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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

God Has a Plan

....and I, for one, am thrilled about that. Because none of us ever knows what's coming next.

This is amazing. I just got a conditional job offer...contingent upon my background check and references. It's unofficial, and they want to make a bulletin announcement and announce it to the staff first, which is as it should be, but they can't do any of that until the finishing touches have been completed.

The pay is about $11,000 annually less than what I was making in my last job, and there will be a couple months in the summer that I will need to find supplemental employment. So that's in God's hands completely. I don't know for certain if I can live on this, but I will try and with God's grace, all will be well. And I may be able to work part time for some people I know for a little supplemental income.

Maybe God will send me a roommate now and solve this problem.

Anyway, a little tidbit about my interview last night, including a bit of irony:

One of my biggest fears in going into any interview is the fear I will make an idiot of myself in some way. Don't laugh; I've done so before. My guess is that we've all had bad interviews at some point or another.

Well, so last night I went in and was introduced to the hiring committee. As I went to pull out the chair (which I for some reason expected to roll), it began to tip backwards. Realizing my dilemma I quickly set down my folder and quipped, "Do you mind if I tip the chair over first?"

Naturally the room, seeing what was happening, erupted into laughter and other jokes commenced to cover the moment. One person explained that it's a "trick chair". As I was finally (safely) seated, I said, "Well, let's just get this issue out of the way...I'm a klutz!"

Then the interview began. I'm not certain if my comedy routine had anything to do with the committee's impression of me, but it seems my moment of idiocy didn't hurt me, either.

It's always good to make people laugh, so to those of you who think such a technique may work for you...use it with care! Chair tipping to kick off an interviw should ONLY be attempted by a professional!

So, assuming all goes well (I don't see why it wouldn't), my first day at work should be next Tuesday. Please pray for me. I've never done this type of work, I've never worked in a church, and it's always scary to start something new. I also have to go do some serious shopping because my previous work wardrobe consisted of some company-provided polos. I get to dress better now since I won't be crawling around under cars and getting dirty.

I might get paper cuts, though. Or file cuts. Ouch.

At least I don't have to keep looking now, though. At least the search is it's a new kind of agony, one that happens to be a bit more pleasant.

A big THANK YOU to all my Saints....St. Monica, St. Augustine, St. Pius X, John Paul II, Fr. Ciszek, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, and our dearest Blessed Mother, esp. through the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

And thank you all for your prayers...but please keep praying! Since it's unofficial, and since it really doesn't pay enough...prayers are still needed.


Hidden One said...

I have not and shall not cease to pray.


Terry Nelson said...

Congratulations! You have the job! I'm so happy for you!

Adoro said...

hidden one ~ Thank you

Terry ~ Well, unofficially. But I don't expect to fail the background or reference check. My references are solid, and my background....well, I've been backgrounded by government agencies who later let me carry weapons. And big financial institutions who are required to report things to Homeland Security. Somehow, I don't think there's a chance of failing the background, but I don't want an inflated ego so don't want to call this official until it is.

I feel so much better now, though, even though it's not enough money to cover my expenses. I'll keep praying because I feel in my heart that this is where God is calling me to serve.

Anonymous said...

you might think this a bit out of focus, BUT

there is a document [actually it is in book form] first published by the NCCB [National Conference of Catholic Bishops] in 2001 titled "The Basic Plan for the Ongoing Formation of Priests". i contend that the basic structure and direction of this document can be used very successfully in the building of opportunities to form the rest of us. modifications, due to state in life [ie: we're not priests], are not that difficult to make.

the nccb publication # is No. 5-383.
the ISBN # is 1-57455-383-6

Oh ... did i forget to say congratulations?

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !

G-d is good ... all the time!

now, take a little time to appreciate how much you are loved.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I think you should write a book: "How comedy can get you the job you want" or "Chair dropping for Catholics"

I'm thrilled and overjoyed!

Adoro said...

Uncle Jim ~ I did that tonight when I went to Mass. It was a Mass of thanksgiving.

Cathy ~ LOL!

Anonymous said...

Very happy to hear your news! Keep us posted!

Prayers continue.

Cathy said...


P.S. You are absolutely hilarious. I would have hired you on the spot.

Unknown said...

Tears came to my eyes in my happiness for you, Adoro.

You will do very well at whatever you do.

You might want to reduce your blogging output (please don't eliminate it) and start doing some serious writing for $$$.

And once you are in the "church network" finding roommates and part time summer jobs will be much easier, I would think. There are lots of summer events that they need help for.

Mary G. would be a good person to contact, I would think.

Adoro said...

Angela ~ you bet!

Ma Beck ~ LOL! Glad you think so! And who knows? Maybe they LIKE my comedy routine and that's why they called me back. :-)

Ray ~ Writing for $$$ is not easy...getting published is nearly impossible and takes a LOT of work. Since my grad school course load will keep me busy, writing for $$$ won't happen until I'm done.

But at the same time, maybe within the Church network it might open a door to be published somewhere. We'll see.

Mary G. contacted ME already, actually. :-)

Our Word said...

Congratulations, kiddo. Very good news. As one trying new things in my job right now, I can vouch that if you're not at least a little bit scared at trying something new, then you're not invested in what you're doing. Keep the faith and keep focused, and you will do just fine.

Deacon Bill Burns said...

Let's see, background check on an ex-cop.... hmmmmm.

I think you're good.


BTW, you're a more prolific blogger in your dry spells than I am at my most verbose. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yay for you, Adoro! :)
Prayers continuing ...

Anonymous said...

They are so lucky to have you--good save with the chair. Be careful though, when you get a desk job after some physical work, everyone brings snacks and candy etc. it's easy to gain weight.

Your on my prayer list--so your always being prayed for--hope you don't get too many paper cuts.

Fr. V said...


Could your gaurdian angle have held the legs of the chair??


Father Schnippel said...

I'll add the congratulations!

I certainly enjoy your posts and point of view, you will do well!

Adoro said...

Thank you, everyone!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Humor ALWAYS helps...especially the self-deprecating type! Good cover!

I'm happy for you and hope everything falls into place neatly.