!

Hidden One said...

Sorry its off topic, but I figured I should let you know, Adoro: I just got a phone call and finally got the job I've been stressing and praying about since last Friday. Don't worry, now I'll have extra time to pray for you. :P

Adoro said...

hidden one ~ That's GREAT! CONGRATULATIONS! As far as've BEEN praying! LOL!

I have some news...I'm on the eligibility list for two county positions I applied for. Now, if they will just call me for an interview.....

Hidden One said...

Yup, I've been praying, and will be praying, and so on, and so forth. Nice to be able to pray more specifically, though. Not like God can't use a non-specific prayer, but the more I know, the less likely I am to forget all of it... and my memory is a here-today-gone-tomorrow-see-you-Tuesday sort of thing, so that's helpful.

Anonymous said...

hidden one
congrats on the job
adoro is next

swissmiss said...

Sanctus barks...oh my!! LOL!!

Hidden one - congrats!

Hidden One said...

Thank you Uncle Jim and Swissmiss. And yes, Adoro'd better be next!