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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Prayer need NOW!

I am watching the local news, and there has been a catastrophic bridge collapse in Minneapolis, on 35 W over the Mississippi river.

For those of you not local, this is a main bridge in the Twin Cities. 35 W is a major Interstate highway which, when it reaches Burnsville at the southern portion of the metro area, it splits into 35 and 35E. 35 W continues, passing I-94 near downtown Minneapolis, and then crosses under Washington Avenue, where the bridge begins. It crosses over the Mississippi, with an exit onto University Avenue, which runs through the University of Minnesota - East Bank. The entire bridge has collapsed completely.

Cars are in the water, cars are crushed, a vehicles are burning, and a lot of people need prayers right now.

This is a major disaster. They estimate over 50 cars on that bridge. It has been under construction, doing resurfacing, so lanes have been shut down, otherwise there would have been even more traffic. It happened shortly after 6 pm tonight, still rush hour, but not at the peak.

This is going to have repurcussions for a long time, both due to the casualties and lives lost, and of lesser importance, the traffic detours as a major Interstate highway is detoured around and through this major downtown/University area.

Please keep praying.


Unknown said...

Good job, Adoro.

I use that bridge 6 or 8 times a week but haven't been because traffic has been down to one lane for the past month.

Traffic all over the Twin Cities is going to be chaotic for a year or two.

Anonymous said...

Adoro, just sent you an email but should have checked your blog first. Thank God you and Ray are OK!Any news from Cathy of Alex or Terry??

Xavier Martel said...


I was relieved to see that you had already posted on the bridge collapse, meaning that you were OK. But then I read down your page and saw that you lost Fire. I'm very sorry for your loss, and am simultaneously glad that you weren't on that bridge.

Unknown said...

I just heard about this and eep! My husband and I are moving to the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area in a couple weeks! I hope the rest of your bridges are in better shape. My condolences for the death of your friend. It is always hard losing a loved pet.

Hidden One said...


Unknown said...

Also praying for all those involved in the accident.

Adoro said...

It's goign to be horrible. And you know, this could have been a lot worse. They actually don't seem to think the resurfacing construction has anything to do with it. It will be interesting to find out what actually caused the collapse.

Cathy actually, to my knowledge, would normally not have any need to be near that bridge, so she's likely fine. And I don't know where Terry lives, but I think he's south of there, too.

About Fire ~ Thank you. He was an awesome dog, I was quite devastated yesterday, and just kinda numb today. I will write more about him when I'm ready, but just can't yet.

lady of the lakes ~ Welcome to the area, and I hope the rest of the bridges are in better shape, too! We have them all over the place because of all the rivers in these cities!

Warren said...

I drove over that bridge dozens of times when I was in MN on business trips. With you in prayer.


Anonymous said...

I grew up 6 blocks away from the bridge. My brother works for the company whose parking lot is under it. I havent gotten ahold of him yet. Plese pray for him his name is John. I visit this blog as well as Ray's and others in your group daily.


MMajor Fan said...

Adoro, am glad you and yours are OK. I've not been in the Twin Cities since visiting there twice around 25 years ago with my main squeeze. I grew up in hard cold north area and know proper infrastructure maintenance is a real problem and one I suspect they'll find some neglect.