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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reason to Tweet

I'm new to Twitter, but I've found it doesn't take long to find and follow people, and in turn, people have found and followed me. It can be an interesting place. 

What's the point?  I dunno.  But I've found some great info, great posts, good solid Catholics and Christians of other religions. I've also blocked some nasty spammers from following.  Be Vigilant!

I also have received some assistance with various computer issues (ended up having to go bother my brother, who connected remotely to fix my computer. That's why I HAVE a geek brother, but it's nice to have other people to help where they can so he doesn't bear the brunt!)  

There have been short debates, disagreements,  prayer requests, and recipe sharing. 

Yup, everything you can find through blogging, but in 140 words or less.  Yes, that's good for me. 

But that's not why I'm writing tonight.  I wanted to direct you to GNW_Paul, whom I "met" through Twitter, and he has a wonderful blog post up about following him on Twitter, and I'll post a little of  it here: 

If you are thinking about following me on Twitter, Great. Here is a little about me. I care about having people follow me who are interested in what I am saying, or the same people I am listening to. I don't care if I have 20 or 20,000 followers if they are just following me to boost numbers - don't we ever learn about bubbles people! I generally follow if you look like a real person. The more followers you have, the less likely I am to follow you, unless you particularly interest me.

It's a good post, you should read the rest, and it makes me wonder if I should write my own, so here I am.  

I agree with what Paul stated above.  Great if people want to follow me, but I've noticed a "drop" rate whenever I come out against abortion, or some other issue someone finds offensive to their sensibilities.  

So, let's just lay it out there, whether you're a Tweeter or just surfing blogs.  Here is who I am:

A CATHOLIC  pro-life (absolute) blogger, a gun-toting true feminist according to the original meaning, a possible-future-nun with an unapologetically militantly-Catholic attitude.  I rarely meet someone with whom I can't get along, even if we disagree on things.  I will not compromise on my beliefs, I will not compromise on our Faith, which informs my conscience and, when I do get involved in politics, I can't and won't do away with what I have learned from Christ, who founded the Catholic Church. 

Oh, by the way, I don't do politically correct.  I find inclusive language insulting, affirmative action degrading, and I'm ashamed of our country, although I still love it and hope we can be saved from ourselves.  Although I don't normally write about politics because I'm sick of how EVERYTHING has become politicized in our secularized culture. 

As a faithful Catholic, I believe and accept everything taught infallably by the Church on faith and morals (which is FAR more than "ex cathedra" statements), things that go back over 2,000 years.   And yes, the fact that women can't be ordained is an officially infallable teaching because it belongs to the Deposit of Faith, among other reasons.  

I am not a "Rad-Trad", I am not a "Progressive" nor am  I  a "Conservative"  Catholic.  I have read the Vatican II documents and studied them in depth according to the hermeneutic of continuity - which is how they were written and designed to be read.  I know what Sacrosanctum Concilium REALLY said, and that most Catholic parishes these days are in DIRECT disobedience to it.  

I have experienced both the best and the worst of the Novus Ordo, and even before I knew the worst was wrong, I fled it.   I have been to ONE Mass in the Extraordinary Form (ie TLM, Tridentine, Pre-Vatican II Mass), and I loved it. It made perfect sense, even though I couldn't understand every nuance.  What was important:   who we are in relation to God. If the focus on Mass is not on God, then we're disobeying both Vatican II AND our entire history.    Period. 

I believe in love of God and love of neighbor, with the understanding that "WWJD" is neither because it trivializes what Christ really did, really said, and how He REALLY loved.  

My undergrad degree is in Criminial Justice, and because of that and the accompanying experience (working with prostitutes in two countries, including within the legal system in the US, working in inpatient psych facilities, working with Developmentally Disabled and Traumatic Brain Injury, etc., all both paid and volunteer), I have a lot of opinions in areas that directly are impacted by Catholic Social Teaching.  

I've been a relativist, I've been a fallen-away Catholic, I've done New Age and Occult, and am happy to have survived.  God's Mercy is incredible.  

Who am I now?  I am faithful Catholic first and everything else second, and where there is an objective teaching of the Church through the Magisterium that comes out against my personal opinion...Christ through His Church wins. 

Not through blind faith, but through willful obedience, through study to inform the intellect God gave me, and if I can't understand through those means I'll trust the wisdom of God as expressed through our legitimate teaching authority.  

If none of these things are a problem for you, by all means, follow me and feel free to disagree. I'm not a debator as it's not my gift.  But I can listen, I can understand different positions, and I've found it's ALWAYS easy to get along with people because there are other "everyday" things we have in common. 

This probably isn't an all-encompassing list, nor is it really meant to be. In fact, it's kinda snarky, but there's something I find when just making a point:  often it comes across as snarky. 

Mostly I'm not snarky, but if I have to draw out definitions, that's the attitude that seems to appear. 

Actually, I'm quite warm and fuzzy, I have a gift in real life for endearing people to me (and vice versa), and even when I was a cop my superiors complimented me on this.   (Seriously, I don't see it.  But people always seem to "adopt" me and I naturally "adopt" them right back.) 

Hmmm...this is one of those posts I'll likely take down as it doesn't really go with my overall blog theme, but then has to live adventerously, right?   ;-) 


Oz said...

I read this post and think to myself "Thank you God. I am not alone."

You express yourself so succinctly and clearly. Much of what you state applies to me ... except for the bit about being female and becoming a nun of course :-)

I might paraphrase some of the magisterium comments for my own 'about me' box...

uncle jim said...

uh, who are you?

is all of the above the same person I know in the flesh?


Colleen said...

Enjoyed your post. Political correctness also drives me nuts! Blessings.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

PC, inclusive language all drive me insane.

Anonymous said...

Hope this doesn't break any of your "don't" rules. First "met" you when you sent a message to a great gal and mom blogger who was lameting getting a speeding ticket. She posted your message because it was so great and turned her thinking around on the ticket. Didn't really find your blog until a few weeks ago. Many of your posts reflect (at least to me) what a "people person" you are. I can definitely see you "being adopted by" and "adopting" people. So forgive me but I've got to say I can't see the Lord calling such a person with such a special (and rare in today's world) gift to a cloistered order. As a disclaimer to my opinion, I'm a person in their late 60's who probably completely missed whatever my vocation was supposed to be but hope the Lord did some good through me anyway. Have been feeling the "need" to write this to you even before the last several posts. So now I've done it. God bless you and I am praying for you and that you will find and do God's will for you in your discernment. lois

Adoro said...

Catholic Convert ~ Thanks!

Uncle Jim ~ * waving * Hi!

Colleen & Joe ~ Funny thing...MOST people hate PC. How has it gone so far?

Lois ~ Thanks for your comment. You may be surprised to know that "outgoing" people are BEST suited to the cloistered life. My friend who entered the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles was one of those people who has never met an enemy (I can't say quite the same thing), world traveler, socialite...and now she's cloistered. Myself, I'm half and half. I love to socialize, but I need my solitude, too. Dunno if I'll end up in a cloister, but it could happen.

Or I might not be called to religious life at all.

Argent said...

This is why we love our Adoro!

Anonymous said...

Adoro-just rambling... have you gone to a priest specializing in New Agers and renounced your New Age activities??? just wondering, because not having done that could affect you.

Adoro said...

Grace ~ That's what we call the Sacrament of Confession.

Anonymous said...


Adoro said...

Sr. Mary ~ but but but....I LIKE my friends on Twitter!

Christine said...

You go girl!
I couldn't gree more!