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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Abandon Hope - Car Report

I had the car back at the dealer as scheduled this morning at 9 am.

It's better than the worst case scenario but worse than what we originally thought.

They confirmed the backside of the cylinder is cracked, and said it'll be about $2600 to fix.

Ouch. The part itself is $800. The rest is all labor.

So I called a recommended shop, and am waiting on a callback for a quote. They're going to try to find a reconditioned cylinder. If their price is better, I'll schedule the repair.

The dealer gave me a couple quarts of synthetic oil in case I need to top it off, so if the leaking gets bad, at least I'll be able to get by for a short period. Right now the oil level is fine, but I have no intention of waiting on this, even though I'm going to have to put it on my credit card. Waiting could make it seriously worse.

So, here we go. Every time I think maybe I'll be able to get out of debt, another financial distaster strikes.

The good news; it's only about a 24 hour repair job, so I'm going to try to get it done before this weekend. Otherwise I'll have to get a rental car to ensure I'll be able to get to class this weekend.

Talk about bad timing! This is the WORST timing ever!


UPDATE: I called another shop this morning, they have a couple part options, won't know which they can use until they get into the job, but said $1700 to $2400. They can get me in on Monday. I did some more web research and found other 03 Saturns with this problem, so clearly it IS a defect. So I'm going to call Saturn corporate headquarters (which will probably mean calling GM) and see if I can get them to pay even a portion of the work.

I guess it'll take 2-3 days for my car to be repaired. :-(


Unknown said...

I know that feeling.

I am having to take a serious look at finances and make a better effort at paying things off and seeing if any of them are willing to reduce what I owe.

I wonder if I tell them I am trying to pay it off so I can enter a religious order would work... ?

Hidden One said...

It's God's timing, so how bad can it be?

Adoro said...

Kat ~ I doubt it...they are in the business to make money, which they do with great aplomb because of poor suckers like us. :-(

My friend Sr. Mary called to cancel her cell phone service and of course they tried to sell her all sorts of things. finally she explained that she was CERTAIN she would not need those services because she was entering a cloistered comment. There was a moment of silence while the rep processed that, and then said, "Wow, I've never heard THAT one before!" ROFL!

Hidden One ~ Oh, dang it, why do you have to go around pointing out God's will? lol

Unknown said...

I actually got that moment of silence today, I called one of my (many) outstanding debts (life of dissipation what can I say) and inquired about settling the account and what could be done. This was upwards of 1000, they offered 800 at first and I mentioned that I was trying to pay off my old debt so that I could look into becoming a Catholic Nun in a cloistered community and I couldn't do that until my debt was settled.



One down, lots more to go. Figure it can't hurt to tell them why I am trying to hurry up and get out of debt.

Hidden One said...

Adoro, it's only because I need more reminders of certain truths than others do.

Unknown said...

The next step for me is making contact with the Dominicans. I have contacted some Visitation sisters. So...

Deacon Bill Burns said...

Sorry to hear it, Adoro. May God give you the means to settle the debt quickly.

Adoro said...

Kat ~ What kind of debt was it that they did that for you? Personal?

Theocoid ~ Thanks, please pray! I'm just glad God is in charge!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Prayers here! You are being tested. I know you will rise to the challenge.

Unknown said...


Yeah, it was an old Credit Card. Go figure.

Hidden One said...


Rejoice that you have this suffering to offer Christ; be glad that it is not beyond what you can bear.